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[ Pdf Small Town Protector » anthropology PDF ] by Hope White ò I enjoyed this book very much it was a action packed adventure that kept you on the edge of your seat wait to see what happen next I really enjoyed reading this book very much.
I wrote out a whole awesome reviewand somehow it didn t savenot doing the whole thing again but the quick version fluff read for when you don t want to remember what you read had some major issues with the validity of this book and some things that happened in it it was very anti climatic could have probably used another edit character mood swingsugh kudos to the author for getting her characters to recognize that their relationship has popped into existence out of thin air in under a week kudos to the author for not falling into the wham bam MARRIAGE ending a lot of authors writing these kinds of books tend to do good concept for a book, unfortunately the execution was not to my standards.
All of this led to my The idea of being a FBI special agent or any law enforcement personnel for that matter is a pretty risky job Not only are you putting yourself in danger repeatedly but there are times when the life of your family is threatened also Garrett Drake is dealing with the aftermath still after years ago when he had to send his family away to witness protection and they never got back together again His wife moved on and his son wants nothing to do with him As soon as danger is hovering over his son once again, agent Drake doesn t hesitate to step up and protect him In the process he is lucky to meet a wonderful young lady named Lana Hope White does a terrific job of drawing the reader in to the story about Garrett, his son and his new love interest Lana You can t help but to feel bad for how Garrett lost his family and the struggles he is dealing

Review to be posted on my blog 7 28Review on if helpful, please click yes Thanks Small Town Protector is the third book in Hope White s Port Whisper series and the second book of hers I ve read the first being Christmas Haven back in December.
I found it very nice that some of the characters from Christmas Haven were in Small Town Protector it was great to find out what was happening in their lives.
The suspense in Small Town Protector was really good I especially liked how there were little segments in the story where we got to see inside the serial killer s mind, and, since it didn t reveal his her identity, I feel that it heightened the suspense.
I liked the characters in Small Town Protector Lana s like an open book and very trusting kind Garrett was very protective and My all time favorite minor character returns In a word, Sketch While the story was about Sketch s father, Garrett, falling for Lana, the true story centered on the reunion of father and son a reunion made awkward by the fact that Sketch s mother initially told him that his father was dead Sketch spelling out for Garrett exactly what was at stake in his decision to go back to his FBI job or stay in the small town was priceless, but spoiled slightly by an ending that didn t provide full closure to the story line.
From the start this book grabbed my attention This book is not your typical romance story This story shows the differences in people, that not all women are helpless and that not all men are closed It was nice to see a story where a woman could hold her own but need some help She does not need love or a man to be okay but she wants it Mr FBI agent starts to open and make a connection with the cafe owner and they build a nice relationship where each person can be their own while saving each other There are many twists in this story There are some clues hints where you begin to think you know who did it but some of the clues throw you off The story line between the characters is very interesting Can t wait to read about the boy Very good story Have really enjoyed this series of stories.
Sending His Family Away Years Ago Was The Hardest Thing FBI Special Agent Garrett Drake Ever Did But It Was The Only Way To Shield Them From A Case Turned Terrifyingly Personal Now A Serial Killer Has Come To Town To Safeguard His Estranged Son And The Entire Port Whisper Community Garrett Needs Help And That Means Reaching Out To Lana Burns, A Captivating Woman Who Cuts Through His Defenses Garrett Would Willingly Risk His Life To Uncover The Killer But To Get A Second Chance At Happiness, Lana Has To Convince The Wary Agent To Risk His Heart A very quick read and fun for a camping trip But really hokey and bad writing.
OK, but pretty average, and at least twice in need of editing.

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