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[Marybeth Mayhew Whalen] Á The Guest Book [library-science PDF] Read Online Ô no need to read rest The Guest Book by Mary Beth Whalen is a christian fiction set in Sunset Beach,North Carolina Follow Macy Dillion to Sunset Beach, North Carolina.
Go with Macy with her struggles,grief,healing,regrets, a mysterious guest book,love,second chances, a few twists and turns A great summer read Of course, being from Eastern North Carolina myself,and knowing the area only made it seem real The Guest Book is a complex,compelling,story of childhood memories and God s neverending love Macy gets her answered prayers with a flood of men Follow Macy on her journey of discovery and find that dreams do come true after all A very special book that Guest book turns out to be Anyone who enjoys Christian reading,a great summer read,love,and God s healing powers.
Received for an honest revi When Macy Dillon Was Five Years Old Her Father Encouraged Her To Draw A Picture In The Guestbook Of A Carolina Beach House The Next Year, Macy Returned To Discover A Drawing By An Unidentified Little Boy On The Facing Page Over The Next Eleven Years The Children Continue To Exchange Drawings Until Tragedy Ends Visits To The Beach House Altogether During Her Final Trip To Sunset, Macy Asks Her Anonymous Friend To Draw Her One Last Picture And Tells Him Where To Hide The Guest Book In Hopes That One Day She Will Return To Find It And Him Twenty Five Years After That First Picture, Macy Is Back At Sunset Beach This Time Toting A Broken Family And A Hurting Heart One Night, Alone By The Ocean, Macy Asks God To Help Her Find The Boy She Never Forgot, The One Whose Beautiful Pictures Touched Something Deep Inside Of Her Will She Ever Find Him And If She Does, Will The Guestbook Unite Them Or Merely Be The Relic Of A Lost Childhood To preface, I like all kinds of fiction, including Christian fiction I think there is a real place for romantic fiction for Christians Some authors do a good job.
This book was harmless enough But I have two quarrels with it The framework premise of the story was a good hook about the rental house and The Guest Book However, the characterization of the main character was so unrealistic First, I am not sure any woman would allow some guy to move into her house after he got her pregnant and abandoned her through the birth of her child and the next five years Then suddenly, this woman who has not had a date in five years, has the old boyfriend wanting to rekindle the magic and the next three guys she meets are employed, competent, funny AND handsome and all three are interested in her on first sight REALLY It just stretched credulity Not many layers to this novel but it turned out to be than I d expected A pretty normal family widowed mom, single son struggling to find his niche, single mom daughter just struggling, and her adorable little daughter sets out to face their future, at last, by returning to their past, a beach house they d rented for years before the father s death They all find that future, or at least a pathway to it, with the primary story being that of the single mom Perhaps the surfeit of eligible men, after five years of no men in her life, stretches belief a bit, but it moves the story and its plotline of growth right along In the end, they all find Godand the answers he has provided.
This seemed like a fun plot since I ve left a few doodles in guest books myself In the end, I was pretty underwhelmed by the book Macy s family is stuck living in the past and still unable to move on after ten years, and I found that pretty annoying Macy herself came across as quite shallow and overly dramatic, like an insulated young teen than a grown woman with a child I didn t realize until part way into it that the book is categorized as Christian fiction, but the Christianity is not heavy handed In fact, I would venture a guess to say that readers looking specifically for Christian fiction would be disappointed in this book I chose this from looking for an easy summer read, so I guess it fit that bill But in the end, I just didn t really care about any of the characters.
Another great beach read by Marybeth Whalen I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed her first two novels, The Mailbox and She Makes It Look Easy Great story, characters and settinglove how Marybeth winds faith as well as music into her books It s like hearing the soundtrack playing while you are reading along with the sounds of the ocean blending in for that perfect beach read.
This was a very sweet story with surprising twists and turns I recommend it

Sunday School StoryJust not a story I enjoyed Extremely spiritual on a very simplistic level Plot just dragged on Found myself skipping entire passages.
Ordered the wrong Guest Book Started to read and kept wondering why I ordered it I finally figured I meant to order the one by Sarah Blake Did something I rarely do I closed the book and have no intention of finishing Sooo predictable Only read about 61 pages, but I bet I know exactly how it will end Not for me.

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