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[Carly Phillips] º Perfect Partners, The Right Choice, Solitary Man [british-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä Three stars for each of the first two books, 2 for the last one.
I got this as a freebie for my kindle through BookBub, so I m not going to complain The stories were a little racy for me, but I m not giving the review based on that I just don t want people who know me to think I m recommending them My suggestion would be that the author reread these stories as if she didn t write them herself and count the number of times the men in her stories groan I found myself thinking, There he goes, groaning again It s an ongoing thing in all three stories Men do make other sounds.
A Collection Of Three Full Length Novels By New York Times Bestselling Author Carly Phillips, originally Written And Published In And Under Her Real Name, Karen DroginRFECT PARTNERSNo Sooner Had Chelsie Russell And Griffin Stuart Lost Their Siblings In A Car Crash Than They Find Themselves Fighting For Custody Of Their Two Year Old Niece Griff Wins Only To Discover Chelsie Is The Only One Who Can Soothe The Child S Night Terrors And Fears Chelsie And Griff Bond Over The Little Girl And Their Growing Sexual Desire Is Mutual But Is It Enough Chelsie S Been Hurt Before And Griff Isn T Sure He Can Trust The Woman Who Once Tried To Take His Niece Away What Will It Take For Them To Realize They Are Perfect Partners THE RIGHT CHOICEAdvice Columnist Carly Wexler Is Planning The Perfect Wedding With The Perfect Fianc So What If He Doesn T Make Her Heart Beat Faster He S The Right Choice Until Sexy Photojournalist Mike Novak, Her Fianc S Adopted Brother, Arrives And Carly Experiences All The Passion She S Convinced Herself She Doesn T Need Mike Is Torn By Loyalty And A Yearning Unlike Any He S Ever Known After Spending Time With Carly, He Is Sure The Engaged Couple Are Marrying For The Wrong Reasons With One Week To Go Before The Wedding, Can Mike Convince Carly He S The Only Choice For Her SOLITARY MANWhen Tough Boston Cop Kevin Manning Promised To Care For His Fatally Wounded Partner S Family, A One Night Stand With The Man S Grieving Sister Wasn T Part Of The Plan No Matter How Intense The Night Had Been, A Woman Like Nikki Welles Deserves Much Than A Broken Man Like Kevin Can Give, And He Leaves The Next Day When He Returns Months Later, Everything Has Changed Nikki Can T Forgive Kevin For Abandoning Her Nor Can She Regret The Baby She S Now Carrying And She Can T Stop Wanting Kevin But Can This Solitary Man Come To Believe He S Worthy Of Love Was looking for an inexpensive read Do not usually read CR The first two stories were okay, the romantic tension was timed to hold the reader s interest The last story, about an unplanned pregnancy was predictable and the two charecters constantly argued, which made this a painfully slow read Good overall for the price, but given what I ve read, will not buy Carly Phillips books in future She s not bad per se, she just doesn t give me the confidence in Contemporary Romance that I d like to have I prefer Historicals.
Three different stories Light reading and predictable format I read the first two but didn t read the last one Solitary Man First book Perfect Partners was about a man who gets custody of his orphan niece after the death of his brother and sister in law The second book The right Choice was about a woman who is marrying for convenience and falls in love with her fianc s brother.
Three different stories Good fluff to read at a bowling tournament.
Perfect Partners Good to see a story that puts the child first A reminder that if you don t stand up, someone else will.
The Right Choice Just a note, a friend tried to lose her virginity on a water bed and it just didn t work She and her boyfriend had to get a hotel room to get the job done.
Solitary Man Predictable, but I really wanted them to succeed.
Another set of terrific storiesEach story was wonderful to read I love her choice of characters in each book I can t wait to read.
I really enjoyed but there were significant typos that had me stumbling I love Carly and this wasn t very typical for her edit process It was a fun and enjoyable read

I ve been a Carly Phillips fan for years and actually own all 3 of these books in both print and digital format I did a full re read this weekend of all 3 books and can only say these classic Carly Phillips books have her same voice her fans have come to expect and love.
Perfect Partners, The Right Choice, and Solitary Man are all beautifully written romances where each of the couples have to work through issues from their past to reach their HEA together I love that Carly made no changes from the originally released books and can only say again how much each of these stories stand the test of time.
This collection is the perfect read for all long time fans of Carly Phillips and new readers looking for amazing contemporary romances.
The books in this set were very well written You can tell they were books from the beginning of Carly s career because while they have sexual tension in them, it lacks the punch and depth of feeling you get from her later books.
I think of them all the first book was my favorite, because it had several different elements in it an orphan girl in need of a family, the Aunt who lost her chance at ever having a family and the Uncle who didn t know how much he needed both of them They came together and formed a strong bond that didn t break, maybe got bent out of shape due to obstacles and issues thrown in their path, but never broke completely.