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[Marybeth Mayhew Whalen] ✓ The Wishing Tree (Sunset Beach #3) [scripture PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Ivy Marshall, A Savvy, Determined Woman, Finds Out Her Husband Has Cheated On Her On The Same Day Her Sister S Perfect Boyfriend Proposes On National Television When Ivy S Mother Asks Her To Return To Her Family S Beach Home To Plan Her Sister S Upcoming Wedding, She Decides To Use The Excuse To Escape From The Pain Of Her CircumstancesWhen Her Return To Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Brings Her Face To Face With Her Former Fianci, Old Feelings Rise To The Surface And She Wonders If There Is A Future For Them However, Her Husband Has Started Tweeting His Apology To Her And Doesn T Want To Give Up On Their Marriage As She Helps Prepare The Wishing Tree For Her Sister S Wedding, She Must Examine Her Own Wishes For The Future And Decide What Love Should Be My ThoughtsThis story has a lot going for it It s about love lost love and found love, old love and new It s about family, misunderstandings, forgiveness and faith The author did a great job of pulling this all together into a very lovely tale.
A nice, uplifting and spiritual story This is the first book I ve read by Ms Whalen and I definitely intend on checking out some of her other books.
Thanks to HCCP Zondervan, via Netgalley, for allowing me to read this in exchange for an unbiased review.
Publish date June 4, 2013.
Ivy Marshall s life is unraveling On the day her sister accepts a proposal on national TV is the same day Ivy finds out her husband cheated on her and loses her job Disappointed in how her life has turned out, Ivy escapes to the past, where she was a girl in love who had hopes and dreams When her sister asks her to create the wishing tree, a family wedding tradition, Ivy must come to terms with the boy she left behind who is still in town and clearly not over Ivy and the husband who is determined to win her back via Twitter I enjoy Mary Beth Whalen s books because while the plot moves slowly, the characters are vivid and perfectly flawed Ivy reacts to her husband s one time affair with raw emotion and anger I enjoyed Ivy Marshall s life is falling apart Her father is closing the real estate office she runs, she just found out her husband cheated on her and her sister Shea is planning her dream wedding Ivy left behind her family 5 years earlier to marry Elliot, and is using the excuse of going home to help with her sister s wedding to escape from her husband s infidelity Ivy is put in charge of the wishing tree, a family tradition for generations of weddings Ivy selfishly tries to reconnect with the fianc she jilted to marry Elliot, although part of her is looking for forgiveness She also wants to restore the closeness with her family that has been lost in her absence When Elliot sets up a Twitter account to apologize to Ivy, she begins to reflect on their courtship and what brought them together in the first place Her Aunt Leah offers sage advice and a place of refuge at her bakery As Ivy reads MY THOUGHTS If ever a girl had a day when Murphy s Law kicked in, Ivy Marshall had it the day her father tells her he s closing the real estate office she s been managing, she learns her husband has cheated on her, and her sister s boyfriend promises his undying love to Ivy s sister on national TV.
If all of this is not enough, Ivy s mother calls request Ivy s help in planning her sister s wedding Ivy isn t quite up to being a wedding planner, especially with her current marital status hanging in the balance and not to mention the history behind her own wedding.
Yet a trip to her hometown is the perfect way to escape the detritus of a failing marriage After all, things hadn t been going well for some time with her husband, Elliott, and learning that he s been cheating certainly seals the deal on their re Rating 3.
5 out of 5Full Blog ReviewNovels seeped in an emotional fallback put in play a lot of unresolved fallout and is prone to open new wounds Even inside a synopsis that I, as a reader cannot relate to, The Wishing Tree is mostly, a good novel full of second chances and forgiveness I liked Marybeth s ability to write a heart tugging story and the setting of the book Descriptive surroundings backdrop the characters, lending a pretty haven as their home, which in turn opens the door to some great pose writing during walks along the beach Stories that involve a cheating spouse like Ivy Marshall discovers of her husband just when she leaves for her sister s wedding, no less needs to be carefully written Pa This book was one of the featured summer reads listed on She Reads, which led me to choose to read it on my recent vacation to Bermuda The author, Marybeth Whalen is also the co directior of She Reads I downloaded it and a few others and off I went, thinking that with 4 days and 5 night, I was going to get in lots of reading Instead, I spent time having fun, swimming and sunning, relaxing and reconnecting with my husband This was the only book I finished and I read it all within a 24 hour period That being said, I think this is a great summer read It tells the story of Ivy, who, going through a very difficult time in 5 year marriage, decides to return home to Sunset Beach, to help her estranged mother and sister plan the sister s wedding While there, she begins to question her choice to marry her husband Elliot, rather tha The Wishing Tree is my 2013 top pick for your summer vacation read.
No surprise there, because last year The Guest Book was my top pick, and in 2010, The Mailbox.
Marybeth Whalen s books are THE PERFECT novels to take on vacation, or enjoy anytime you want an emotional, heartfelt escape into reading I ve mentioned before in past reviews, just how vivid and descriptive her writing is Her books also make me cry and I don t cry easy when reading I sat down and read this book from start to finish.
The longer I read, the deeper I became engrossed and I could not go to bed without finishing it I have to say, this book surprised me because I was so stirred emotionally and kind of found myself disappointed at how Jaime Boler Thank you, Marybeth, for letting me ask you these questions Your fourth novel struck such a chord with me it s incredibly moving, tender, and sweet Did you always want to be a novelist Marybeth Whalen Thank you Yes, I have wanted to write novels for as long as I can remember But the thought of putting myself out there, and possibly failing, terrified me Of course, now I m so glad I finally did JB How would you describe The Wishing Tree in ten words or less MW A story about wishes we make and power of forgiveness.
JB What inspired you to write this story MW In researching the history of guest books for my last novel The Guest Book , I stumbled across information about the tradition of putting up a wishing tree at a wedding I was intrigued and decided that would make a great element to wrap a story around next.
JB I confess that, prior to reading The Wishing Tree Ivy has gone home to help plan her sister s wedding, she desperately needs this time away after finding out her husband had an affair Whalen has written another beautiful story about relationships, about love and forgiveness Some people won t like the ending but when it comes to a cheating spouse everyone has their own reason for reconciling or divorcing I think you ll enjoy this nice summer read Such a talented writer, I anxiously await each of her new books I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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