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[ Read Online Keep it in the Family ì young-adult-romance PDF ] by Fergie Boy ☆ Incest The Great Taboo But Forbidden Sex Is Often The Sweetest And It Certainly Makes For Some Of The Raunchiest Encounters When Related Men Get It Together In Defiance Of Society S Ultimate Prohibition, And Surrender Themselves To Another Love That Dares Not Proclaim Its Name Father And Son Brother And Brother That Is The Theme For This Collection Here You Will Find Tales Of Intense Two Way Couplings Where Suppressed Desire Finally Explodes When Guilt Is Laid Aside Here There Is Forced Incest Under Threat Of A Gun And Two Brothers Are Given Licence To Find Their Ultimate Bliss Naughty smut for when I feel like a dirty girl An anthology of different scenarios, tis a fappalicious read Little plot, but it hits the spot.
This is a First, let s say that Fergie Boy is a pen name of Jack Brighton Part 1 Making up for cuddlesA young man meets his divorced father for the first time in many years The divorce happened when the MC was so young that he doesn t remember when his father was still married with his mother The divorce was due to the homosexuality of the father The son is gay too When father and son meet, the son finds his father very attractive, so very attractive that they end up fucking together for a complete week end I wanted this man to fuck me, and wasn t going to let a little thing like parenthood get in the way I was a biological son, nothing He had not seen me grow up he had not known me as a boy and loved me as such I felt so alive and so happy that the man that wanted me than anyone else, who needed me so much was my pop It s my birthright to learn from my pop how to fuck It w

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