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Download Epub Format ✓ A Widow for One Year PDF by ✓ John Irving Ruth Cole Is A Complex, Often Self Contradictory Character A Difficult Woman By No Means Is She Conventionally Nice But She Will Never Be ForgottenRuth S Story Is Told In Three Parts, Each Focusing On A Crucial Time In Her Life When We First Meet Her On Long Island, In The Summer Of Ruth Is Only FourThe Second Window Into Ruth S Life Opens In The Fall Of , When Ruth Is An Unmarried Woman Whose Personal Life Is Not Nearly As Successful As Her Literary Career She Distrusts Her Judgment In Men, For Good Reason A Widow for One Year Closes In The Autumn Of , When Ruth Cole Is A Forty One Year Old Widow And Mother She S About To Fall In Love For The First TimeRichly Comic, As Well As Deeply Disturbing A Widow for One Year Is A Multilayered Love Story Of Astonishing Emotional Force Both Ribald And Erotic, It Is Also A Brilliant Novel About The Passage Of Time And The Relentlessness Of Grief Front Flap The first thing that struck me about this book was the heart stopping beauty of Marion, a central character near the beginning of the book It s tough to get images that concrete in written words, but Irving handles it without strain Its not just a physical description, its the way that the rest of the image is a bit darker, a bit fuzzier when Marion is in the picture, like Irving is using the depth of field in a photograph to highlight the subject, like her physical brilliance is so overwhelming that everything else is dimmed.
Looking back, though, that s really all that there was for me in this book The post Marion sections of the book are slushy and incongruous where Irving was so careful not to create A Widow for One Year turned out to be better than I initially thought, although the pages featuring graphic sex scenes were kind of disturbing and felt out of place in the story This book otherwise not only paints a vivid, realistic portrait of grief, but also love and nostalgia.
John Irving has yet again created a whole world between the covers of a novel Characters grow old with the reader, experience lust and loss, love and life The thoughtfulness of his every detail and the concise placement of every word create a landscape vivid than realityOne of the interesting topics of conversation in A Widow for One Year involves the main character s attitude towards autobiographical fiction Irving s protagonist, world famous author Ruth Cole, gives one hope that the powers of the imagination can compensate for lacking experience Or, as would seem the case with my imagination, compensate for inobservance When Ruth doubts her imagination and seeks real life research for inspiration, she finds that reality is rarely as scripted and contained as her fiction Appropriately enough, even her harsh reality is just a construct of Irving although Quattro personaggi tutti scrittori, quattro personaggi al limite Uno scrittore di favole alcolizzato, egocentrico e donnaiolo una scrittrice di bestsellers abbastanza disturbata uno scrittore di romanzi mediocri che non riesce a riprendersi da una storia d a di sesso di mille anni prima una scrittrice di gialli rosa che ha abbandonato una figlia di quattro anni perch aveva perduto altri due figli adolescenti in un incidente d auto pochi mesi prima.
Un romanzo molto complesso Come scatole cinesi, si nascondono tra le sue pagine altre storie nella storia, interi capitoli di altri libri, personaggi che entrano ed escono a sorpresa Si leggono pagine che trasudano un dolore straziante e pagine fin troppo umor Just started I don t know but what s with all the italicized words Does the author do this in all his books Omg I just finished it It sucked so much The characters were all flat, reduced to one quirk and one obsession, with maybe one exception Rooie , and OMG again, why would a writer write about a writer writing about a writer And what was it with the main character s family of writers, and her mother s lover being a writer too And why would the author avoid simple names or pronouns, and use the sixteen year old or the strawberry blonde lawyer or the prostitute instead And the indignation, the tone of narration around the prostitute and her colleagues The prostitute was the only interesting character in the whole book, the only on I d forgotten what an intoxicating writer John Irving is His compelling prose has a clarity and starkness that manages to entertain your brain and soul while permanently incorporating his characters and stories into your memory and being.
Irving is not one of those writers who kicks out a new novel every year His novels are too carefully crafted, too dare I say it literary to be anything less than an evolutionary process After reading A Widow for One Year, I suspect his books are touchstones in his life, each representing a period in which he explores an idea or a philosophy Three in OneIrving divides A Widow for One Year into three major sections Don t be misled though None of the three are meant to stand on their own and each would be meaningless without the others.
Book one takes place in the Hamptons in 1958 It is in this book that the events which will forever mold all I had really expected something different This is the 1st of his books that I have read but I knew he wrote The World According to Garp, Cider House Rules and A Prayer for Owen Meany Maybe it is just this book but I have to say that Mr Irving has his mind in the gutter sorry to all of you who think this was a terrible thing to say He is funny sometimes and he does write memorable scenes, however right now we are perusing the red light district in Amsterdam There is sex on just about every page of this book and I am sick of it than 1 2 way through the book OK, I am finished now He can write a scene the shredded pornographic drawings in the hedge, the gardner stuck in the hedge I mean this is memorable writing He is often funny his commentary about the use of the semicolon in modern writing had me laughing out loud The children s stories are ter OK here s my final word on John Irving, because I will probably never read anything else he s written though I ve heard The World According to Garp is his best His characters are real and they were JUST ENOUGH to keep me going each of the twenty times I nearly stopped reading this novel The plot is a rambling patchwork in which we never, ever, forget the writer sitting at his typewriter, searching for something to say When he finds it, he riffs on it till it dies, and then searches for something else I felt sorry for his characters, having to submit to such an unbelievable series of twists and turns.
The first couple hundred pages of the book, before it jumps forward several decades, are the most even, and it is this part of the story that is most endearing This first part introduces us to the story s three or four main characters and chronicles their shared summer of 1958 a summer which, you guessed it, has profound effects on the rest of all their lives.
And it is much of the rest of these lives that Irving takes us through in the remaining four hundred pages, and due to the front heavy nature of the book s dramatic set up it s probably unavoidable that the follow through seems noticeably lacking in some intensity.
But I was still happy to follow the characters along, and for the most part they all seem to end up in their correct places I didn t buy every plot t

JOHN IRVING was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, in 1942 His first novel, Setting Free the Bears, was published in 1968, when he was twenty six He competed as a wrestler for twenty years, and coached wrestling until he was forty seven Mr Irving has been nominated for a National Book Award three times winning once, in 1980, for his novel The World According to Garp He received an O Henry Award