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[ Read Online The Shrinking Man Æ multiple-partners PDF ] by Richard Matheson Æ Tre millimetri in una cantina per tacer del ragno Alla mia cagnolina sarebbe piaciuto questo libro Tantissimo Leggendolo, mi avrebbe chiamato e avrebbe puntato la zampottina sui passi pi sofferti, giusto per farmi capire che veramente poco cortese, e anche di cattivo gusto che io assuma quell espressione divertita quando la vedo districarsi scocciata da un ciuffo d erba Io avrei fatto mea culpa, e avrei ammesso che vero, ok, non dev essere divertente misurare quanto un secchiello dell umido per villette unifamiliari Figuriamoci poi, avere le dimensioni di una formica Una formica indipendente per , abbandonata al suo destino di eremita senza l appoggio di una comunit solidale alle spalle.
In pratica un incubo Ed oggettivo che la prima sensazione che ti investe leggendo l avventura di Scott sia quello di essere costretti a guardare un film del Considering this is a Richard Matheson book, an author who is probably best known for his horror stories, I have initial expectations that this was going to be a scary venture in the same manner as Hell House was when I saw the movie as a child and later on read the book But in the first fifty pages or so of this novel, my expectations were met in a different way yet it was also something satisfying which could be what Matheson has intended when he wrote it The Shrinking Man tells the story of Scott Carey who was one day sprayed with a radioactive chemical by accident, and found himself physically shrinking since The novel perfectly opens with a very terrifying description of Scott being chased down by a spider At first glance, this book seems to be a very simplistic survivalist story about one man s struggle to endure a hopeless ci Inch By Inch, Day By Day, Scott Carey Is Getting Smaller Once An Unremarkable Husband And Father, Scott Finds Himself Shrinking With No End In Sight His Wife And Family Turn Into Unreachable Giants, The Family Cat Becomes A Predatory Menace, And Scott Must Struggle To Survive In A World That Seems To Be Growing Ever Larger And Perilous Until He Faces The Ultimate Limits Of Fear And Existence A Timeless novel, Matheson is such a great writer he writes with many themes undead, ghosts, haunted houses , shrinking man and human endeavors, I only wish he had written novels, this story is of the highest caliber This is a story of survival for one man and his emotional and psychological journey as life slips away from beneath his feet Inch by Inch literally We follow his realization and self discovery with this fate put before himHe looked at her full body again, feeling breath catch him uncontrollably It wasn t just physical desire it was so much It was the dread of tomorrows without her It was the horror of his plight, which no words could capture For it was not a sudden incident removing him from her life It wasn t a sudden illness taking him, leaving the memory of him intact, cutting him from her love with merciful swiftness It wasn t even a lingering sic originalLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.
Every day Scott Carey is getting shorter by 1 7 of an inch The doctors have figured out why he was exposed to a combination of insecticide and radioactivity but so far they have not been able to make him stop shrinking Now Scott is only one inch tall and he is trapped in the cellar of his family s rented home with a stale piece of bread, an out of reach box of crackers, a sponge, a garden hose, a water heater, and a black widow spider And in seven days, he ll be gone.
Well, that s enough to make many readers want to hear Scott s story How did he get in the cellar Why didn t he prepare for this since he had plenty of time Where is his wife and daughter Will the therapies reverse the shrinkage Will the spider get Thoroughly enjoyed this story.
Scott Carey is shrinking 1 7th of an inch a day until he reaches a point where he knows he will shrink to nothing But even this knowledge cannot prepare him for the unknown world that awaits him.
There were some truly horrifying moments in this story but the real power was the perspective it gave, not from just one, but from constant viewpoints during his transformation I don t know what was worse fleeing from a black widow that was the same size as him or lying with a small doll for comfort because in size relation it was the only thing he could relate to Just imagine walking from one side of the basement to the other but knowing you would need food and water and that it would be a trek similar to a day long hike in a the wilderness I would recommend this one to my fellow readers It is a horr I wish I could return this book and get the one that most of my friends here read instead Naw, just kidding, I m sure I read this all wrong But even after really gritting my teeth in my efforts to suspend disbelief or actually turn a blind eye to facts and physics, I really couldn t find much engaging in this story Scott shrinks 1 7th of an inch each day radiation insecticides effects obviously follow the imperial metric system , which of course works out to exponential shrinking as it goes from a couple of per day starting out to 25 33 50 % and beyond as he edges into sub inch height Anyway, I said I should disregard reason here, so what about metaphor and symbolism Yes, there s plenty of course and plenty of analyses of the story available if you are inclined Unfortunately, for me, I did not find i The Shrinking Man is a really good book, in the sense of its horrifying idea, style of narration, its meticulous description whenever required, and its hidden sub layer This was Mr Matheson s first story that I read, being amongst his earliest written works.
The book initiates with a very small chapter, which in short, describes the causes of the protagonist s initiation of shrinkage and continues while he is 5 7th of an inch tall with the following chapter The story then interweaves with two timelines one whilst he is shrinking from 68 onwards and the other where he reduces in height from 5 7th of an inch to His rate of shrinkage is 1 7th of an inch per day This I think is intentionally put, where dividing an inch into seven pa

Richard Matheson took the platform afforded him by his tremendous skill as a writer and used it as a platform to confront a serious and important issue that had been kept hidden for too long.
MALE SHRINKAGE Here was a man that was WAY ahead of his time Not only was he a gifted writer with an amazing and wide ranging imagination, but he was also someone who wasn t afraid to tackle tough and controversial social issues From general topics like race relations, war and politics to deeply personal issues like religion, the acceptance of the individualand of coursemale shrinkage It is staggering when you consider that this novel was written back in 1956 during a time when the exact causes and lasting impact of shrinkage were not nearly as well known as they are today Back in the 1950 s, there was very little research into the physical causes of It s been a really long time since I last read this even longer since I ve seen the whole movie, but there were some iconic scenes that stayed with me Rereading it was a great idea since I d forgotten how masterfully Matheson had woven the story together The great environmental message about how he comes to shrink through massive, random exposure to radiation a pesticide.
The most exciting thread is his struggle in the basement as he shrinks from 1 down even further He s battling hunger, cold, the spider Worse, he knows he has only days left as he shrinks 1 7 daily What is a 0 man besides dead Yet he struggles on to escape from the basement prison.
In between these battles bouts of despair, Carey remembers the earlier part of his shrinking There he struggled with t