↠´ The Uncommon Reader ↠´ Download by Ö Alan Bennett

↠´ The Uncommon Reader ↠´ Download by Ö Alan Bennett This was a delightful interlude Indeed, a mischievous wit is driving this novella about the Queen discovering reading and the consequences for the nation.
The opening incident in the book with the French president started me off with wicked giggles, and it continued with the subtle parody on staff and politicians gracing her majesty s world A perfect Sunday afternoon read Great read for Mother s Day How can I not like a book about someone who loves to read In this case that someone just happens to be the Queen of England.
It was clever and really a pleasure to read There is not too much to say about the plot its a short read However,like others,I ll mention a few of my favorite quotes What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren t long enough for the reading she wanted to do books are not about passing the time They are about other lives Other Worlds One reads for pleasure, said the Queen It is not a public duty You don t put your life into your books You find it there Who is above literature You might as well say one is above humanity.
A Deliciously Funny Novella That Celebrates The Pleasure Of Reading When The Queen In Pursuit Of Her Wandering Corgis Stumbles Upon A Mobile Library She Feels Duty Bound To Borrow A Book Aided By Norman, A Young Man From The Palace Kitchen Who Frequents The Library, The Queen Is Transformed As She Discovers The Liberating Pleasures Of The Written WordThe Author Of The Tony Award Winner The History Boys, Alan Bennett Is One Of Britain S Best Loved Literary Voices With The Uncommon Reader, He Brings Us A Playful Homage To The Written Word, Imagining A World In Which Literature Becomes A Subversive Bridge Between Powerbrokers And Commoners By Turns Cheeky And Charming, The Novella Features The Queen Herself As Its Protagonist When Her Yapping Corgis Lead Her To A Mobile Library, Her Majesty Develops A New Obsession With Reading She Finds Herself Devouring Works By A Tantalizing Range Of Authors, From The Bront Sisters To Jean Genet With A Young Member Of The Palace Kitchen Staff Guiding Her Choices, It S Not Long Before The Queen Begins To Develop A New Perspective On The World One That Alarms Her Closest Advisers And Tempts Her To Make Bold New Decisions Brimming With The Mischievous Wit That Has Garnered Acclaim For Bennett On Both Sides Of The Atlantic, The Uncommon Reader Is A Delightful Celebration Of books And Writers, And The Readers Who Sustain Them Oh wow If I could give this book six stars, or heck, even ten, I would It is so great there s a lot of subtlety in here that Readers Advisory librarians will definitely clue into, especially in how society views readers, reading, and books.
A lot of us read, sure A lot of us really enjoy books But because we are average joes, commoners, small potatoes, this is nothing groundbreaking It likely will not become upsetting if we take up reading as a hobby But what if someone important takes up reading, at a late stage in life What if that somebody is than important what if that person is a figurehead, an influential presence of tradition, or otherwise very powerful, in oblique ways What if that person happened to be the Queen of Reading this feels like putting a pot of water on to boil, forgetting about it, and coming back to find a delightful stew The analogy relates to Queen Elizabeth wandering into a bookmobile, getting hooked on reading books, and the various consequences that ensue.
I have 14 or 16 GR friends now who rate this 4 or better Must be the word reader in the title that inspires a grab You can t go wrong, as it s a short pleasant read Very subtle and understated, with humor that builds quietly until you have to burst out laughing Nothing over the top It s very realistic for how reading changes your outlook and how one book leads to another I would like to convey enough from the book to hook you, but would not like to spoil any of your fun I choose to share a sample of her reaction to one book, an example of resistance by others to her reading, and one distillati Rating 4.
125 of fiveWitty, irreverent, and completely charming, Bennett s novella is one I would sincerely hope that Her Majesty read and laughed at when it was published.
There are many reviews of this effervescent entertainment, so I will confine myself to noting that the book carries with it a none too subtle punch line which I can t imagine would have made Mr Bennett likely to be in line for a life peerage, but which I can imagine made him a popular figure around Highgrove.
A delightful bagatelle of a book Recommended to anyone not connected with the Royal Family This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.
0 Unported License.
Several people had recommended The Uncommon Reader to me over the last year, but somehow I only got around to it this morning Don t be as slow as I was The idea is very simple the Queen gets hooked on reading but Bennett handles it perfectly It s a delight, and takes about an hour to read.
Maybe a short extract will do the job Exploded said the Queen But it was Anita Brookner The young man, who seemed remarkably undeferential, said security may have thought it was a device.
The Queen said Yes That is exactly what it is A book is a device to ignite the imagination The footman said Yes, ma am It was as if he was talking to his grandmother, and not for the first time the Queen was made unpleasantly aware of the hostility her reading seemed to arouse Very well, she said Then you should inform security that I shall expect

My first thought was, I wonder what the Queen thought of this She probably didn t read it, and if she did, I hope she thought it was funny because it was In this story she becomes an avid reader after accidentally stumbling upon a mobile library outside the palace I didn t count them, but Bennett mentions book titles and authors names than any book I ve read The Queen, much to everyones dismay, spends all her time reading and begins to neglect her queenly duties She takes on everything from Austen to Proust and her reactions to all this diversity is priceless Just an all around fun read.
This is a wonderfully humorous, subversive and comic homage to literature penned by non other than the great and incomparable treasure that is Alan Bennett I listened to the audio, charmed by the narration by the author himself This is a short book, worth its weight in gold, which has Her Majesty, the Queen of England inadvertently discover the mobile library, so beginning her early faltering steps to becoming an avid reader and bookworm A whole world opens up, in which she is guided by Norman, who works in the kitchens and comes to be the Queens confidant and book guide However, not everyone is best pleased, her household staff and private secretary, New Zealander Sir Kevin are alarmed and go out of their way to dissuade the Queen from finding pleasure in reading There is behind the scenes meddling Alan Bennett brings to life what a world would be like if Queen Elizabeth II started reading voraciously after stumbling upon a travelling libraryYou don t put your life into your books, you find it thereQuaint and quiet I think can best describe this Bennett s usual work is often quite in your face with it s definite humour, but the funny side of this book seems to boil away quietly underneath, rearing it s lovely little head every now and then like a little postage stamp on the edge of a letter.
We follow the Queen of England and other countries beside as she becomes a reader, a dedicated reader and finally a rather obtuse reader I ve never read a book about reading before, so can t comment on how this differs or remains

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Alan Bennett is an English author and Tony Award winning playwright Bennett s first stage play, Forty Years On, was produced in 1968 Many television, stage and radio plays followed, along with screenplays, short stories, novellas, a large body of non fictional prose and broadcasting, and many appearances as