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[Brenda Minton] ¶ The Bull Rider's Baby [finnish-literature PDF] Read Online Ø One Minute, Keeton West Is A Confirmed Bachelor And Bull Rider Who Lives Out Of A Suitcase The Next, He S The Single Dad Of A Baby He Didn T Know Existed Now Back In His Hometown, Everyone Remembers The Tragedy That Changed His And Sophie Cooper S Lives Forever He Desperately Needs Sophie S Help With Little Lucy But Spending Time With Keeton Seems To Remind Sophie Of All She Lost She Won T Get Close To Another Bull Rider Yet One Sweet Baby Girl Has Her Own Way Of Bringing Two Hearts Together Nice read in a great series.
I knew my streak of reading good books was too good to last This book was really just okay, if that I didn t really like it but I didn t really hate it I m a sucker for a book with small children in it which is why I picked up the book and kept reading it even after I learned the details of the tragedy that happened in Keeton s and Sophie s past This book read like a dark book to me I liked the parts with Sophie, Keeton, and his daughter, Lucy but the rest was so tragic I don t mind tragic circumstances but when bad things continue to happen to the main characters and those around them I just lose interest I was expecting focus on Sophie helping Keeton to raise Lucy, not all the other things that occurred The book just wasn t what I expected.
On principle I always give a book at least two stars but this book could not hold my interest.
What an enjoyable story, I really liked it Both Keeton and Sophie were such great characters Sophie and Keeton shared the loss of the same loved one He was a fiancee to Sophie and younger brother to Keeton That loss caused such pain and the breaking of hearts and lives Even causing Keeton s mother and father to leave the community They eventually divorced, so now they are broken people, afraid to really move on emotionally Yes, the moved physically but emotionally they were stuck and angry Keeton had finally gotten over his guilt over his brother s death and some guilt over his attraction to Sophie He found after all these years, he still was attracted to her and wanted But Sophie is really busy running in the other direction Her Number 1 Rule no dating bull riders She wasn t going to risk her heart again on o This is the 7th book I read by Brenda Minton I only enjoyed the scenes with Keeton Lucy The rest of the story was boring.
I was truly blessed the day I came across a BRENDA MINTON book I love what I read and each book after THE BULL RIDER S BABY was no exception Keeton West is back in his hometown for the first time in years since his family fled after the terrible accident He s been handed a baby he didn t know he had, and reminded of a woman he left behind all those years ago Sophie Cooper has sworn off Bull Riders, and with good cause When Keeton West walks back into her life with a cute bundle in hand, she s knocked off kilter No matter her feelings for Keeton back then or now she can t get involved with the handsome bull rider Once again MS MINTON has interrupted my life with her amazing ability to write a page turning book I m never in doubt that when I pick up one of her books, I won t be able to stop until I ve completed it She writes the most amazing stories with characte Cooper Creek s newest romance is between Keeton West, a bull riding prodigal who has just discovered he is a father, and Sophie Cooper, an old friend and business woman trying to break out of the family mold Bound by a past tragedy drawing them together but also keeping them apart, their present circumstances lead them to lean on each other as they did long ago That s where the fun starts Brenda Minton delivers her trademark western romance with new twists and turns She deftly draws the reader into the world of rodeo, gives her characters realistic consequences to life choices, and weaves a tale full of redemption and forgiveness The Bull Rider s Baby can be counted on to deliver a sweet romance, a touch of suspense and plenty of romantic te The Bull Rider s Baby was absolutely fantastic and even better than the first book in the Cooper Creek Series I completely loved the story line and the characters were amazing as usual I definitely loved the author s writing style in this book better than the first one, and it was much improved I love when books have babies in them, especially Christian romance ones And this novel certainly did not disappoint in any way I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about Sophie and Keeton s story and their journey to find love, family, and forgiveness I will certainly love and cherish this novel forever, and I can t wait to read the next book in this series, The Rancher s Secret Wife The Bull Rider s Baby is book 2 in the Cooper Creek Series by Brenda Minton.
I love the Harlequin Book Club They send these delightful books right to my front door through the U.
S Mail Brenda Minton has penned a sweet story about a bachelor who soon finds himself responsible for the fragile well being of a baby And for this man, it s no easy task to ask for help from someone else Especially the woman he cares about most As she works to help others build homes of their own, they soon learn how to be a family all their own Delightful read.

Brenda Minton lives, procrastinates, writes, drinks coffee, raises her kids and is wife to her husband, in the Ozarks.Okay, now to first person because a third person bio sounds like someone else wrote it about me, and is just license to create flowery prose about myself.I grew up on a farm in the Ozarks It was long ago and far away, in a land before cable TV, video games and the internet To pas