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☆ Read ↠´ His Wounded Light (The Light in the Wound, #2) by Christine Brae é I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewNot a word is uttered, not a sound is made And yet I clearly hear what she s screaming out lout from her heart I ve never had any doubt she has always belonged to me.
Head pounding, heart full, the anticipation is finally over I am going to admit as much as I BEGGED for an Alex and or Jess POV book, I was VERY apprehensive going into this one Loud and proud, I am Team Alex From the beginning of The Light in the Wound until the very last drop, it was always Alex for me He put her first, treasured and honored not only her heart, but EVERY part of her I would have none of the selfishness, controlling nature and all about me attitude from Jesse No thanks So to know that they finally had go I m an Alex girlbut can I say I might have been a little bit of a Jesse s girl while reading this book Watch out MO THER FUCK ING HOMERUN 5 Healing Stars If there ever was a book for me to be biased about, it s this one However, while there are definite elements that I was deeply involved with, I had a much different perspective and reaction to this story than The Light in the Wound Instead of the protective instincts I had over Isa about her past, this was a future yet to be written and it stirred different emotions In a way, less personal to me, and yet, I still had that deep love for the characters.
Now, I loved The Light in the Wound, but His Wounded Light took Christine s writing skills to another level If possible, I loved this one even The characters have matured and lived li The Perfect Life The Perfect Marriage The Jilted Lover Their Worlds CollideFate Intervenes Twelve Years Later And Their Paths Intersect Once Again All Three Will Question Whether The Heart Is Truly Capable Of Dividing And Being Divided Each Will Decide Whether It Matters Who You Loved First Or Who You Love Last Together They Will Learn That In The End, There Can Always Only Be One It kills me to write this review.
On one hand I obviously loved the book a ton because I devoured it in a day or so, every time I had to put the book down I was a little annoyed at life because I just wanted to keep on reading But on the other, I hated to read so much of it because I hated the direction that the book went inMy world is complete Me, her, the children, this bathroom She s my shelter, the keeper of my heartI absolutely fell in love with The Light in the Wound and was so happy with how it ended In my eyes, Alex and Isa were perfect for each other and I was so happy that after their struggles and pain, they got to have their HAE I didn t really feel sorry for Jesse, I never liked his character so much, but I was h Sigh I love Alex Just sayin Amazing book Add it to your TBR list MUST MUST MUST read As the captain of Team Alex, I have one thing to say GET YOUR OWN, JESSE.
5 Delightful StarsI have not broken your heart you have broken it and in breaking it, you have broken mineEmily Bronte Minor spoilers ahead Do not read if you have not read The Light in the Wound I literally felt like tip toeing into this book after the massacre on my emotions that was the first bookin a good way, of course I just wanted to hold this couple in a safe little cocoon and protect them from anything bad happening to them The book starts out with another elusive prologue, much like the first, that is a small excerpt from a much later scene in the book, that immediately rips your heart out And this time, I was positive.
POSITIVE, that I guessed it right100% Well, guess what Wrong again YEP She does it again After THAT, we get to delve into the story with a very happy, very functional, and VERY much in love Isa and Alex in Paris celebra

This book was amazingly brilliant I am Team Alex all the way I will admit that I was one of those readers that was happy with just the first book I had to put myself in the authors mind and sometimes there is just another story to tell or a personal reason to reach our own therapy to help someone else reach their own breakthrough I was so nervous starting His Wounded Light especially when I read the Prologue The author does slam us with some pretty major twists so get prepared I felt the true heartache, emotions, the passion that the author created to make it happen My heart has been pounding through this whole experience of reading and loved it Get your tissues and chocolate out and be sure you have time to read it through in a whole day You will get the chance to see through Isa s, Alex, Jesse s POV with their own Epi Brilliant and poetic A wonderful read.
I really enjoyed book 1 of this series, but THIS BOOK is marvelous Mar vel ous Ripped my heart apart several times But, I couldn t put it down and so glad that I didn t.
It was my pleasure to beta read this book And I Highly recommend it Minor Spoilers if you have not read book 1 The Light In The Wound, a part of this review can be considered a small spoiler mature content reader discretion is advised.
5 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary RomanceI have not broken your heart you have broken it and in breaking it, you have broken mineEmily BronteThis was not an easy read, Christine Brae dug deep and left pieces of her heart on every page.
LOVE JOY PAIN PASSION HAPPINESS SADNESS ANGER HATE HIS WOUNDED LIGHTHis Wounded Light will show you without a doubt that love can bring us together and it can sure as hell tear us apart when hit with life altering momentsI m going to spend every night of my life kissing away your memories of him I m going to find places he never touched

Christine Brae is a full time career woman who thought she could write a book about her life and then run away as far as possible from it She never imagined that her words would touch the hearts of so many women with the same story to tell Christine is the author of The Light in the Wound, His Wounded Light 2013 , Insipid 2014 Her latest book, In This Life, released in 2016 and is currently