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Download Epub Format Ì The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who PDF by ✓ Paul Cornell Had the potential to be cheesy fanwank, turned out to be exceptionally well drawn and well written Some very real moments in this book on the topics of bullying and gender equality I adore it.
return return Utterly lovely The Eleventh Doctor slips through a gap between universes and finds himself in a world where Doctor Who is a TV show and he himself is portrayed by a bloke called Matt Smith Among other things, he discovers fan fiction It s great.

The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton is a graphic story celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who which was last year in 2013 I mainly read it because it was shortlisted for a Hugo Award this year.
Honestly, I found this a bit meh The story was all right and the illustrations were OK but not my favourite What I liked best was the premise of the story The TARDIS malfunctions and punches through to our universe from the Doctor s default universe The Doctor encounters a twelve year old girl who at first mistakes him for Matt Smith, until he shows her and her mother the real TARDIS.
To be fair, it was an amusing story, especially when they go to a Doctor Who convention, but I couldn t help feeling that it could be More funny, deep, something But it wasn t a bad way to spend half an hour.
I recommend The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who to Unless you re a huge fan of Matt Smith as Doctor Who you won t enjoy The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, but then even if you are a fan I doubt this would be a guaranteed 5 star wonder And although Matt Smith looks like Matt Smith I didn t particularly like the illustrations I ll admit I ve never been able to get into Doctor Who, I found it too cheesy for me and this fan made graphic novel didn t challenge my perceptions It s reminiscent of a few episodes of TV show Supernatural as the characters come to terms with their lives serialized in books and a TV show, but Cornell s version isn t nearly as sophisticated as I d expect it to be as a Hugo Awards finalist 2014 Hugo Award finalist for Best Graphic Novel read for free via the Hugo Voter Pack.
Always a pleasure to read Paul Cornell s work and this is an affectionate celebration of fifty years, perhaps overshadowed by the Spider Man title which it riffs off, it is fittingly ludicrous.
Jimmy Broxton s art is a joy to behold, quite up there with Jamie McKelvie and Rolands Kalnins clear line art, magnetic colours enjoyable read.
Finally we get to see how the 11th Doctor though technically he s the 13th incarnation would react in our parallel fandom world A great way for him to see the passion his fans have for him And his explorative and determined nature whichever time or place he s in.
0 out of 5 starsLiked this one way better than the one before it Made sense and the art was consistent all the way through As an obsessed Whovian, a comic entitled The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who is right up my alley It s also my first western style comic, as opposed to the typical manga volumes that I read, so it s a different reading experience The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who is not a complex or particularly meaningful story, but it was sweet and good fun The comic was written by Paul Cornell, who wrote my two favorite Doctor Who episodes Human Nature and Family of Blood, so I had high hopes for his comic Like the episodes he wrote, it does a good job of focusing on the characters emotions How the Doctor feels to have a TV show chronicling his life as you d expect, bemused and surprised How Matt Smith feels that the Doctor is real very surprised and pretty cool How the little girl feels to encounter the real Doctor skeptical but then a big cheerleader.
The main subplot of this story focuses on bullying Like m In This Special One Shot Story Celebrating The Th Anniversary Of Doctor Who, A Strange Force Flings The TARDIS And The Doctor Into Our Own Universe Once Here, The Doctor Encounters A Year Old Girl Who Happens To Be A Huge Fan Of The Doctor Who TV Show The Doctor Grapples With Being A Fictional Character And Monsters Lurking At The Girl S School On The Way To Coming Face To Face With The Actor Who Portrays Him, Matt Smith This is definitely not meant to be an epic story I enjoyed it for what it was A one shot about The Doctor landing in a universe where Doctor Who is a TV show and he meets fans, cosplayers, and Matt Smith It was, however, really weird to hear that The Doctor has met Peter Davison and Peter Capaldi already It makes it sound as if he was inspired by Capaldi the actor for his next regeneration rather than Caecilius, which is problematic I know that John Hurt is part of his universe since he s mentioned in Torchwood, but this is just way too many Doctor Who actors for his universe It was funny hearing The Doctor disagree with fans looking too deeply into possible pairings within the show The sentiment of The Doctor s adventures being true in a multiverse of infin

Paul Cornell is a British writer of science fiction and fantasy prose, comics and television He s been Hugo Award nominated for all three media, and has won the BSFA Award for his short fiction, and the Eagle Award for his comics He s the writer of Saucer Country for Vertigo, Demon Knights for DC, and has written for the Doctor Who TV series His new urban fantasy novel is London Falling, out fr