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5 timo livro pra quem est come ando ou apenas se interessa por estat stica Eu estava buscando exatamente um livro como esse para entender melhor conceitos t cnicos O objetivo n o era aprender estat stica a fundo, o que voc n o faria com esse livro, mas entender que estat stica, de verdade, dif cil, n o pela matem tica envolvida, mas porque quem faz estat stica precisa ser atenta, sagaz e sensata O livro vai ficando cada vez mais t cnico da metade pra Frente O in cio explica tudo o que voc pode encontrar na internet como estat stica descritiva, modelos de posi es, etc etc j no final ele apela para as armadilhas das an lises de regress o Algumas anota es Entender o objetivo do que se quer saber com a estat stica Nem sempre os n meros puros conseguem te trazer respostas verdadeira A solid five star If only I had had Charles Wheelan as my college statistics professor The synopsis on Goodreads was a good review,so I ll save some ink here These were all basic statistic concepts, from probability to regression While breaking down the basic concepts, Wheelan sought to caltivate intuition around them And he did a fantastic job Better yet, he made me chuckle all the time with those funny, sometimes provocative real life examples.
Some of the examples, like the route cause of the 2008 financial crisis and the Monty Hall problem, have been widely telegraphed I d assume Wheelan s explanations will make them easier to sink in I took statistics classes during two phases of my education, but am currently using little of it at work Given big data is on the rise, and large Once Considered Tedious, The Field Of Statistics Is Rapidly Evolving Into A Discipline Hal Varian, Chief Economist At Google, Has Actually Called Sexy From Batting Averages And Political Polls To Game Shows And Medical Research, The Real World Application Of Statistics Continues To Grow By Leaps And Bounds How Can We Catch Schools That Cheat On Standardized Tests How Does Netflix Know Which Movies You Ll Like What Is Causing The Rising Incidence Of Autism As Best Selling Author Charles Wheelan Shows Us In Naked Statistics, The Right Data And A Few Well Chosen Statistical Tools Can Help Us Answer These Questions AndFor Those Who Slept Through Stats , This Book Is A Lifesaver Wheelan Strips Away The Arcane And Technical Details And Focuses On The Underlying Intuition That Drives Statistical Analysis He Clarifies Key Concepts Such As Inference, Correlation, And Regression Analysis, Reveals How Biased Or Careless Parties Can Manipulate Or Misrepresent Data, And Shows Us How Brilliant And Creative Researchers Are Exploiting The Valuable Data From Natural Experiments To Tackle Thorny QuestionsAnd In Wheelan S Trademark Style, There S Not A Dull Page In Sight You Ll Encounter Clever Schlitz Beer Marketers Leveraging Basic Probability, An International Sausage Festival Illuminating The Tenets Of The Central Limit Theorem, And A Head Scratching Choice From The Famous Game Show Let S Make A Deal And You Ll Come Away With Insights Each Time With The Wit, Accessibility, And Sheer Fun That Turned Naked Economics Into A Bestseller, Wheelan Defies The Odds Yet Again By Bringing Another Essential, Formerly Unglamorous Discipline To Life I have already talked about statistics here, and not in good terms It was mostly related to Nicholas Nassim Taleb s works, The Black Swan and Antifragile But this does not mean statistics are bad They may just be dangerous when used stupidly It is what Charles Wheelan explains among other things in Naked Statistics Naked Statistics belongs to the group of Popular Science Americans often have a talent to explain science for a general audience Wheelan has it too So if you do not know about or hate the concepts of mean average, standard deviation, probability, regression analysis, and even central limit theorem, you may change your mind after reading his book Also you will be explained the Monty Hall problem or equivalent Three Prisoners problem or why it is sometimes better even if counterintuitive to change your mind.
Finally Wheelan illustrates why statistics are useless a This is not the most exciting book ever, but it s way exciting than you would think for a book about statistics More importantly, people YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF This is how you separate the lies from the damn lies from the nonsense that TV news shows spew at you I don t care if you read THIS one, but please just fucking read a book about statistics THANK you.
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Excellent book for the layperson that gives you a solid grasp of statistics as well as how statistics can be used and abused As Wheelan says in the book Statistics don t lie, but the data behind them can because they can be faulty, misleading, or downright false.
Reading the book helps you become critical so you won t naively believe a person or organization s argument when they cite statistics to support their case or when you read about scientific breakthroughs in the newspaper or other claims based on statistics.
There are many popular science books that try to teach basic statistical concepts, but often than not they fall into the awful popular science trope of narrative over concepts that Malcolm Gladwell introduced into science writing and then Jonah Lehrer perfected into an awful, horrible art Take Nate Silver s lauded book The Signal and the Noise Each chapter is about some specific area of prediction, and along the way some statistical concepts are introduced but rarely elaborated I will note that Nate Silver only rarely mentions what the expert had for lunch during their interview, unlike much worse science books that presume we are interested in the culinary habits of scientists In that book, Silver also tries to make a case for Bayesian statistics over traditional statistics, but because the explanation of the concepts is not very rigorous, we don t get so much a I couldn t get through this book, mainly because I know too much about statistics and I know too much about the specific examples he gives to illustrate his points Unfortunately, while at times Wheelan does convey the underlying concepts of probability and statistics in a way that would help you understand them at a basic level, he does so in what I would regard as a patronizingly oversimplified way If you compare this book to Nate Silver s book on prediction or, indeed, to the book he says motivated him How to Lie with Statistics , this book simply doesn t deliver the goods It clothes the concepts of statistics in yet another layer of misunderstanding and half truth If, for example, he had spent a chapter on unemployment and really showed how, as a descriptive statistic, the number is meaningless for all kinds of measurement and theoretical reasons, I would have been i

Charles Wheelan is a senior lecturer and policy fellow at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College He joined the Dartmouth faculty fulltime in June of 2012.Wheelan s most recent book, Naked Statistics Stripping the Dread from the Data, was released by W.W Norton in January of 2013 Three weeks later, it reached the New York Times bestseller list for hardback nonfiction The San Francisco Chr