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Þ The Innkeeper's Son ☆ Download by É Jeremy Brooks It s hard for me to judge this book, because I loved some parts and hated others But I think I ll give it 4 stars nevertheless Sim s story I LOVED, and I kept reading at a fast pace I kept thinking wow, I might finally have found a book I can give 5 stars I basically devoured the first half of the book The characters were interesting and flawed, and there were interactions that were very amusing Sim and the gang I loved, and I would have had no problems reading Main problems Spoiler ish Time frame The characters go through soooo much and they bond through hardship, and then you read it s been a week Ruined a lot for me The Maehril parts Yikes I was bored to death, and they just kept going on and on I started skimming and jumping over pages I know she s important to the overall plot, but there is no personality, and I couldn t c Holy crap, that was fun I really enjoyed this book I hope the next installment is just as good no pressure, right I rarely, if ever, rate a book this highly Maybe I m still riding the adrenaline train but that should tell you a little something too Good world creation, great characters, awesome job Before Desirmor Came And Broke The Peace Of The Alexidus Monarchy With His Army Of Dark Beasts, Princess Harmony Alexidus Spoke A Prophecy Of His Rise And Fall He Would Destroy The Warriors Of The Harven Mountains He Would Make The Princess His Eternally Unwilling Bride Then He Would Wrap The World In A Veil Of Darkness So Tight, The People Would Forget That Light Ever Existed But The Harmony Prophecy Foretold That A Scion Of The Alexidus Bloodline Would Find The Last Descendant Of The Fabled Harven Warriors And Guide Him To A Final Clash With King Desirmor Years Have Passed Years Of Desirmor S Nine Laws Years Of Indentured Matrimony For Harmony Alexidus The World Has Forgotten The ProphecyNow, At An Inn On A Tropical Island, Lady Enaya Relador Has Found The Last Harven But Siminus Kelmor Is Not A Willing Hero He Is The Na Ve Son Of An Innkeeper, Sheltered All Of His Life From The Horrors Indigenous To People On The Mainland And He Is Broken Just As She Has Found Him, Sim Witnesses The Brutal Murder Of His Parents At The Hands Of King Desirmor S Son, The Feared Blood Lord To Mold Him Into The Champion Promised By The Prophecy, Enaya Will Need To Forge Him As A Blacksmith Turns A Scrap Of Iron Into A Sword Because If He Is To Fulfill His Destiny And Put An End To The Year Reign Of King Desirmor, Sim Will Need To Become A Perfectly Crafted Weapon This is the worst book I have ever finished, pure literary garbage Couldn t have had worse execution if he tried I will start with a few of the good things The storyline itself is actually pretty good The overall concept is sound, although full of tropes and inconsistency The characters are well thought out and seem to interact well, if not a little unrealistic The set up for the future non existent books is great That is all folks The bad is everything else There is rape, and that is a bad thing The biggest issue with the book is that it seems like nobody took the time to screen it If this book went through several rounds of soft testing and re writing it would be surprising I did get the audible version because I had extra credits that I had to use before I lost them, so I didn t read a hard copy to see the editorial mistakes When you read the book you will fin I enjoyed every minute of it even though Sim can be a bit annoyingly na ve at time he seems like such a nice character and could develop well I also love Enaya, she can be a right spoilt brat at some points, especially towards Sim, but I can see her becoming better as the book goes on I really hope there is going to be a sequel.
this book was terrible the author seems to be fairly immature the writing reflects this the story was decent but the characters were inconsistent and lacking in depth this author depicts women like an inexperienced teenage boy might maybe with some time and a lot of constructive criticism this author might improve but I would not recommend this book to anyone fast moving, riveting plot, can t wait to read the next book in this series thoroughly engrossing and well written.

Awesome book, can t wait for the The Blood Lord to come out.
This book is painful A young man discovers that he is the key to overthrowing an evil king and vows revenge after his parents are murdered A tired premise but so prevelant in YA fantasy that I couldn t toss this one on that alone However, I did have to drop this one rather quick because the book just doesn t want to make sense I won t spoiler hide anything here because all plot points mentioned occur within the first 15 20% of the book The short of it is, the book has numerous inconsistencies, the characters are flat and unintereesting, and the story is absurd If you want , then keep reading If not, please avoid this book.
Our young man, Sim, is some kind of 20 year old manchild, having grown up in an incredibly sheltered life in order to keep him from being discovered by the evil king I don t know why two people in charge of the savior of humanity would decide n I used to avoid fantasy genre until I accidentally came across this book okay, The Innkeeper s Son sounded like a traditional English rural setting in its title that I immediately fell in love with the title At first, it sounded that way until the blodlord s tragic visit Unfortunately, I was not happy when the adopted parents of our hero were killed This is a fast moving and thrilling book the plot is riveting and characters are well developed I just wish that some marriages work the way I like in book 2, such as that girl from the governor s palace who is the whisper Great read for anyone looking for a book that will transport them across the fantasy world, this is indeed great Looking forward to book 2 this book ended while i was not ready.

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