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[ Read Online Assumption (Underground Kings, #1) » uganda PDF ] by Aurora Rose Reynolds ☆ audio reread Listening to these stories remind me why I love this author 4 stars A turn of event in Autumns life has her living with Kenton temporarily But what happens when he makes assumptions about her Can he keep her safe This book gave me a cheesy grin for half the book I totally have a girl crush on Autumn But it never quite reached that 5 star feeling Also the ending fell a bit flat for me and I felt it was perhaps too neatly wrapped up I enjoyed this Awesome banter, kickass heroine, bossy hero These type books cant go wrong with me ARC provided by the Author As Sump Tion A Thing That Is Accepted As True Or As Certain To Happen, Without ProofThey Say When You Assume That You Make An Ass Out Of You And Me Kenton Mayson Learned This Lesson Firsthand When He Made Assumptions About Autumn Freeman And The Kind Of Woman She Is Based On What Little Information He Had What He Finds Out Is She S Not Only Beautiful, But Also Smart, Funny, A Fighter, And Exactly The Kind Of Woman He Wants To Share His Life WithAutumn Made Assumptions Of Her Own About Kenton, And Now He Needs To Prove Her Wrong In Order To Protect Her And Their Future Audiobook review The best one in the series Kenton isn t perfect by a long shot but this growly, possessive alpha is tempered by just enough sweet to tempt the feisty Autumn The plot was interesting and it blends well with the previous series It follows Autumn through a traumatic experience and subsequent need for protection She has made the best of the challenges brought on by life and not all of her choices can be considered conventional At first Kenton makes assumptions and messes up, but Autumn knows just how to handle him Their connection was strong, even as they were fighting it The story allowed for growth and development of the characters I was hooked and consistently entertained There was a fluctuation in pace and energy that transitioned well The narrators were excellent Grea 4,5 Alpha Stars Autumn saw something she shouldn t have and now that something it s after her So her friend provide her the only way he knows she will be safe living under the protection of his friend Kenton.
Initially he has some preconceived ideas about her and is very clear about them But he soon sees her for who she is and starts to fall And when a member of this family falls, he falls hard and fast But Autumn isn t safe and when what s after her starts to get closer, will Kenton be able to keep her safe or will he loose a war for the first time Rating 4,5 Stars.
Storyline Another sexy and addictive story with a great alpha male character The only reason I m not giving it 5 starts is just because of its predictability We always know almost exactly what s going to happen next in these books But that s the beauty of it Auror 3.
5 Liked but Not Loved StarsI m not fearless, I tell him, resting my forehead against his I m afraid all the damn time Nah, he shakes his head You re a fucking warriorDid I love this one No But I certainly enjoyed it enough to not be pissed off at the time or money spent reading it That s than I can say for most of the books I ve managed to finish lately Score Autumn needs to get out of Vegas FAST After witnessing a professional hit at the strip club that makes her future RN career possible and being the only survivor to that hit, a friend of a friend provides a safe escape and before she knows it, Autumn s in Tennessee until life finally calms down Who d ever guess our born again virgin stripper would fall for the insanely hot, orgasm producing Kenton Not this girl Yep Title Assumption Underground Kings 1 Series Underground Kings Author Aurora Rose ReynoldRelease Date 25th August, 2014Rating 3.
75 Warrior StarsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

Sweet And PredictableThis was a good book with a sweet love story I liked it, but didn t love it At times it felt a little forced, but for the most part, it flowed from one part to the next with a predictable ease.
Autumn is working as a stripper in Vegas, while completing her clinical hours for nursing school While working one night, she witnesses a multiple murder and is the only living witness Fleeing Vegas for her safety, a friend arranges for her to stay with his childhood friend, Kenton, in Tennessee Kenton agrees to let Autumn stay with him as a favor to his best friend He is acutely aware of the danger she is in After all, this type of danger is nothing new to him He makes a career out of vigilante justice, offering his special skills to buyers and often aiding law enforcement efforts.
Initially, these two get off to a rough start The physical attr 3.
5 Stars She s not what I expected She s not what I wanted, but fuck me if she s not what I need.
Now let s be honest here, shall we If you ve read any other book by this author, you probably notice a certain formula to her work There s the OTT possessive yet still somehow incredibly hot while doing it hero There s the kinda flighty, one fuck away from being virginal heroine Then there the Mine thing, followed fairly quickly by marriage, babies and a HEA This would never work for me in any other book, but for some reason it just does it for me with Aurora Rose Reynolds Her books are my guilty pleasure, there s not much thinking that ll be involved, they re entertaining and hot, and it just works for me.
This book was a little bit different from her Until series, however Kenton is a little badass, there s action and a little suspense, but the original formul 3.
5 Assuming StarsI see you judging me I know what you re thinking She has to be a slut she works at a strip club and takes off her clothes for moneyLet s face it.
Aurora Rose Reynolds s books are simply aThey are entertaining, feature heroes that are possessive and alpha The MCs always fall in love overnight, get married a week later and start having babies that night Autumn works at a strip club to pay the bills while she is getting her nursing degree She witnesses a shooting at the club and is forced to go live with Kenton until the shooter can be found Kenton was just like all of the other Mayson boys when it came to his one Kenton takes his role of protector very serious He will stop anyone that gets in his way of protecting Autumn I must say, Kenton was a bit ruthlessAll seems to be well in rainbow a

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author whose wildly popular series include Until, Until Him, Until Her, Underground Kings and Shooting Stars.Her writing career started in an attempt to get the outrageously alpha men who resided in her head to leave her alone and has blossomed into an opportunity to share her stories with readers all over the