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[ Pdf Red Winter (The United States of Vinland #2) Ï space-opera PDF ] by Colin Taber À Honestly Although a good read, it did drag a bit Maybe I am impatient for a future Norse America, and the founding and birthing pains of the nation is taking longer than i expected.
But it is a good read, with the story evolving into an allegory for the North v South USA.
But definitely turn to p385 and read the Young Ravens and Hidden blades short story first.
The happenings there are referenced throughout the WHOLE book, and it would have driven me mad if i didn t read it first.
Mid trilogy book, kinda ok.
This second volume puts the lie to the series title there won t be any united states since the whole trilogy is all about the founding and starting Norse colony in the americas that might have been It s set a generation after the initial book, deals mostly with the Raven Wolf opposition, and introduces plot threads but as often, does not resolve any, leaving us waiting for the last book.
This is a trend that I tend to hate, and that is trilogies that are one book, then two halves of the next book.
The series remain interesting because it deals with a different culture than we re used to, and a good what if , very grounded foundation I suspect the reason the original Norse outposts in Vinland failed A follow up to book 1 that I couldn t put down First book deals with the establishment of a colony split into two by fundamental differences in values However when one settlement is threatened to be undone by the sins of the past, the second settlement steps up to assist Across the seas, there is unease as others who made deals to send settlers to the new colony, become restless and wish for.
Better than the 1st novel Though we are still in the beginning stages of Norse colonization of the Americas Curious to know how many books the author is planning on writing Will they be only about the beginning Or will there be books on a later period Definitely want to find out.
I Like This SeriesThis is a fun alternate history of the European settlement of North America I m looking forward to the following installments.
The second book in a series always wants me wanting This did the same but not in a The Two Towers way It dragged on and on with a lot of battles but not enough character development Still interesting and I will probably continue the series.
Over A Thousand Years Ago The Norse Reached The Americas, But Never StayedWhat If They Had Following On From The United States Of Vinland The Landing Comes Red WinterEskil S Dream Of Settling The Newly Discovered Lands Of The West To Honour The Gods Is Under Way Godsland And Lakeland Are No Longer Alone, As New Villages Grow And Prosper In A World Of Fjords, Valleys, Forests And Mountains, All Of It Claimed In The Name Of OdinFor Over Twenty Years Factional Rivalries Have Remained, But The Hall Of Wolves And The Hall Of Ravens Must Face A Challenge That Comes Heralded By Crying War Horns And A Horizon Stained With Smoke Can The Young Settlements Survive The Challenge But This Is Not The Only Trial The Norse Of Markland Will Face Back Across The Sea In Their Peoples Ancient Homelands There Are Those Who Are Jealous Of The Prosperity They See In The West War Is Coming To Markland To be completely honest I had eagerly anticipated this book and devoured the first third of it as soon as it downloaded to my Kindle Unfortunately the viewpoint then shifted to the second main location of the book and I got bogged down in the political intrigue going on in far off Iceland I ended up putting the book down unfinished meaning to get back to it when I had mental energy to spend on the intricate machinations of the newly introduced characters Unfortunately I kind of forgot about the book for over a year, until I got a notice from that the sequel would be published in July 2016, so I dug it out and finished it Looking back at it now with fresh eyes I enjoyed it and think it is a good addition to the series, but for my taste focus on Markland is what I am hoping for in the third novel.
I ve been waiting for this, and while not what expected, well done nonetheless What if the Norse colonies grew and prospered After the first novel, I expected the next to take place further in the future, but it takes place but 20 years after the first It follows the two groups as they establish their lands Fascinating, and unlike most alternate histories, it does not just regurgitate old history with new characters Now I must wait for the next.
Another interesting tales of Norse settlements in North America the fledgling young colony is forced to face an important issue much sooner that we of theUSA did that of slavery When the slaves staged an uprising, many of the Viking families were killed, and the harsh conditions worsened.
But theses are tough people, and it turns out that the biggest threat is yet to comeVery recommended

Colin Taber lives in Sydney, Australia He s done many things over the years, from working in banking, to retail, dish pigging, publishing, landscape design, and even tree farming All he really wants to do, though, is to be left to write Thankfully that day is now here..