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[ Pdf New Girl Å young-adult PDF ] by Paige Harbison Ç Rarely has a book has left me as confused and conflicted as New Girl When I started the first chapter, I was very, very sure I was going to hate it, but I just couldn t This book was like the little girl in the nursery rhyme when it was good, it was very, very good, but when it was bad it was horrid.
Let s start with the good bits I think New Girl might quite possibly be my favourite retelling this year Paige Harbison got it just right the story can stand alone as a well plotted contemporary YA novel, but still manages to pay tribute to the much beloved DuMaurier classic, Rebecca Without veering too far from the original story, Harbison still manages to put her own individual stamp on things And most refreshingly, this is not a retelling of a myth about super special supernatural creatures on whose shoulders the fate o A modern retelling of Rebecca one of my all time favorites about a bunch of whiny, privileged teenagers with apparently too much time on their hands Yes, please OK, so this book was melodramatic I m talkin insanely melodramatic Where Rebecca worked, however, New Girl falls short While Maxim de Winter was charming, yet mysterious, Max Holloway is just a dick Who can occasionally be sweet An occasionally sweet dick, but a dick nonetheless Rebecca s protagonist, while young, also has a certain force about her Yes, she s insecure and scared and unsure of what to do with herself at Manderley, but all in all, she s pretty kick ass New Girl s protagonist is just a hot mess Mrs Danvers, the insane housekeeper who was fiercely devoted to Rebecca, made sense Dana, the bipolar roommate

so i m not a prude or anything, but the amount of gratuitous teen sex in this book is RIDICULOUS by page 100 one of the MC s had sex about seven times or something with two different dudes and she s been in school for about, uh, three days, methinks i mean, seriously, dude holy shit i gave up on the book because of it, but ended up going back to it to skim it till the end to see what happens and i was left quite disappointed not necessarily because of how the story ended, but with the book in general.
Rebecca is one of my favouritest books ever, so i guess it s only natural that this one didn t quite live up to the mark this book just doesn t seem to have the same feel as the original one i know Ms DuMaurier s prose is pretty much incomp New Girl tells us the story of both Becca and New Girl simultaneously New Girl who I only realized past the half way mark has no name yet is living in Becca s shadow Arriving at boarding school after Becca s disappearance makes the others feel like she s replacing their friend their friend who came in with a bang and completely changed the school s atmosphere.
Dual POV has become a favorite of mine I love seeing both sides of the coin, getting to know the characters at a deeper level In this case, it also helped with the suspense factor Becca s story is unveiled to us in small increments which makes it very intriguing I was always looking forward to of her chapters Her character has a terrible personality of someone who is used to getting what she wants She lies, she cheats, she s overall a awful person But god darn it is she ever enter I really struggled with how to rate and review New Girl , mainlybecause I was trying to figure out what there was to like about it.
Okay, that s too mean.
The thing is, I didn t actually struggle with reading it Although the GR feed says that I read it for 12 days, I actually read it in about two The biggest asset here is Harbison s writing it s fluid and constantly engaging, despite never being fantastic However, it s engaging I can t quite go as far as to say compelling , and very well paced But, overall, it was bland The worst offense, in my mind, is that it just isn t original There is not one spark of originality in this entire book This might sound like a stupid thing to say well, of course it s not original, Beth, because it s based on Daphne du Maurier s book Rebecca However, for me, the thing that makes retel This one did not work for me Daphne DuMaurier s Rebecca is one of my all time favourite books, and the elements I feel that made it such a powerful book are wholly missing from Harbison s adaptation While Rebecca s lingering presence was chillingly palpable in DuMaurier s novel, her New Girl counterpart Becca has all the menace of a Bratz doll Creepy, but not in the way you d think Similarly, the supporting character fall flat in this retelling Max is entirely forgettable and doesn t produce any of the conflict in the reader as does Maxim de Winter, and Dana Veers is a cartoonishly hysterical Mrs Danvers Essentially, while the basic plot of New Girl is transplanted into a modern North American setting, none of weight a 3.
5 stars Some SpoilersI had such a hard time trying to figure out my feeling for this one, which is strange since I usually know before I even finish a book I can t guarantee that I m gonna make sense and I m sure other reviewers will say this much better, but here it goes anywho s.
Did I like this Yesand no I guess this is what I would call a guilty pleasure since to tell you the truth I wouldn t normally enjoy books like this I am a very easily annoyed reader when it comes to characters personalities One or two flaws I can live with, but it seems like everyone of these characters with the exception of very few got on my nerves Lets start with the main protag She s nothing but a punching bag for insults, mind games and mockery Which quite frankly isn t very fair since all she did was attend a school Our other main protag, Becca is the girl who the New Girl can t ever Trigger warnings ALL OF THEM EVER In the order in which they appeared in the book ableist slurs, all of the slut shaming ever, cheating, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, manipulative relationships gaslighting, mental health, assault, rape, rape involving knock out drugs, view spoiler death, drowning hide spoiler Welcome To Manderley AcademyI Hadn T Wanted To Go, But My Parents Were So Excited So Here I Am, The New Girl At Manderley, A True Fish Out Of Water But Mine S Not The Name On Everyone S Lips Oh, NoIt S Becca Normandy They Can T Stop Talking About Perfect, Beautiful Becca She Went Missing At The End Of Last Year, Leaving A Spot Open At Manderley The Spot That I Got And Everyone Acts Like It S My Fault That Infallible, Beloved Becca Is Gone And Has Been Replaced By Not Perfect, Completely Fallible, Unknown MeThen, There S The Name On My Lips Max Holloway Becca S Ex The One Boy I Should Avoid, But Can T Thing Is, It Seems Like He Wants Me, Too But The Memory Of Becca Is Always Between Us And As Much As I M Starting To Like It At Manderley, I Can T Help But Think She S Out There, Somewhere, Watching Me Take Her PlaceWaiting To Take It Back Two stars A modern update of the classic Rebecca, that fails to impress.
Summer is coming to a close for our protagonist New Girl Days of lying in a bikini, soaking up the sun s warm rays on Florida s sun drenched beaches will soon be replaced by the halls of high school New Girl is looking forward to her senior year, filled with friends and memories Little does she know her parents are about to surprise her, with an acceptance letter into the prestigious, boarding school, Manderley Attending a private school was a wish she envisioned when she was thirteen, while reading Harry Potter After years of rejection, New Girl has grown to love attending her public high school Not wanting to disappoint her parents, who are overjoyed at the prospect of her attending this elite school, New Girl packs her bags and heads to Manderley to start her senior year Upon her arr