↠´ The Tycoons Secret Daughter ¶ Download by ô Susan Meier

↠´ The Tycoons Secret Daughter ¶ Download by ô Susan Meier The Tycoon s secret daughter finito nelle cose da leggere perch come al solito non riesco a dire di no ad una romance non quando mi si presenta con una copertina che non lascia nulla all immaginazione, non quando ho voglia di una romantica storia d a che mi riempia il cuore di passione Ecco perch pur ignorando bellamente la trama della storia mi sono ritrovata a leggerla con animo leggero.
Max Montgomery vive da sempre a Pine Ward ed un super milionario che manda avanti l azienda di famiglia A causa del suo passato da alcolista sua moglie, Kate Hunters, lo ha lasciato scomparendo dalla citt e dalla sua famiglia Immaginatevi la sua sorpresa quando la incontra per caso di nuovo in citt con una bambina di circa sette anni Trisha Max intuisce subito che quella sua figlia e vuole conoscerla Kate e Max inizieranno a frequentarsi I was in the mood for a sappy love story and when I saw this one on Netgalley I had a feeling it would fulfill my need And it did, it was a really cute story that kept me interested throughout and ended up being really cute.
The main character Max is a recovering alcoholic He made a mess of his life with his drinking and finally began to clean up his life after his wife Kate left him When Max sees Kate again he is surprised by how quickly she tries to get away from him He thinks it s because she dislikes him so much but really it s the fact that she was trying to avoid him seeing the little girl with her The little girl Trisha that has eyes exactly like his Kate realizes that it s time to fess up and let Max know that he has a daughter, and she knows she can t avoid it any longer when Max gets a good look at Trisha Ka The CEO S Second Chance Max Montgomery Had It All Charm, Good Looks And A Career As CEO Of The Family Business Marriage To Kate Hunter Was The Icing On The Cake Until A Devastating Family Secret Sent His World And Then His Marriage Crashing Down Around Him Years Later, Max Is Accidentally Reunited With Kate, Who Also Has A Secret The Daughter He S Never Met Bonding With Adorable Trisha May Come Naturally, But With The Shadows Of The Past Still Haunting Him, Recapturing The Heart Of The Woman He S Never Stopped Loving Is Quite A Different Matter The Tycoon s Secret Daughter is a simple novel about Max, an ex alcoholic man who found his ex wife, Kate, in a hospital with Trisha, a daughter he had never known Apparently Kate left Max after witnessing his drunken rage and was pregnant the whole time and Max didn t know about it for years The majority of the plot is about Max wanting to know his daughter and subsequent asking for Kate s forgiveness and reconcile their relationship.
The plot the girl have a baby and later the guy find out have been overused in so many Harlequin books and in its entirety, it was disappointing for something that was just written and published recently But eventually I finished the book yesterday in its predictable glory Some reviewers have low threshold on the predictability range, me on the other hand need to read hundred books with the apesar de tudo gostei uma historia tranquila, sem grandes pretens es e di logos intensos.
a trama gira volta de um grave problema que afecta transversalmente a sociedade, o alcoolismo, e de como ele pode destruir familias e relacionamentos.
mas fala tambem da coragem de assumir o problema e de o controlar, de uma forma eficaz de modo a garantir estabilidade nas rela es familiares.
Max Montegomery apesar de ser oriundo de uma familia abastada, nao consegue superar determinados acontecimentos e acaba por achar que o alcool o ajuda a esquecerKate ainda muito jovem nao consegue chama lo razao e por receio acaba por fugir da vida que Max lhe estava a dar.
Ao fim de 8 anos, o reencontro ocasional vai despelotar uma nova aproxima o e o reacender da chama do amor que afinal nunca se apagou uma leitura doce com um final feliz A sweet romance that kept me reading all night long Second chance romances always go straight to my heart This one is sweet I can totally understand how Kate feels She doesn t want to get involved with her alcoholic ex husband Yet, she finds that in the seven years, he s a new man.
Max is an alpha hero who makes my heart pitter pat He knows he messed up in his past and lost the one thing that made him happy Kate Little did he know he lost a daughter too Once he finds out, he spends time with his little girl and his ex wife and finds that his heart never gave up on the love he had for Kate and opens up even with a love for his daughter Although, I usually prefer steamy romances, this story had it s sensual moments with a closed door policy common for Harlequin Romance So, I knew what I was getting into What I lov His attraction to her sprang up like a lion that had been lying in wait in the African bush, confusing him.
The happy couple.
Kate is a construction project manager who left her alcoholic and increasingly violent husband without telling him she was pregnant Max is a newly sober real estate mogul who is stunned STUNNED, I TELL YOU to find out he s the father of a predictably adorable six year old daughter.
The setting.
The predictable small town with all the amenities of a metropolis.
The storytelling.
Bland and predictable.
The romance.
Boring and predictable.
The recommendation.
Another cookie cutter rich guy with secret baby Don t bother.
This was a fairly mediocre book Although there was nothing horribly offensive about it, there wasn t really anything great about it either I give it about 2.
5 stars The main problem with this book is that nothing happens And while that nothing is happening, the characters have very, very repetitive inner monologue talks with themselves The book could easily have been half as long without losing anything important.
The premise is that Kate and Max were once married and very much in love But then Max became an alcoholic and their lives took a turn Kate spent years trying to cover Max s inebriated state and worrying that he d gotten in an accident whenever he didn t come home Then she realized she was pregnant On the night she would have told Max about the baby, he was so drunk and violent that he smashed some windows and it made Kate

Sweet, sappy, perfect for the mood I was in Was it a literary masterpiece No It definitely was not.
Still, the light romance kept me reading and the characters were pretty likable on their own.
An added bonus was the fact that the setting was rather inventive I was not 100% happy over the way alcoholism was inserted, but at least it was not glossed over or forgotten in the end All in all, the read intrigued me enough to keep a look out for the next book in these series And I am very glad NetGalley provided me with this ARC.
This week I ve read two books on topics that can press emotional hot buttons The first is The Tycoon Millionaire s Secret Daughter It deals with alcoholism, a subject I had considerable experience of as a child What are the chances of picking up a romance novel, a reunion story of course, because I love reunions, and finding the hero not only has the same addiction as my father, but shares the same surname That was bound to press a few buttons.
Max Montgomery reacted badly ten years ago when a family secret exploded in his face and he turned to alcohol to help him through His marriage to Kate suffered as for three years he became and violent and out of control While he never actually hit Kate, her fears multiplied when she realised she was carrying a child Afraid of the power wielded by the Montgomery clan she fled.
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Good morning It s a beautiful sunny beginning to the day here in Western, Pennsylvania I m working on my 54th book 54th I m very excited about that.I ve written some fun things those are the Silhouette Romance titles I especially liked SNOWBOUND BABY which was book 3 of the Bryant Baby Bonanza series which also included BABY BEFORE BUSINESS and PRINCE BABY But my favorites for Silhouette