Ï Bloodstalk à Download by ☆ Ron Goulart

Ï Bloodstalk à Download by ☆ Ron Goulart I have a real soft spot for Ron Goulart s vampirella novels they re pulp fiction at its most trashy and yet wonderfully readable.
Bloodstalk sets the scene Vampirella has arrived on Earth from the dying planet Drakulon She kills Van Helsing s brother before discovering the blood substitute serum Then she gets captured by the Evil Cult of Chaos, brings them down and makes her mission to track down the other chapters of the cult one of which is a decaying carnival All the way blind psychic Van Helsing and his hunky son Adam are one step behind.
As with a lot of Goulart s books this has sparse writing and a lightening pace it would make an excellent film indeed the copy I have says soon to be a major film which has got to be the Hammer project that never happened Scenes do feel like Hammer s vampire circus we have vampires, zombies, a scary carnival Pretty awful These books are fun Simply written, nothing fancy, but they capture the right spooky occult vibe for the subject.
An early Urban Fantasy based on the comic character.

This books needs some art The story without comics is bit silly.
Ron Goulart wrote a series of six Vampirella novels back in the 70s which are now a bit hard to find I have read them all, and I did enjoy them The major issue with the series, however, was the fact that it just adapted the comic book stories into novel form The six novels adapt the first 2 years or so of the original Vampirella comic magazine, and there s really no new material.
The stories aren t bad, you get plenty of vampires and other monsters and they stand alone well enough as horror novels, but since I was so familiar with the material before I read them, I wonder if someone who s never read any Vampirella comics would find them as interesting, or if they would feel like they dropped in during the middle of the story.
If you are a comic fa VAMPIRELLA IS HER NAMEAND SHE LUSTS FOR BLOOD WHO IS SHE Beautiful Sleek Deadly An Animal Of Prey, She Stalks The Streets, Hunting For A VictimWHERE DOES SHE COME FROM From The Blackness Of Space Itself Pulled From Her Native Planet By A Secret Earth Space Probe, She Is Earth S First Extraterrestrial VisitorWHY IS SHE HERE Trapped By Accident On A World Far From Her Own, Vampirella Must Drink Blood To Survive She Must Kill Or Adapt Or Die

Ron Goulart is a cultural historian and novelist Besides writing extensively about pulp fiction including the seminal Cheap Thrills An Informal History of Pulp Magazines 1972 Goulart has written for the pulps since 1952, when the Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction published his first story, a sci fi parody of letters to the editor Since then he has written dozens of novels and countles