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[ Read Online Anomaly (Anomaly, #1) Í herbs PDF ] by Krista McGee ☆ 3.
5 stars Stats Romance Definitely some in this area All clean though Hugs, forehead kisses, cheek kisses, etc Violence Content There were several alarming procedures and surgeries involving the brain and trickery Lots of tests and trying out different drugs Mentions of killing lots of people Lots of lying in this book as well From the villains obviously and from the heroins trying to stay safe No emotions are allowed in the society Spiritual content This was lovely As Ms McGee is a Christian author, she was able to share the story of the Designer s saving grace As the story progresses, the main characters come to know and love the Designer Overall, this was a clean book and P E R F E C T for lovers of Dystopian Romance My only reason for the 3.
5 star rating It s not my most favorite genre to read But nonetheless, this was still a great book Great job 5 Stars Goodreads Synopsis Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty three seconds left to live The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream But she is not afraid.
Thalli is different than others in The State She feels things She asks questions And in the State, this is not tolerated The Ten scientists who survived the nuclear war that destroyed the world above believe that emotion was at the core of what went wrong and they have genetically removed it from the citizens they have since created Thalli has kept her malformation secret from those who have monitored her for most of her life, but when she receives an ancient piece of music to record as her community s assigned musician, she can no longer keep her emotions secreted away.
Seen as a threat to the harmon Thalli Has Fifteen Minutes And Twenty Three Seconds Left To Live The Toxic Gas That Will Complete Her Annihilation Is Invading Her Bloodstream But She Is Not AfraidThalli Is Different Than Others In The State She Feels Things She Asks Questions And In The State, This Is Not Tolerated The Ten Scientists Who Survived The Nuclear War That Destroyed The World Above Believe That Emotion Was At The Core Of What Went Wrong And They Have Genetically Removed It From The Citizens They Have Since Created Thalli Has Kept Her Malformation Secret From Those Who Have Monitored Her For Most Of Her Life, But When She Receives An Ancient Piece Of Music To Record As Her Community S Assigned Musician, She Can No Longer Keep Her Emotions Secreted AwaySeen As A Threat To The Harmony Of Her Pod, Thalli Is Taken To The Scientists For Immediate Annihilation But Before That Can Happen, Berk Her Former Pod Mate Who Is Being Groomed As A Scientist Steps In And Persuades The Scientists To Keep Thalli Alive As A Test SubjectThe Time She Spends In The Scientist S Pod, The Clearer It Becomes That Things Are Not As Simple As She Was Programmed To Believe She Hears Stories Of A Designer Stories That Fill Her Mind With Questions Who Can She Trust What Is This Emotion Called Love And What If She Isn T Just An Anomaly, But Part Of A Greater Design I absolutely adored this book So much so that I couldn t get out of it XDContent Language n a Romance cheek forehead kisses, lots of hugging holding, hand holding, etc Violence n a Blood Gore n a Sensitive Details there was a lot of medical experiments on humans, including placing probes in brains, losing feeling in arms, losing eyesight, lots of talk about people being annihalated, etc I really enjoyed this book because of the fact that it is CLEAN and the author placed God the Designer right in the center of it Thalli and Burk are two SWEET sweet characters and I fell for Burk immediately Their relationship was chaste, without any kissing, and I really liked that There was truly no content other than what I included in the sensitive details As this is Sci Fi, there is a ton of experimenting on humans particularly Thalli against their wil The Christian bookstore can be a very tempting place, at least for me anyway Especially when it s Black Friday and there are clearance sales O.
o They almost got me to buy the second book in this series, but after evaluating my huge stack of lovely prospective purchases, I left it behind A week later I found the entire series gently used for less than that one clearanced book D Thanks, Lord I literally gobbled this book up the moment it came I read it in than a day only because I had to, and it took a LOT of self control not to read the entire series in one sitting I m sorry, family It had a lot of the same feel as some of my favorite dystopian series, but not in a stale way I loved seeing where it was unique, and the hard hitting but subtly woven in Biblic 4.
5 stars I really, really liked Anomaly by Krista McGee, and am super excited to finish the ANOMALY series This is a Christian dystopian science fiction tale which I love It s intriguing, raw, unique, and thought provoking There s also a heartfelt, beautiful journey to finding truth.
The dystopian world, the characters, the plot all so well done I definitely had the feels while reading Anomaly It drew out my emotions and made me think about what the world would be like without emotions Without free will Without the ability to question or fight back.
I can hardly wait to reconnect with Thalli and her friends and continue this mind boggling, futuristic story Wow A Christian Dystopian Yes please I really did like this book, although it wasn t the most fast paced it was still very much enjoyable, there were lots of plot twists, and many similarities to Divergent, I found If you re a Christian and you re wanting a YA Dystopian where you don t have to worry about there being anything negative in them, this is a fantastic book Can t wait for the next one Before I start the review, I want to make it clear that my review will be biased and I will not attempt hide this in any shape or form I am not the intended audience for this novel deeply, devout Christian teens Despite how na ve this may be, I do not believe that religious novels should only be read and appreciated by religious people I have read novels written to and by people of many faiths and have enjoyed some of them I ve seen that the main issue of these sorts of books is not the presence of religion but the fact that the authors seem to make religion a singular focus in a book that does not call for it Dystopias, such as Anomaly, should not have God as the main focus.
Despite the genre, books should always have strong characterization and an engaging plot, not to mention being well written Anomaly has none of these th

5 stars againHi, I m Lindsey and this series emotionally destroys me About this bookThalli has fifteen minutes and twenty three seconds to live The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream But she is not afraid Decades before Thalli s birth, the world was decimated by a nuclear war But life continued deep underground, thanks to a handful of scientists known as The Ten There they created genetically engineered human beings who are free of emotions in the hope that war won t threaten the world again Thalli is an anomaly, born with the ability to feel emotions and a sense of curiosity she can barely contain She has survived so far by hiding her differences But then her secret is discovered when she s overwhelmed by the emotion of an ancient piece of music The Ten quickly schedule her annihilation, but her childhood friend, Berk a scientist being groomed b Wow.
So I don t read much dystopian, simply because all of the dystopian books I want to read, I don t have BUT this went on sale a while back and I actually had money on cue gasps so I got it And boy am I glad I did The GoodThis world is small in this book, at least It was delicately, extraordinarily developed, and I absolutely loved it Or hated it Not sure But Krista McGee did an AMAZING job with this world, and the characters The characters were just awesome I didn t fangirl over any of them like Jace and Kyrin in the Ilyon Chronicles, but they were really interesting, especially Thalli Poor, poor Thalli THAT ENDING, THOUGH I mean, I REALLY REALLY NEED THE NEXT BOOK view spoiler I can t wait to see what s going on in the outside world, and WHAT The scientists set this whole thing up Why did they even go to all that trouble They could ve j

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