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☆ Read ☆ Dickens by Peter Ackroyd ☆ I read the unabridged version of this book a long time ago It s one of the best biographies I have ever read very engaging and highly readable no small feat for a book of that length Dickens emerges as flawed and human like the rest of us, but with a talent for turning those flaws and his experiences into works that change lives.
One of the most beautifully written and engaging biographies ever Ackroyd focuses clearly on the personality and affect of the author, the forces in his life, including continuing reinvention of the self that made Dickens write and keep writing The book contains a bit of literary criticism, but this biography is most decidedly not of the life and works variety.
Even at 1100 pages, I was sorry that the book weren t twice as long It is one of those books that I hate to finish, so after reaching the half way point I ration the pages I permit myself to read in a day.
Popular Book, Dickens Author Peter Ackroyd This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Dickens , Essay By Peter Ackroyd Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You It took a month, but I finished it This biography is chock a block full of information The endnotes and bibliography were very informative as well.
The bio is a good introduction to Dickens Ackroyd stuck to the facts as he he found them Yes, I will still read Dickens biographies because there are areas that I want to study Because there was so much information Ackroyd often had to just do a brief mention of some of the accounts in Dickens life If one is unfamiliar with Dickens as a person this book is a good place to start and don t be turned off by the legenth of the book.
Possibly the only biography of Dickens ever written that actually reads like a novel by Charles Dickens, this book is immense, sweeping, atmospheric, and richly detailed It might seem difficult to sum up the measure of a man s life in even a thousand pages, but Ackroyd capably rises to the challenge By the end the reader is left feeling both awed by Dickens genius and saddened by his incurable loneliness.
A huge book a book so detailed and informative, yet always, always engaging The main thrust of the biography is designed to show how inextricably linked Dickens novels where with his life Ackroyd s attention to detail, both of the novels, and of Dickens the man, paint a picture of a tortured soul, an incredibly disciplined workaholic, and above all, a very odd man a man that in turn could be kind yet dismissively harsh jovial, yet depressed a man incredibly generous to those in need, yet constantly in fear of losing everything he had Ackroyd details Dickens life from his beginning to his end, interspersing among the chapters mini chapters where, variously, Dickens characters speak to each other, Ackroyd is interviewed on the writing of the book, and others where Ack Excellent, comprehensive biography that ties in material from Dickens writing well throughout I m not a Dickens scholar by any means, but to me the book seems to include all the available details on his life without sensationalizing them or filling in things that can t be substantiated Now that I ve read it through once, I think next time I read it I would do so concurrently with a re read of Dickens work, instead of afterwards as a capstone which is what I did this time.
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As the most popular writer of his age, and as a social campaigner, Charles Dickens had an immense influence which still shapes modern literature and the culture in which we live his stories helped shape our ideas of the traditional Christmas, apart from the difficult to trace effects of his writing about social issues.
The man who had this influence was extraordinary in himself as well As a result, he has always been a magnet for biographers, from his friend John Forster onwards Ackroyd s acclaimed biography concentrates on what formed Dickens character, and how his life influenced his fiction.
For someone following a sedentary profession, Dickens had an interesting life, and was certainly an unusual personality While he could often be the life and soul of any party, his self centredness made

I bought this years ago, little realizing how useful it would be later on when I was researching the life of Charles Dickens In recent years, some new biographies of Dickens have come out, which I fully plan to read, but this is still an authoritative work by a recognized Dickens scholar Particularly interesting to me were some literary interludes where Ackroyd imagines his subject conversing with him, with other authors, or with his own literary progeny Some fine illustrations are included.
If an appointments committee existed to examine the CVs references of potential biographers before selecting the best fitted for the task, they would have been hard pressed not to have at least short listed Ackroyd to write about Dickens He is well qualified to undertake the task, being the author of other excellent biographies particularly on Eliot, Blake Thomas More a novelist of some standing in his own right, and therefore with a considerable insight into the processes involved in developing his own extravagant plots characters like Dickens, a writer obsessed with London like Dickens also, someone with experience of hack work witness, sadly, his recent rash of biographies and therefore with a good understanding of its nature pressures So, having passed the audition in retro

Peter Ackroyd CBE is an English novelist and biographer with a particular interest in the history and culture of London Peter Ackroyd s mother worked in the personnel department of an engineering firm, his father having left the family home when Ackroyd was a baby He was reading newspapers by the age of 5 and, at 9, wrote a play about Guy Fawkes Reputedly, he first realized he was gay at the age