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Ä The Burma Campaign Á Download by ✓ Frank McLynn An excellent book detailing the major players in the China Burma India Theater of WWII There is Vinegar Joe Stillwell, Lord Louis Mountbatten, and Chiang Kai Shek all fighting for their piece of the pie and trying to get the attention of the Allied leaders The back room machinations and political back stabbing that occurs is staggering to the mind It presents a different perspective on how wars are fought You have all of the preparation, staging, waiting for battle, and then having to change course in the middle of the battle The author does a superb job of researching the theater and then using the fruits of his work to describe the battles, movements of troops, and the outcomes I would highly recommend this book to any WWII buff to get a good history about an often overlooked theater of WWII.
On the positive side the book is very readable and covers a part of World War II that doesn t always receive the attention it deserves On the other hand, the author spends most of his time detailing the bureaucratic intrigues within the Allied command which becomes tiresome after a point What was most missing was information on the Japanese side of the war and events occurring within Burma itself during the occupation Also, the book suffers from a severe dearth of maps to contextualize the battles and campaigns described.
This Book, In Essence A Quadruple Biography, Tells The Story Of The Four Larger Than Life Allied Commanders Whose Lives Collided In The Burma Campaign, One Of The Most Punishing And Protracted Military Adventures Of World War II Ranging From , When The British Suffered The Greatest Defeat In The History Of The Empire, Through The Crucial Battles Of Imphal And Kohima The Stalingrad Of The East , And On To Ultimate Victory In , This Account Is Vivid, Brutal, And EnthrallingFrank McLynn Opens A New Window On The Burma Campaign, Focusing On The Interactions And Antagonisms Of Its Principal Players William Slim, The Brilliant General Commanding The British Th Army Orde Wingate, The Ambitious And Idiosyncratic Commander Of The Chindits, A British Force Of Irregulars Louis Mountbatten, One Of Churchill S Favorites, Overpromoted To The Position Of Supreme Commander, SE Asia And Joseph Stilwell Vinegar Joe , A Hard Line US General, Also A Martinet And Anglophobe McLynn Draws Careful Portraits Of Each Of These Men, Neglecting Neither Strengths Nor Flaws, And Shows With New Clarity How The Plans, Designs, And Strategies Of Generals And Politicians Were Translated Into A Hideous Reality For Soldiers On The Ground An excellent bookThis excellent book deals with politics of war 4 generals, leaders who were personally so different Yet the politics, intrigue, backstabbing, egos and politicians who couldn t at times be trusted A riveting account of The Burma Campaign Stillwell was a cantankerous guy who was anti british Yet I felt sorry for him as undermined by FOR and others Slim the epitome of a professional soldier Wingate of the Richter scale and probably psychological insane And Mountbatten vain, jealous and charming but ultimately seeking glory for himself This book tells the tale of the successful allies campaign to defeat the Japanese in Burma and the role these 4 men played in this successful endeavour.
I bought this book after visiting Burma when I visited the WW2 Commonwealth Cemetery outside Rangoon I realised that I know next to nothing about this part of the War This is a gripping read The author focuses on 4 major personalities, General Slim, Mountbatten, the American General Vinegar Joe Stilwell and the Chindit leader, Orde Wingate The author is certainly has strong views, backed by evidence, about who was the real hero and who were the prima donnas, Mountbatten and Wingate, the latter of whom seems to have been certifiably insane The story of Stilwell s attempts to work with Chiang Kai she and the huge amount of American resources which were tied up in supporting his Kuo Min Tang despite his blatant double dealing is worth a book on its own While Stilwell was an abrasive character he has to be given absolutely full marks for tenacity despite constant under Excellent book This well researched book tells the story of the CBI theater from a geo political perspective It concentrates on 4 key leaders Stilwell, Slim, Mountbatten, and Wingate and their opposing strategies.
In focusing on the biographies of four figures from the campaign, McLynn steps away from understanding the campaign as a campaign The focus turns to military matters only on occasion, and so events are skipped that might prove important to a complete understanding of the actual campaign Nor does this give us any particular insight into the individuals concerned one would still be better served by individual biographies The choice of Wingate as one of the focii is perhaps understandable because of his eccentricity and notoriety but it means that much of the book is focused on what is essentially a sideshow At the same time, the book doesn t work as a study of command as there is too much focus on Mountbatten s showy side and not enough on his relations with his subordinate c

This is a well written, well told account of the Allied push to retake Burma during World War II Its an exciting read, full of well paced battle scenes and great details It suffers, however, from the author s extreme hyperbole and fixation on the flaws of most individuals portrayed Everyone other than Slim and Stillwell is portrayed negatively, and often extroardinarily so Here s a sample from just one page General Irwin is referred to as, lacking in moral courage, aggresive, outspoken, dictatorial, inflexible, unimaginative, conservative, and reactionary With a penchant for acerbity, he inspired neither loyalty, nor affection A sycophant to those above him and a bully to those belowblimpishto add to his other faults, Irwin was a micromanaging control freak by nature a meddler This is just one man on one page, but this kind of tone is take Good overviewThis is a good strategic and operational coverage of The Burma Campaign The coverage of the important military and civilian figures was thorough A good read if you want to learn about this lesser known campaign.
Frank McLynn has written one of the best surveys of the South Asian Campaign during the second World War It is a fascinating study in leadership and the influence of individuals upon decisions, and through their decisions, upon the course of outcomes McLynn s style of writing is both compelling and engaging, and makes the story he is telling about the most difficult campaign of WWII interesting and meaningful As a study in leadership, Frank McLynn brings to life the strengths and weaknesses of names we have heard about, but may not have understood who they really are as people Woven into his story are revealing insights into Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Chiang Kai shek, Madame Chiang, George C Marshall, Louis Mount Batten, General Joseph Stiwell, Ord Wingate, General George Stratemeyer, Douglas Mc

Frank McLynn is a British author, biographer, historian and journalist He is noted for critically acclaimed biographies of Napoleon Bonaparte, Robert Louis Stevenson, Carl Jung, Richard Francis Burton and Henry Morton Stanley.McLynn was educated at Wadham College, Oxford and the University of London He was Alistair Horne Research Fellow at St Antony s College, Oxford 1987 88 and was visiting p