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[Marie Ferrarella] ↠´ Safe Harbor [10th-century PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð Safe Harbor by Marie Ferrarella Ladera by the Sea 4 STARSThis is the first book of Ladera by the Sea that I have read and would love to read the first two books of the series Their are four daughters and their father that live and work the family Inn right on the ocean This is Stevi Roman story Stevi just graduated from College in art She is dreaming to go away As she is jogging on the beach she finds a man hurt.
Mike Ryan has been shot and washed up on the beach He is face down on the beach with a gun shot All he says don t call police When Mike wakes up he does not tell anyone how he was shot He fakes loss of memory.
Stevi decides to trust him so she gets help to sneak him in his room When she is coming up with excuses to tell her father I was so happy to see another book in the Ladera by the Sea series This book is Stevie s story and she has graduated college and back helping at the Ladera Inn She is trying to decide if she should leave for Paris or New York City to start her Art career She finds Mike on the beach, washed up by the waves with a gunshot wound A great love story, a great reunion with our previous couples and a happy ending for everyone Perfect light read for hot summer days.
Stevi was running along the beach when she found Mike Ryan unconscious He has been shot and washed up on the beach All he requested from her is not to call the police before he unconscious When he woke up, he said that he could not remember anything But he was lying Stevi, however, decided to trust him and took him back to her room She decided not to tell anyone but soon she found that it is not something that she would hide from her family It is a sweet story though I find that Stevi a little too innocent in this story She basically took things that their face value As the setting of the story was basically in Stevi s family hotel, the author did a good job in narrating the story despite of lack of background change with a dash of love and humor in the story.
Stevi finds a man unconscious on the beach while she is out for a run Mike doesn t remember much but he finds himself washed up on shore with a gunshot wound Steve take a him to the inn and nurses him back to health He fakes memory loss because he doesn t want to the people who have helped him get in the middle of what he s been caught up in Stevi and Mike have feelings for each other but will they act on them This was a sweet romantic short read It has the right amount of drama, suspense, romance, and humor I thoroughly enjoyed reading it I was given a copy by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Miniseries Ladera by the Sea 3.
5 stars If He Stays, She S In Danger But If He LeavesAll Mike Ryan Can Tell Her Is His Name Revealing Any To This Beautiful Stranger Would Put Her In Danger And He S Not Willing To Jeopardize Stevi Roman S Or Her Family S Safety Any Than He Already Has Why This Angel Has Taken Him In, Nursed Him And Trusted Him, He Can T Fathom But It Has Been The Best Few Weeks He S Ever Known For The First Time, Mike Can Imagine Having A Real Life, A Real Identity, A Real Future Stevi Has Done Than Save Him She S Inspired HimAnd That S Why He Has To Go The Safest Thing He Could Do For All Of Them Is To Disappear

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