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È Read º Taming Icarus (The Spectrum, #1) by Angelique Voisen ↠´ In The Alternative World Of New Furor, There Are The Rubes And The Spectrum Wielders, Gifted Men And Women Capable Of Wielding Great Magic With Jewels Chris Skinner, Icarus, Unfortunately Belongs To A Spectrum Class Born And Bred For Service She Also Belongs To An Abusive Spectrum Wielder Who Would Do Anything To Avenge Her Dead Sister, Even If It Destroys Chris And Herself In The ProcessChris S Owner Leaves A Reckless Trail Of Vengeance, Triggering A Confrontation With Two Of The City S Powerful Enforcers Gus Terrel And Iris Donovan Are Unlike Any Spectrum Wielders Chris Has Ever Met They Only Have One Interest, And It S Not Taking Chris S Owner Into Custody They Want Chris Badly, But Chris Mistrusts Their Intentions Why Anyone Would Want Second Hand Property Is Beyond Her Acquiring Their Third Is Harder Than Gus And Iris Ever Imagined, But They Would Do Whatever It Takes To Make Chris Exclusively Theirs No Matter The Cost Chris Skinner lives her life in chains She belongs to the very rare Red class of Spectrum Wielders that are passed as slaves Her current master, Madeline is self obsessed and reckless reckless enough to land herself in the middle of a duel with two powerful Enforcers.
Gus and Iris know the minute that they meet Chris that she is the third that they have been searching for But first they have to rescue her from Madeline and then convince her that they want her body and soul forever.
Taming Icarus deals with some serious issues of modern life Icarus is caught up in a sort of caste system that she has little hope of breaking out of Her salvation lies with Gus and Iris her liberators who show her what it s finally like to experience true love Part Sci Fi and part Erotica, Taming Icarus is sensual journey like no other

Sigh I really hate to give such an enjoyable read a bad review But, this book is in desperate need of an editor It s really in need of both a structural and mechanical edit When I pay money for a book, whether I enjoy it or not, I expect that it will have, at a bare minimum, been checked for spelling and grammar mistakes The story is a very relaxed and enjoyable read, if you can get past having to deal with an editorial error every second page It has a certain similarity to Anne Bishop s Black Jewels novels, which, made me question the author s creativity However, the character descriptions are very emotive and enticing The list price for this was 4.
50, in it s current state I feel a little ripped off But, with the righ This book started off quite sad To be a slave of any type is just gut wrenching The book introduces you to Chris Icarus she has bee a slave most of her life due to her heritage age of red, the she gets a new owner new prison.
Then Chris meets Gus and iris they aren t like Normal collectors that just want to harm her They want her for personal reason.
This book was emotional, heartache, full of suspense And delivered hot sizzling sex Pit was amazing the chemistry between three you could tell they were all meant together This book was fantasy then I was use to but was a excellent story that allowed someone that never felt love find love of two.
Chris s character was strong and such a beautiful person you could feel the pain she has been through in the past then Being with Gus Iris made her world complete which made th