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ï Read ✓ Eternal Night (Aeternae Noctis, #1) by Jade Kerrion ✓ This was a fantastic, fast paced read with great paranormal elements with a twinge of sci fi feel I enjoyed the post apocalyptic world Kerrion has created and I m looking forward to the next book in the series.
I love the author s science fiction books so I thought I would give a fantasy one a try After reading several chapters I decided this type of story is not to my taste but I wanted to find out what happened next, so I read the next couple of chapters, and so on, until I finished the book The author writes very well, bringing the characters and the setting to life, and the story is absorbing and with lots of twists What can I say I didn t fancy a story about vampires and icrathari, but it gripped me to the end Enter A City Of Eternal Night Ruled By Demons And Vampires For A Thousand Years, Humans Cowered Beneath The Rule Of The Night Terrors, But Jaden S Five Year Old Sister Is Prophesied To Stop Themif They Don T Get To Her First To Protect Her, Jaden Leads A Rebellion Against The Night Terrors, But When He Is Captured In Battle And Dragged Before The Demonic Queen Ashra, He Realizes That He Has Seen Her Face Beforeevery Night In His Dreams Ashra Is Fighting Her Own Battle For Survival Against Enemies Without And Treachery Within But When Jaden Stumbles Upon Ashra S Darkest Secret And Uncovers The Truth About The City Of Eternal Night, He Realizes That Nothing May Be What It Seemsincluding Himself Reviewer Walki5.
0 on the Masq ScaleIn Eternal Night , readers are taken into the future, to the city of the Eternal Night, where humans live, plagued by the Night Terrors vampires and Icrathari Every full moon night, vampires come to the human village for the cull They take five year old children to the Malum Turris, their stronghold that dominates land and life The four Icrathari are the ones in control Unlike the vampires, they have wings to fly with, and have existed for millennia One 27 year old human, named Jaden Hunter, kills two vampires one night of full moon and is taken to the evil tower He is the reincarnation of Rohkeus, an Icrathari assassinated a thousand years ago, the lost love of the Icrathari queen Ashra But Jaden has sworn to protect his half sister, five year old Khiarra, the child prophesised to stop t Eternal Night is an amazing read I absolutely loved it I started reading it as a book to fill up time and to use as a break from other books I meant to read first but the story dragged me and I ended up reading this instead of the others So glad I did Jade Kerrion manages to weave together one hell of a tale.
I found the story and the characters quite engaging The description of the book right here on goodreads ends with the questionwhat is the city of eternal night, and how did it come to be Finding out was an adventure that I couldn t turn away from The answers may not be what you think and not everyone is who or what you expect them to be Normally I have details in my reviews but I just don t want to give anything away There is already a lot of details in the description and I just wouldn t want to take away from the experience of readin Eternal Night is an extremely well written book by Jade Kerrion and made me a fan in an instant This author knows how to write and knows how to draw you in from the very first page Her writing style is captivating and the plot of this book is intricate and has some really nice twists hidden within The whose who is very well done and I truly enjoyed every page of it In my eyes this one was done way too fast, but thankfully there is to come Ashra is a very likable and strong female character Her character development throughout is very well done and was a pleasure to read I liked how she grew throughout and how she was willing to learn Jaden on the other hand was just plain adorable and now what you would expect He was a very strong male character and I can t wait to see what is to come These two have put this author on my radar and I can t wait I was given an advance copy and am freely providing a review This is an author who always captivates her audience read the Double Helix books for heart stopping adventures This book offers word pictures that live in your imagination, romance, brilliant action scenes and a fascinating story It is a polished piece of perfection that makes you anxious to start the next book in this trilogy Eternal Dawn I admit to dreaming about this book when I had to put it down overnight Highly recommended.

Not my normal type of story, but it was recommended to me and I say thank you I found it to be an intriguing story with many twists and turns as the characters grew and in some cases, showed their true colors Lots of action and drama I could not put it down Looking forward to of Jade s stories, including this series.
Eternal Night by Jade Kerrion is an amazing post apocalyptic story detailing the survival of humans, vampires, and Icrathari powerful immortal creatures who now rule the world The queen of the primary domed city in this world now rules alone, always alone, since her mate died many, many years ago Her domed city, Aeternae Noctis is one of eternal night When she discovers that her mate has been reborn, she is ecstatic, though others of her breed, the Icrathari, are less so, since he is human, and a lesser species He has also sworn to care for his little sister and she is the child prophesied to bring light to Aeternae Noctis Jade Kerrion has beautiful world building skills Her writing is gorgeous, her characters are wondrous, and Just can t do it Got better things to read This had potential but it felt like I was being thrown into the middle and not the beginning.

Jade Kerrion, an award winning author, got her start in fan fiction She developed a loyal reader base with her fan fiction series based on the MMORPG Guild Wars She was accused of keeping her readers up at night, distracting them from work, housework, homework, and far worse , from actually playing Guild Wars And then she wondered why just screw up the time management skills of gamers Why not