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Download Epub Format Í Take Me with You PDF by ô Catherine Ryan Hyde Got caught in my throat than once in this story Thank you for making me feel human If you have another that touches me like this did, I ll be reading it soon Hopefully many Like August, I want to savor every minute of this journey you ve put together It s even impressive that you make August and the boys real feeling beings and not standardized males.
The main character of this book is August, a man of a certain age, a science teacher who is taking an RV trip Just those two facts the science and the RV meant that throughout this read I had Walter White in my head and read all of August s dialogue in Walter s voice.
But, to be serious, this is the second book that I have read by the author lately and, like Where We Belong, the main theme of this book is a friendship between the generations Similarly, we have a man who is intrinsically good, doing the right thing for other people, even though he may have serious doubts about the wisdom of what he is doing.
Oh, and there is also another cute dog this time a Jack Russell called Woody.
August, a recovering alcoholic, is mourning the death of his son Phillip two ye Four and a half stars.
I fell in love in this book Not just with Seth and younger brother Henry, but with August and felt for him in his grief at the death of his son Woody, August s little Jack Russell won his way into my heart too From the first page I knew this book would hook me right in It is simply but powerfully written and shows clearly that it is often the family that suffers along with the alcoholic This is perhaps not a book where the reader will be wowed by the beautiful prose It is the characters that make this story so memorable The story is told simply and honestly There were some passages filled with wisdom like this from a relatively minor character, Emory I ve see a lot of people walk a lot of r

If you re the type that enjoys character rich stories, and you haven t read a book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, then I suggest you start right here I have never been disappointed in her work.
This is the story of a teacher named August who travels each summer in his RV He meets up with 2 young boys, Seth and Henry who end up traveling with him The 3 of them share a summer of camping, and learn quite a lot from each other.
It is a heartwarming story, that had me choked up a few times I always feel so attached to her characters Nothing overly dramatic happens in this book, but it doesn t need to The characters alone create a book to love.
Fantastic Book Another great book by Catherine Ryan Hyde I am very surprised that I didn t find this author long ago I did see the movie Pay it Forward based on her book by the same name many years ago and loved it When I came across this book and read the description I thought it sounded pretty good However, it than exceeded my expectations I devoured it and since then I ve been a huge fan As I read her books I often find myself nodding along and agreeing with something a character is saying.
about love or life or many other things These characters got into my heart and I have no doubt this book will stay with me a very long time I was moved to tears on a few occasions The plot was fantastic as were the characters I was gripped from the time I started until I finished the last page I think it would also make a great movie I highly recommend this book I am excited This book was a little confusing and hard to rate, for me I m a little suspicious of authors who release 3 or 4 books a year, thinking that surely they write to a formula The first two thirds of the book seemed to prove me wrong, as it was a captivating story of a man who had lost his 19 year old son in an accident, and got stuck with taking a stranger s two sons on a summer long trip to several national parks Not a romance, as there were not even any female characters in the novel, not an abuse story, but a discovery, by the boys and the man, of things they had not known before, and a relationship that became important to them all I was pleasantly surprised, and vowed to stop pre judging authors before giving them a chance.
Then I got to Part Three, and it completely fell apart for me It was set eight years after the firs Oh man I think I only finished this book because it was the only book I had with me several times I have never read anything by this author but many of her works have crossed my path People seem to like her.
After finishing it, my thought are ugh Lowercase I can t even give it an exclamatory Ugh because the stupid book elicited almost zero feelings from me.
Almost nothing happens at all A man takes a couple of kids on a road trip to see many of America s national parks The children are WAY too well behaved The man is WAY too patient and reasonable.
A huge chunk of the book consists of well mannered, thoughtful and very insightful conversation between the man and the older boy About mostly nothing There was not one single poopy and abs August Shroeder, A Burned Out Teacher, Has Been Sober Since His Year Old Son Died Every Year He S Spent The Summer On The Road, But Making It To Yellowstone This Year Means Everything The Plan Had Been To Travel There With His Son, But Now August Is Making The Trip With Philip S Ashes Instead An Unexpected Twist Of Fate Lands August With Two Extra Passengers For His Journey, Two Half Orphans With Nowhere Else To GoWhat None Of Them Could Have Known Was How Transformative Both The Trip And The Bonds That Develop Between Them Would Prove, Driving Each To Create A New Destiny Together Amei Que livro lindo Vai ter resenha em breve no blog 3 Catherine Ryan Hyde s books are readily addictive if you want to read about people and their lives, their relationships and their stories, and care about what happens to all of them I started reading her books and soon became obsessed with reading everything she had written Many of her books make me think that her original idea comes from a small 2 blurb from Page 4 of the local paper and that she then tells the story behind the blurb Whether it is the story of Grace alittle girl, whose mother is too befuddled by drugs to care for her Don t let me go She makes a community of her building by befriending the agoraphobic former Broadway dancer who hasnt left his home in a decade Or When I Found You, about Nathan, the middle aged childless man who finds a new born in the