Î Boundaries for Leaders á Download by ☆ Henry Cloud

Î Boundaries for Leaders á Download by ☆ Henry Cloud After having read so so many books, am so glad that Cloud delivers one that I like so so very much He draws from a lifetime of psychological study and experience in consulting with CEOs in writing this book Real life stories are used to great effect to illustrate complicated or abstract principles Sometimes he gets lost in retelling the stories that he forgets to reinforce the point and we have to refer to the subtitle to figure out what he is trying to say.
Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book Alongside Hybel s Courageous Leadership and McIntosh Rima s Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership, this book would feature in my must give book list to any leader I care about I first read a copy borrowed from the school library, and I liked it so much that I bought one for myself.
Here s a quick summary of t Very useful information for setting work boundaries in general.

Not too amazing for a sixteen years old me, but I m sure this book will be my choice in the future as I will have experience in leader.
I found this very insightful for some of my experiences of team learned helplessness at work one instance where it was overcome and one where it was not really and I left Sometimes there are a few leaps assumptions, and some of it is just repetition filler, but overall really solid perspective I think I m going to have to read this every now and then throughout my career.
Quotes Hard on the issue, but soft on the person transference, whereby people experience authority figures in the present as though they were authority figures from the past Positive relational connections decrease stress and enhance brain functioning You know when you think about it, I am ridiculously in charge as a leader he was going to get what he built.
it always comes back to leadership and the boundaries they allow to exist on their property Fear can be a positive motivator love fear, it ll The book covers basic concepts for leading a team or company It s not particularly interesting nor does it get to the point I didn t even know why it was titled Boundaries for Leaders until a few chapters in It s about setting boundaries for the teams The main point is the culture within the team exists through what the leader had created or allowed If there is a team member who is pessimistic and is bringing everyone else down, the leader is allowing that behavior to become prevalent The leader needs to meet with the team regularly, focus on factors that are controllable, encourage the desired behaviors, have team members share success stories arose from the desired behaviors, and build a culture of trust and optimism.
Boundaries for Leaders really caught my eye because well, it s by Dr Henry Cloud and he writes great books And this new one from him does not disappoint.
It s not exactly what I thought it might be about I sort of picked it up hoping it was about leaders setting boundaries for their own time, etc.
, and, boy, was I going to read it aloud to my leader husband LOL In reality, it s about how leaders can and should create boundaries for those they are leading boundaries that they are able to succeed within Each chapter is just full of nuggets of truth and wisdom One quote that has really stayed with me from this books is You cannot grow a plant by dippingit into the dirt once a year It takes an ongoing connection to build a root system Wow That can be applied to so many areas of life Just real wisdom there In conclusion, this book focu This was a pretty good leadership book It taught me how to create a work culture where people love to work Below are the main points I learned 1 Help people attend to what is important, inhibit what is not important or toxic, and remember what they are doing.
2 Create an emotional environment that is free of the wrong kinds of stress.
3 Build teams that are deeply connected 4 Help people to think optimistically and root out pessimism.
5 Help people get in control of what they can control.
6 Build great teams that are high performance.
7 Lead yourself in ways that create great performance in others.
There are some great points in this book, but nothing was truly life and habit changing for me It may be because I have found myself some wonderful leaders to mentor me However if you are just starting a leadership journey this would be a great book to look into.
The Coauthor Of The Classic Bestseller Boundaries, With Over Million Copies Sold, And An Expert On The Psychology Of Business And Leadership Performance Explains The Behavioral Reasons Why Some People Get Great Results And Others Don TIn Boundaries For Leaders, Dr Henry Cloud Gives Leaders The Tools And Techniques They Need To Achieve The Performance They Desire In Their Organizations And In Themselves Drawing On The Latest Findings From Neuroscience, Dr Cloud Shows Why It S Critical For Leaders To Set The Conditions That Make People S Brains Perform At Their Highest Levels How Do Great Leaders Do This One Way Is Through The Creation Of Boundaries Structures That Determine What Will Exist And What Will NotHere You Will Learn Seven Leadership Boundaries That Set The Stage, Tone, And Culture For A Results Driven Organization, Including How To Help People Focus Their Attention On The Things That Matter Most Build The Emotional Climate That Drives Brain Functioning Facilitate Connections That Boost Energy And Momentum Create Organizational Thought Patterns That Limit Negativity And Helplessness Identify Paths For People To Take Control Of The Activities That Drive Results Create High Performance Teams Organized Around The Behaviors That Drive Results And Lead Yourself In A Manner That Protects The VisionThe Strong Call To Action In This Book Is That Leaders Are Ridiculously In Charge Of All These Elements, And They Must Own What They Either Create Or Allow To ExistFilled With Inspiring And Practical Examples From Dr Cloud S Coaching Practice, Boundaries for Leaders Is Essential Reading For Everyone Who Aspires To Lead Companies, Teams, And Cultures Defined By High Performance And Healthy Relationships This book did not grip me I really enjoy hearing Cloud speak, but this book was bland Decent leadership lessons, but nothing earth shattering.

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