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[ Read Online The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren Þ social-welfare PDF ] by Gerald Brittle ¾ If You Think Ghosts Are Only Responsible For Hauntings, Think Again The Demonologist Reveals The Grave Religious Process Behind Supernatural Events And How It Can Happen To You Used As A Text In Seminaries And Classrooms, This Is One Book You Can T Put Down Illustrated With Photos Of Phenomena In Progress From The Warrens Private Collection For Over Five Decades Ed And Lorraine Warren Have Been Known As The World S Most Renowned Paranormal Investigators Lorraine Is A Gifted Clairvoyant, While Ed Is The Only Non Ordained Demonologist Recognized By The Catholic Church Together They Have Investigated Thousands Of Hauntings In Their Career I got hold of this book after watching the movie The Conjuring on Dvd and wanted to learn about Ed and Lorraine Warren I am a huge horror movie fan and am well versed in movies like The Exorcist and other demonic, paranormal films out there I approached this book not just to learn about the Warren s but also because I wanted to be scared, which is why I love horror in general It is fun to be scared So I didn t take the book too seriously but instead suspended my disbelief just enough so that I could be taken in by the stories that Ed and Lorraine described I wanted to be scared listening to the audio book in the dark, as I was reading it during the week of Halloween and getting into the spirit of things While some of their claims borderline on the outrageous, there were admittedly some things brought up that made me stop and think I remember in high school being in the b Another book about fake demon hunting charlatans Ugh Tried to read this DNF.
I truly tried I really, really did I love anything that belongs to the realm of ghosts and ghost stories They re my favorite horror stories and movies of all time so when I say the advertisements for The Conjuring, I had to read this book.
Incidentally, I did read the book first but I don t feel that whole read the book after the movie or else you ll be ruined really applied to me The movie wasn t scary at all and that s truly saying something I mean, cheesy TV series like A Haunting and Haunted terrify me.
What ruined this book for me in order of least to worst 4 The number of times the author used the word diabolical It was diabolical how many times it was used Was there something NOT diabolical Pft.
3 The examples of diabolical demonic things in peoples life just wasn t co I read this book mostly because I think the Warrens are good for a laugh every once in awhile and that some of the stories in it could be creepy if completely unrealistic and in my opinion, entirely made up.
Instead of being creepy, this book is mostly full of a kind of bizarre and excessive praise of the Warrens and how special and amazing they are and no one else can do what they do It was pretty disgusting and arrogant even though I know it wasn t written by one of them, the author was so clearly enad of them it may as well have been And then there were the times when than anything it was just kind of sad, such as the story about the homeless man in an alley who was completely repulsive and whom Ed Warren thought was obviously possessed when in fact, he was likely just mentally ill The second half of the book seems to be predominately taken over by assertin The Demonologist had been on my TBR for a while, and I felt like this Halloween season was the perfect time to pick it up I m really in the mood for some creepy books about hauntings and possessions at the moment, so naturally this one fit the bill I m a huge fan of horror movies, and The Conjuring and it s spinoffs are some of my favorites For those of you who are unaware, that series of movies including the Annabelle franchise are all based on cases that Ed and Lorraine Warren handled throughout their career, and several of them are included in the book The Demonologist outlines many of the cases that the Warrens worked, including the Amityville Horror case It talks through the history of the case, what causes hauntings and possessions, and some background on the religious elements that UPDATE 12 14 17 What a great opportunity to revisit this sorry excuse for a book Basically, Gerald Brittle sued Warner Bros because he claimed to have rights to the story of The Conjuring and its sequels Warner Bros said no you don t, because they are true events that really happened Brittle retorts, nuh uh, these stories can t possibly be true because they involve ghosts and demons and stuff Give me 900 million dollars or else prove that ghosts and demons are real Instead of proving that ghosts are real, they settled for an undisclosed amount of money It s always a good sign when an author is extorting money from someone else to prove that what his nonfictional book is fictional.
original REVIEW I know, I know I should have anticipated this I mean, A reader s enjoyment of this book is going to depend entirely on how they feel about possession, exorcisms, and he supernatural in general It s not going to convince anyone one way or another, so the skeptics are likely to find it ridiculous, and the believers will likely find this interesting and at least slightly terrifying.
Personally, I found myself somewhere in the middle, since I m a big fan of The Conjuring films, and was really looking forward to learning about Ed and Lorraine I have to say, I wished the book was a bit personal, characterizing them as people, but The Demonologist is 100% focused on the career as the title suggests of the pair The book discusses various cases the Warrens were involved in very briefly for certain cases , while also detaili Why can t I give a rating of ZERO stars This is one of the worst books I ve read It was recommended to me as being one of the scariest books ever written, but it turned out to be laughable For those of us who grew up during the occult scares of the 70 s and 80 s, this book demonstrates the nonsense people believed in and had children afraid of during that period The basic message is Don t Play With Ouija Boards you ll get infested, oppressed, and ultimately possessed by demons who look like giant lizards if you were to see their actual form In most true haunting and possession stories, the devil seems to follow film special effects technology, as he can only seem to do what is currently available at the movies This book reads like a 1980 made for TV movie of the week novelization So beyond the Ouija b There has always been a bit of controversy that follows some of the cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren Some people have gone as far as to say cases such as the Amityville House was hoaxes Whichever way a person thinks about the cases they may still find this book to be interesting However, one shouldn t read this book thinking they will get an in depth look at the Amityville case or any of the other movie inspiring cases This is a study of how they investigate than where they have investigated And the cases that were discussed were not some of the popular ones Some passages felt a bit repetitive but overall it was interesting.

Gerald Brittle is the author of 1980 s The Demonologist, It s the definitive Ed and Lorraine biography Brittle also wrote 1983 s notorious, out of print The Devil in Connecticut, both which deal with Ed and Lorraine s courageous fights against Satan and his minions.