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À Sultry Pleasure ✓ Download by í Lindsay Evans An Attraction Like No OtherA Hot Miami Night A Glittering Gala And A Gorgeous Billionaire Who Wants To Spirit Her Away This Might Be A Fantasy For Most Women, But Not Diana Hobbes She S At The Charity Event Representing The Nonprofit Adoption Agency She S Poured Her Heart And Soul Into And Despite The Hot Body, Easy Charm And Luxury Ride Of Playboy Marcus Stanfield, Diana Has Nothing In Common With Him Marcus Is Unaccustomed To Having Women Refuse Him So He S Surprised By Diana S Brush Off And Intrigued Angelically Kind And Devilishly Sexy, Diana Is Worth Than A Little Effort So An Epic Seduction Campaign Begins Lavish Evenings, Small Touches And Grand Gestures All Say I Want You The Desire Is Mutual, The Tension Maddening But Which Will Diana Ultimately Choose Holding Back Or Giving In Such a great story with emotions running high, hearts on their sleeves and a love that can t be denied.
Marcus Stanfield a billionaire himself and the son of billionaire Quentin Stanfield, is used to the high life He is a brilliant businessman that everything he touches turns to gold He grudgingly attends an awards gala where one of his friends his getting an award, and then he hears her before he sees her.
Diana Hobbs is the wall flower, she used to working and taking care of her family There is no real outside life that she has to call her own unless living vicariously through the life of her best friend Trisha But that is all about to change when a very handsome man comes up and asks her to dance, and not her best friend Trisha practically shoves her into the arms of Marcus but once there she begins to imagine not wanting to leave from there.
As Marcus gets to know Diana I had been waiting on Marcus story and it did.
disappoint Seeing Marcus be brought to order was fun and very very exciting Diana s path was a thing of beauty, with just enough drama and chaos to keep you on the edge of your seat, and I looooved it I wholeheartedly recommend this book.
It was ok.
I wish Marcus had a stronger personality He came across as a little subservient to his father and that irritated me.
This was definitely an interesting book that I enjoyed watching another playboy bite the dust Marcus not only had to contend with winning the love of his life, he also had to contend with mistrust, family issues, and sacrifice in order to win the heart of Diana I thought her family was unfair, especially her mother for unloading her problems on her, and I also thought that Marcus father Quentin was a shrewd business man that was worst than Diana s mother The best thing about his love story is that True Love won once again in the end An excellent read Sultry Pleasure is the perfect contemporary romance read It is sweet, interesting, and hot This story is about a woman who lets down her guard around a very rich man who makes her feel hotter than fire coals He attracts her in way that has her frightened about having her heart broken by this man Yet, this man cannot get her out of his thoughts He goes to a club where there are plenty of women willing to set him on fire with desire and yet he feels nothing He only wants the one woman who turns away from him He doesn t know why he feels so strongly attached to her or why he can t just shake her from his thoughts She alone can set his desires on fire And it is only her that he wants now and forever He will have to go after her an Women will be able to relate to this tale of Diana putting everyone else s needs above her own Her evolution as a character and her desire to have something of her own is inspiring, endearing and encouraging RT Book Reviews 4 stars The story of billionaire Marcus Stanfield and Assistant Executive Director of Building Bridges, Diana Hobbs They are opposites who are attracted to each other Diana wasn t the usual type Marcus was interested in, yet he couldn t stay away from her It started out well, but the pace is slow.
Diana and Marcus are very good together.
Diana s mother Cheryl was is a piece of work and Diana s brother Jason was no better That was a lot to to put on a daughter.
Marcus was nothing like his father, I was hoping that before the book ended that the father would have had said that it was not his doing about firing Diana s father because he had to retire early causing him not receive his pension and causing him to commit suicide None of was Marcus fault.
Marcus was actually one of the good guys Even though I loved the story Diana worked my nerves at times.
I hope Lindsay writes about Jason, but with Kimani Romance coming to a end December 2018 that is probably a no go.
Now on to read Pleasure Under The Sun which is book 1 in the se This was a pretty good read.
I love the characters in this book, I m glad Diana finally found love her family supported her decisionI would recommend this book.

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