☆ Into Hertfordshire (Darcys Tale #1) ½ Download by ☆ Stanley Michael Hurd

☆ Into Hertfordshire (Darcys Tale #1) ½ Download by ☆ Stanley Michael Hurd It is difficult to take a well loved English classic like Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice and recreate the story from a different perspective, but that is exactly what Stanley Michael Hurd has cleverly accomplished Darcy s Tale which I won from Goodreads Giveaways reunites Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwillam Darcy in a clash of temperaments at Rosings the estate of his aunt Catherine de Bourgh, a sharp tongued, controlling matron When the story begins Darcy has discouraged his friend from making a disastrous decision to become engaged to the beautiful Jane Bennet and making an inferior family connection although he cannot forget his blossoming attraction to her sister Elizabeth As he struggles to overcome his obsession and re enter London Society with his friend Charles, little does Darcy imagine that he will become This is the second three volume Austenesque retelling of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy s point of view that I have read Pamela Aidan s Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series being the other I loved her work especially volumes 1 and 3 and especially in the second edition , and it is hard not to focus on comparing the two series I should also say that I have some concern about reviewing this volume when I have not yet read all three so let s regard these remarks as provisional.
I read Darcy s Tale, volume I Into Hertfordshire in the second, corrected edition, and I must say the text is quite clean I always read with a pencil in my hand, ready to pounce on errors, and didn t find much work for it Stanley Michael Hurd has a good mastery of Georgian prose, with sentences that I admit I only read the Kindle sample but I m choosing not to continue and I ll try to explain why The main reason is that I m the type of Austen fan who holds Austen related works to a higher standard than if they had been their own original art I love Austen s books, but in cherishing those stories I kind of resent those who would lean on the masterwork with inferior goods This is one such, though at least it isn t horrid.
The good Hurd avoids the most common mistake with Darcy by making his beginning character consistent with the ending actions Hurd s opening gives Darcy the kind of concerns I d expect of a landed gentleman of means and goes further to show how the reserved Darcy can be the natural friend to the outgoing Bingley.
The bad There are two main problems with the story that will prevent me from continuing First, Somewhat spoilerish but it s only Volume I and we all know the story Pride and Prejudice as told from Mr Darcy s point of view This story gets inside Darcy s head and could easily be called Darcy s Diary or Darcy s Thoughts for the most part His thoughts are interrupted by his correspondence with Georgiana and her replies The appendix in the back has the full set of correspondence, so there s two novels in one This is exactly why I could not love this story I didn t like the story being interrupted by lengthy letters The letters are very dull and don t sound a bit realistic As far as I ve read, people in the 19th century didn t go around pouring their hearts out to each other, especially not to siblings so far apart in age In the or Jane Austen has admitted that as a woman leading a rather sheltered life, she truly could not write about what men thought or how they conversed when not with women So, she left it to our imagination However, Stan Hurd can write from the male perspective, and very effectively This take from Darcy s perspective of the Pride and Prejudice story is very true to Austen very canon in nature And, yet, we get to see the male perspective, as well as what Darcy is thinking or saying when not in company with women Stan provides a great insight and I can hardly wait to read volume 2.

Darcy s Tale Into Hertfordshire is the first part of a trilogy based on Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, written from Darcy s perspective and, unusually for this sort of novel, the author is a man We are offered insights into Mr Darcy s thought processes during his first trip to Netherfield, including letters between himself and his still broken hearted sister, and his contrasting opinions of Miss Eliza Bennett and Miss Caroline Bingley.
It is probably impossible to write a version of Mr Darcy that every Jane Austen fan will agree with, but this one has to come close The author displays a brilliant understanding of the characters, the book is very well written though not in Jane Austen s style, and the additional scenes seem to fit in with the original without jarring.
The lasting impression is that a lot of thought, and care went into writing Here s my review for the whole series I love this author s take on my favorite novel I have read several variations and Mr Hurd s definitely stands out as one of my favorites From start to finish, this is a wonderful and engaging read I would hope many variations come from his pen I really, really enjoyed this retelling of Pride and Prejudice told through Darcy s point of view It was exactly like reviving PP all over again, but through the hero s eyes The writing is very Austenesque and the plot remains true to the original This volume 1 of Darcy s Tale covers the scenes from Darcy s arrival in Hertfordshire with Bingley at Netherfield, to his departure for Town after the Netherfield Ball.
I loved being privy to Darcy s thoughts I had always felt that I knew so little of him after reading PP he appeared so mysterious and reserved that I could never really understand why he acted the way he acted But now thanks to this beautiful book, he seemed to come alive and I understand of his values and feelings Lizzie is clearly the right woman for him, and he recognizes that she s the only one whose wit and intelli Enter The World Of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Landed Gentleman, Scholar, And Very Eligible Bachelor, Whose Engaging And Enthusiastic Friend, Mr Bingley, Has Acquired A New Manor Darcy Accompanies His Friend Into The Wilds Of Hertfordshire, Where Each Of Them Encounters The Lady Who Will Change His Life Follow The Beginnings Of A Story That Will Take Darcy From The Heights Of Wealth And Status, To The Depths Of Pain And Self Condemnation, And, Ultimately, To The Safe Haven Of The Love And Respect Of His Heart S Mistress This Lovingly Crafted Companion To Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice Will Give Her Fans A Feeling Of Homecoming, And A Chance To See This Beloved Story From A New Perspective, All The While Immersed In The Endearing World Of Regency England Austen So Masterfully Created Darcy S Tale Was Written First For The Readers Who Were Enchanted By The original And Wanted The Chance To Return, To Learn About One Of The Most Popular Characters In English Literature But It Is Also For Those New To The Pride Prejudice Saga Darcy Was A Wealthy, Well Intentioned, Intelligent, And Educated Man How On Earth Did He Become So Thoroughly Tangled By His Acquaintance With Miss Elizabeth Bennet She, Too, Is Among That Rarefied Firmament Of Favourite English Characters Her Pert Manners, Quick Wit, And Quiet Beauty Made Her A Strong, Independent Figure Of A Woman Who Was Over A Hundred Years Ahead Of Her Time The Clash Of Their Personalities And The Nearly Constant Misunderstanding Between Them, Founded On An Unfortunate First Impression, Has Delighted Readers For Two Hundred Years This, Then, Is A New View Of Their First Year As Seen Through Darcy S Eyes, And Written By A Man Who Insisted Both That Darcy Should Be True To Austen S Vision Of Him, And That He Should Be A Man Throughout Wrong, Perhaps At Times, But Always Prepared To Stand Up And Do What He Saw As Necessary And Right, Especially When He Found Himself To Be In The Wrong Darcy S Tale Is Written In The Richly Textured Style Of Regency English, And Even The Most Demanding Austen Fan Will Find Little Here To Cavil With But They Will Certainly Find Many New Thoughts, Perceptions, And Interpretations To Revel In Volume Takes Darcy To Hertfordshire And The Beginnings Of His Relationship With Elizabeth In Volume Into Kent, The Two Meet Again At Rosings, The Estate Of Darcy S Aunt Catherine In Volume Back Home, Darcy S Many Trials And Labours Are Concluded, And He Finds His True Place In Life, At Last

Stan Hurd is a Ph.D neurochemist who currently occupies himself writing, teaching fencing and Karate, and polishing samurai sword blades He was introduced to Jane Austen s works late in life, but became immediately captivated by the unlabored beauty of her prose Having read one of the many adaptations written to extend the story of Pride and Prejudice , while he was delighted to be back in tha