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This is was fun read We met Kristy briefly in How Hard Can It Be which was super funny and you really should read and her best gal pal Rena But In Size Matters we find out the Kristy has been extremely unlucky in love Like beyond unlucky in love Oh and Kristy really should never beat on anything She is guaranteed to lose Hence the reason Kristy finds herself driving Aunt Moon Unit Yes Moon Unit to a month worth of Bigfoot believer meetings But that is only the start of Kristy s trouble Kristy takes yet another beat from her best pal What is the bet That she won t fall head over heels for Jack s who is Rena s boyfriend best friend and new partner Kristy knows this a beat that she can t lose No way, no how, not ever going to happen You see Kristy has sworn off dating cops But then w

I should probably disclaimer that I DNF d Seduction and Snacks for being too over the top for my liking, so I know that there might be a group of people who will devour Size Matters and have a lot of fun with it To be fair, Size Matters was funny I found myself laughing at several of the jokes and at one fake Mariah Carey But the humor was trying to be on all of the time I d rather see a page of good dialogue or action with a great one liner, rather than line after line of forced humor, especially when the jokes start to repeat themselves over and over The first few times Lutheran Jesus, Cardboard Brett Favre, David Hasselhoff, motherhumping assclowns etc.
were mentioned, it was funnybefore I got tired of seeing these punchlines recycled multiple times.
Spazzy humor has probably run its course for me.
Trigger Warning the word Motherhumpin Cowballs Size Matters is yet another brilliantly written book by the amazing Robyn I have yet to read another author s work who compares in any way to Robyn s writing I continue to learn new words I ve never heard before in reading Robyn s booksmy vocabulary is growing LOL Kristy is such a relatable main character in this storyin fact how she relates to people and so wants to make a difference in the lives of others is so me and how I try to live my life.
I must mention Mitch WOW What a guy That s all I ll say about him because I don t want to give anything away.
The rest of the characters in the story, that you may love or hate, start off seeming like they are from the island of misfits However, they each have their uniqueness and certainly grew on me and made me care about each one of them All endearing me to them while on their quest to find Big Robyn Peterman s Size Matters is another outrageously zany caper that is just as over the top and hilarious as the first book in the Handcuffs and Happily Ever Afters series, How Hard Can It BeIn this outing, after losing a bet to her best friend, Rena, Kristy is forced to take Rena s Aunt Phyllis to her Bigfoot meetings When the group is chosen for a reality series, Kristy is selected as the unwilling host for the show and she, along with a several of the wacky yet lovable members, are off to Duluth to hunt for the big hairy beast Size Matters has a motley cast of characters that are lewd and crude but they each sport a heart of gold Heading up this assorted group is Kristy and boy, is she in midst of a run of bad luck Having her heart broken by her last cop boyfriend, she is giving dating a vacation when she m DNF 40% no rating because I read less than 50% I just want to say that this book isn t all that bad It s cute and quirky Well written even if it s a little over the top The reason I didn t finish it is one word Well it s one word that the protagonist uses repeatedly The word is fktard I know a woman who has cerebral palsy As a child she was called a retard When I was at school, there was a kid with down syndrome named Scottlike most people with down syndrome he had a gentle heart and was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet He was called a retard I knew a guy who was deaf As a child he was called a retard My sister who has since passed away had an intellectual disability She was called a retard So yeah, I think retard and any word that derives from it should be banished from our lexicons.
If you like tightly woven, believable storylines with carefully crafted plots, then keep moving to the back of the room, please, while the rest of us Bigfoot believing adventurers get ready for the show.
HOWEVER, if you have a sense of humor, if you love to laugh so much you snort, if you love sweet and sexy romance, and if you have a profound respect for the creatively profane then you will ADORE this book Robyn Peterman s books are brief vacations to a world of loveable nuts, screwballs, misfits and freaks, all taking part in loopy adventures while a romance plays out with the normal hero and heroine One of my favorite things about her writing is that the normal characters discover their inner freak, while the nutty characters become normal as we get to know them The author obviously has great affection I have been looking forward to Size Matters since I first read HHCIB This was another winner by Robyn Peterman I loved Kristy, she was the mostly sane one in a band of psychos as opposed to Rena from HHCIB who was as psycho as the rest of her band in her book I really enjoyed Kristy s relationship with Rich, and the hotness with Mitch It was the best of both worlds.
Edith and Mrs C, who you ended up disliking in Book 1, really found their way into your hears by the end of this book.
So many hilarious scenes in this book, hard to pick just one But the visuals of the final scenes were awesome.
I will say this, be prepared to laugh a lot, snort laughing And if you are from the Minneapolis area, well that is just a bonus, because the hot dish references are fantastic Book 3, Candy s book A Few Hard TruthsDon T Bet On Hasselhoff, Bigfoot Might Actually Exist, And Searching For The Impossible May Lead You To Your Heart S DesireIt S A Big Fat Hairy Deal When I Lose Yet Another Bet To My Best Friend, Rena Not Only Do I End Up Attending Bigfoot Meetings With Her Kooky Aunt Phyllis, I Find Myself Traveling With A Band Of Reality TV, Sasquatch Hunting Nut Jobs Not To Mention A Suspiciously Shady Film Crew As If Those Little Nuggets Weren T Enough To Send Me On The Express Train To CrazytownI Stupidly Swore Off Men Clearly All This Would Mess Up Any Gal S Social Life, But The Worst Part Of The Story The Minute I Send My Libido On Vacation, I Meet Mitch Yep, Mitch, The Sexiest Cop Ev Ah The Hottest, Best Kissing, Finest Tushied, SINGLE Guy I Ve Ever Laid Eyes On I D Rather Be Hot On His Trail Than Anything That Involves The Word Big Or Foot But Sometimes What You Re Hunting For Has Been Right In Front Of You All Along Size Matters is hilarious The hero, Mitch is smoking HOT I highly recommend all of Robyn s books for a laugh I love Robyn Peterman s books They are filled with side splitting laughter and hot romance This is the second book in the Handcuffs and Happily Ever After Series After losing a bet with her best friend Rena, Kristy must escort Aunt Phyllis to all her Big Foot meetings Her lose quickly becomes unbearable when she is wrangled into going on a Big Foot hunt to create a television show with her Big Foot Group During a meeting, Kristy meets hunky cop Mitch and instant sparks fly Unfortunately, Kristy has sworn off cops and has bet her best friend that she will not date Mitch Not willing to lose another bet, Kristy must stay far

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