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[Jocelyn K. Glei] å Manage Your Day-to-Day (The 99U Book Series) [local-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì This review is originally posted on The Bookish Girl Get this book on Book Depository You can do anything, but not everything David AllenAs a bookstagrammer and blogger, creativity is often needed in my life However, there are always times that creativity would not make its appearance When encountering such dreadful situation, I do nothing but wait for creativity to come Usually this passive move leads to procrastination, frustration and creativity desert So how can we change this In this book, 20 creativity minds, who also face the aforementioned problem like you and I, tell us that we can actually beat this by creating the right routine for your brain.
Divided into four main chapters, each section focuses on the following topics respectively Building a rock solid routine, Finding focus in a distracted world, Taming your tools and Sharpening your creative mind E This book tells creatives designers, writers, artists, etc how to better manage their time to give priority to creativity It s current and practical while still presenting timeless principles It covers several topics, but my favorite tips dealt with time management My wife read this book and then recommended it to me, knowing that I spend much of my day as a web designer juggling creative work and communication.
Each chapter is quite short 3 10 pages and is written by a different authors I found some of the sections repetitive The chapters are separated by motivational quotes.
Before reading this book, my workdays started with checking email and social media I d then close them and focus on project work for most of the day, checking email and social media two or times before the end of the day Inevitably, I d end up spending a lot of Do You Work At A Breakneck Pace All Day, Only To Find That You Haven T Accomplished The Most Important Things On Your Agenda By The Time You Leave The Office With Wisdom From Leading Creative Minds, U S Manage Your Day To Day Will Equip You With Pragmatic Insights For Using Your Time Wisely And Making Your Best Work We Ll Show You How To Build A Rock Solid Daily Routine, Field A Constant Barrage Of Messages, Find Focus Amidst Chaos, And Carve Out The Time You Need To Do The Work That Matters Contributors Include Scott Belsky, Mark McGuinness, Gretchen Rubin, Seth Godin, Tony Schwartz, Leo Babauta, Cal Newport, Christian Jarrett, Dan Ariely, Erin Rooney Doland, Aaron Dignan, Lori Deschene, Tiffany Shlain, Linda Stone, James Victore, Todd Henry, Scott McDowell, Stefan Sagmeister, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, And Steven Pressfield The book is divided into four main chapters, each dealing with a specific topic 1 Building a Solid Rock Routine2 Finding Focus in a Distracted World3 Taming Your Tools4 Sharpening Your Creative MindFor each topic, guest writers are invited to share with readers their thoughts on the specific topic So, the style of writing can be different from article to article However, each article is nicely written in my opinion and everything is tied together nicely.
My two star review is for the content of the book Overall, the whole book feels shallow as each author gives an introduction to the specific topic, based on their thoughts Although in the preface, the editor did mention that Manage Your Day To Day aims to provide a playbook of best practices for producing great work rather than lay out a one size fits all productivity system, I think This is what I consider as a good book Though it s sort of must read for any creative professional but still there s lot to understand and learn by a layman Like some insight of self control and de addiction of social media Really that s quite useful Every professional shared some of his her core values for improvement, learned in many years and practiced for many years You can t believe it but I ve purchased it at of it s original price, yeah less than a US 1 So I m providing you the link to add it to your kart at discounted price .
1 Reclaiming our self respect2 Letting go off perfectionism

1 2 3 4 You are a beautiful and unique snowflake and you should stop checking your email so goddamn much Also twenty pages of overdesigned inspirational quotes.
If procrastinator isn t my middle name, it s only because my parents didn t want to embarrass me I am a strange hybrid a creative person who is also a type A personality I do not perform at my best without some sort of structure When I left graduate school for the life of a freelance writer, I found myself drowning in free time with little sense of how to reach my ever growing because I never actually reached one and got to cross it off list of goals It took me years to develop the discipline and solid work habits that came to me so naturally as a student.
MANAGE YOUR DAY TO DAY isn t a long or exhaustive exploration of time management and life balance It s a tiny, targeted little primer full of good advice on building a solid work routine,

Unsubscribe, is a modern guide to killing email anxiety, avoiding distraction, and getting real work done Her previous works include Manage Your Day to Day, Maximize Your Potential, and Make Your Mark, which offer pragmatic, actionable advice for creatives on managing their time, their careers, and their businesses She was formerly the founding director of the 99U Conference and editor of 99u.com, which earned two Webby Awards for Best Cultural Blog and a rabid fan base of productivity nerds She lives in Los Angeles and online at