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Ü Highland Wolf Pact (Highland Wolf Pact, #1) º Download by ¸ Selena Kitt I feel proper Scottish after reading this So much so, I ve spent the day bursting into spontaneous and terrible renditions of Donald where s yer trow sers But please don t let that put you off.
This is historical story and paranormal too, two things I normally avoid, but I love Selena Kitt s smutty stories so I was fairly confident that even if I wasn t into ye olde historical romance or the transforming into wolves thing, the smut would make up for it I really wasn t expecting to love the history and paranormal elements as much as I did I was completely immersed in the whole world inside this story, I absolutely loved it This is the story of a spirited girl Sibyl who is promised to a vile, controlling brute by her nasty old stepfathe 4 Historic fantasy paranormal romance stars

Heat Level 2.
5 out of 4 flamesOverall 4.
5 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch MindySee Mindy s Blog Review Here Another home run for Selena Kitt When I heard there is a bonus epilogue and a preview to the sequel, I had to buy it Although I did receive an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review, I read the one I bought from and it was totally worth it I m not going to regurgitate the synopsis for you so I ll just get right to it I loved it I think Selena Kitt farts good stories in her sleep Seriously Does she even have to try I ll admit that I haven t read her entire backlog yet, but I m slowly working my way through it What I have read is amazing and this one ranks right at the top However this is VERY different than the other things I ve read from her so far By different, I mean this is an historica DNF 30%I just couldn t get into it.
Solid writing, good 3D characters The worldbuilding was a little thin I like my historicals to feel well, historical , but there are good bones to this universe that will probably get me to return for book two So why only 3 stars view spoiler A weak ending with unmotivated male pouting hide spoiler 3 Meh StarsI ignored the overall reviews Usually I don t, but a few of my favorite reviewers gave Highland Wolf Pact a decent review so I decided to give it a go.
Oh, so embarrassing, but I did search for erotica books on and this series popped up This is NOT an erotica book It s a NA with a one or two steamy scenes, but it s a long book and a lot of descriptive writing happens before you even get to steamy stuff I was really disappointed in that On that note, I liked the idea of a PNR book mixed with historical fiction The premise of the book had promise but the execution was lacking.
The book was too slow and dragged too much to get to the good bits I found myself skimming the overly descriptive parts just to get to the action I also didn t care f 3.
5 4 starsThis was a pretty good story Raife and Sibyl were both characters that I liked and wanted to get together I loved the fact that the story combines wolf shifters with with historic Scotland the very early 1500s Sibyl is an English noblewoman but wishes she wasn t She was born the only child to her titled father so he raised her boyishly, learning hunting, fishing, riding not side saddle and other skills like that Unfortunately, Sibyl s father died and her uncle married her mother, becoming her step father He sold her off to a Scottish Lord for a bride and expects Sibyl to behave like a proper Englishwomansomething she hasn t been all her life and hates being.
Raife is a wolf shifter and the leader of his clan pack They re born shifters that change from human to wolves They ve known much hardship and have retreated This was a really good book Sibyl Blackthorne isn t afraid of anything except maybe being sold into marriage to a man she doesn t love A man she s never even met A man who, by reputation, is one of Scotland s cruelest lairds in over a century Then her betrothed turns out to actually be far worse than his reputation, so headstrong Sibyl decides life as a peasant, or even death, would be preferable to a future with such a despicable man, and makes plans to run away On an organized hunt for wolves or, as the Scots call them, wulvers Sybil escapes her fianc s clutches, only to find she s run into something far untamed and dangerous in the middle of the woods When a big, brawny, long haired man, who only speaks to her in Gaelic and calls him Sibyl Blackthorne Isn T Afraid Of Anything Except Maybe Being Sold Into Marriage To A Man She Doesn T Love A Man She S Never Even Met A Man Who, By Reputation, Is One Of Scotland S Cruelest Lairds In Over A Century But What Choice Does She Have, With Her Father Dead And Her Uncle Now Married To His Brother S Widow, Putting Him In Charge Of Not Only The Blackthorne Fortune, But Sibyl S Future As Well Then Her Betrothed Turns Out To Actually Be Far Worse Than His Reputation, So Headstrong Sibyl Decides Life As A Peasant, Or Even Death, Would Be Preferable To A Future With Such A Despicable Man, And Makes Plans To Run Away On An Organized Hunt For Wolves Or, As The Scots Call Them, Wulvers Sybil Escapes Her Fianc S Clutches, Only To Find She S Run Into Something Far Untamed And Dangerous In The Middle Of The Woods When A Big, Brawny, Long Haired Man, Who Only Speaks To Her In Gaelic And Calls Himself Raife, Simply Picks Her Up And Carries Her Off With Him Into The Scottish Wild, Sibyl Knows She S In Trouble When He Takes Her To A Place No Human Has Ever Been, She Knows She S Gone Over The Edge And When He, At Last, Marks Her As His Own, She Discovers That Only One Wild Heart Can Claim Another Note To Readers This Is The Extended Version With Over K Words Of New Material And A BONUS Epilogue And Preview Of The SEQUEL

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