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Download Epub Format ò The Husband Beside Me (The Devil Trilogy, #2) PDF by Ì Evangelene I CANNOT tell you why I like this He is a major ass I mean gigantic lord of all assholes, she s pitiful at time, the book is like angsty asfuck , but I justhaaaaaadto go and like it Jeebus I don t know why But it s addicting I hate it Stupid characters Hot guy So you know I like the book overall Don t judge me.
The hate lust love story that began in The Devil Behind Me continues as Addie commits 3 years to Daimon, playing the role as his wife Maybe she should have considered a profession in acting Naw, she really doesn t do a very good job hiding her true feelings from Daimon or us As Addie and Daimon take the next step in fulfilling their agreement, the reasons behind the contract may not be what we are led to believe But oil and water they are not These two are so alike and the sheer strength of their emotions will be their demise.
Where I kinda liked Daimon in The Devil Behind Me, he s become the bully that Addie knew him as in high school and he s taken it to a new extreme He gets and mean with cruel words and equally cruel actions and at times its hard to get past all the negative, but its innate to who they are Addie continues to be spiteful

I am gutted I have dropped a star with this book 2 from Evangelene But I have to stay true with my perception and my feelings and there s a couple of areas that had me thinking ok, instead of wowsers in book 2 Don t get me wrong, I am probably being uber critical as this stil is a cracking read but Addie oh Addie you had my strong connection with you waivering by the end, this coupled with the overuse of the word my again resulted in reducing to a 4 star read.
Now the contract is signed and the marriage from hell starts The beginning to middle of this book rocks a solid 5 star read again, Daimon and his complete assholishness is a force to be reckoned with As we move through this book certain things come to light and actually gives a greater connection to why Daimon is such an utter arse to Addie It is he who has me in the palm of his hand too Slit Wow Addie the lead female in this series has got to be one of the most irritating woman ever created in modern literature.
I m not even married to her the few hours I spent in her thoughts were excruciating and that poor man actually bought her.
I would have asked for my money back.
She is an insecure,spineless,mean drama queen.
She has no redeeming qualities whether you sell yourself to save the entire world or not that still makes you a prostitute for her to use her husbands lack of common sense in some areas to continuously hammer him the entire book is mind bending.
All I remember of her is I m leaving you Daimon you LIED.
Go ahead crucify the bugger ladies.
he lied.
He did not cheat,murder,steal.
He lied.
All I can say is woman you sold yourself to the highest bidder.
You got no moral ground to judge anyone Aside from that I did enjoy the boo Addie became Mrs Evans There s a contract in place and if she can put up with Daimon the Demon for the length of the contract then her little sister will have the education she deserves and her debts will be cleared for her to start her life from scratch.
Yep, good luck with that In principle, seems simple enough but not when you are dealing with someone as wicked as Daimon He doesn t waste an opportunity to put her down or embarrass her He seems to enjoy hurting her, not physically, but he is torturing her soul.
Daimon is the anti christ He spend most of the book spitting venom towards Addie, but finally the worm turns and snarls back at him like a fierce tigress.
Secrets are revealed, his and hers Apologies are made and re made Feelings play a part.
This is a great sequel The characters have stayed true and have grown in a naturally progressive way as people do over time.
The ending.
oh h Making a deal with the devil is never a good idea no matter how good the deal is Addie marries Daimon Evens with a contract that neither can brake or their fate is sealed Daimon is not the type of guy to be messed with he is a snake that lingers waiting to strike He releases his venom on Addie and constantly try s to humiliate her at every turn This man made my skin crawl I wanted to punch him in the face Then there is a change and Addie unleashes a venom all her own that catches Daimon off guard I loved it go Addie Addie is only in this to see that her little sister gets the chance she deserves at going to collage and making a life for herself and in the end Addie is dept free or is she Secrets have a way of coming out and neither side is free of them when both Daimon and Addie discover the secrets that lie between them there just maybe hope for Addie y POFTTTTTTT I must admit after reading The Devil Behind Me, I had mixed feelings about delving into this book The concept behind Addie and Daimon deciding to marry was very unique Addie want the best for her family and has run herself into the ground trying to accomplish this and is the cornered like a terrified Rabbit into marrying the tornado that is Daimon, in exchange for cash for her family.
Marriage for a HEA for her father and sister is a hard concept to consider but you do sympathise with Addie and honestly she has no way to achieve this and let her sister have the future she never had by selling her soul and life to the Devil.
Daimon didn t disappoint in the ass hole stakes yet again and the dialogue and back and forth hostility from Addie really made the first half of the book for me Then the girl grows a set of balls and s Edited By Hot Tree Editing This Book Is The Second In The Series And Includes A Cliffhanger Ending I M Getting Married To Him I M Marrying The Man I Despise, The Man That As Much As I Try Not To Be, I M Drawn To Lost In His Power Over Me, Lost In This Indescribable Feeling, That Is Between Us Now I Ll Have To Be With Him, In His Home, In His World As His Wife Addie Has Dived Into The World Of Daimon Evans, Becoming His Wife In Every Aspect, Safe One Can Addie Fight The Bond They Are Now Creating Or Will Addie Give Into The Devil She Calls Daimon Daimon Has His Demons That Lurk Behind His Calm And Ruthless Veneer, What Will Addie Do When She Finally Sees Them For Herself Note From The Author This Is A Dysfunctional Love And Hate Trilogy That Involves Emotional Blackmail And A Few Other Situations That The One Wouldn T Do To The Person They Liked Or Loved Addie And Daimon Do What They Do Under The Guise Of A Love That Hurts So Good Happy Reading Part Of The Proceeds Of This Book Will Go To 4.
5 Stars Full review here My Book Filled LifeWhile there isn t a whole lot of treachery occurring in this book, things between Addie and Daimon reach toxic, bordering on nuclear levels Throughout the first half of this book, Daimon is an ass of the highest degree with some of the stunts he attempts to pull on Addie But, there are also moments that occur where we get to actually see a Daimon who is thoughtful and perhaps considerate of Addie s feelings But then he ll open his mouth and ruin the moment and you might have the urge to punch him in the throat ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

Evangelene was born and raised in Montreal Canada She has been studying Classical Civilization and Linguistics at Concordia University for over ten years The pull of the ancient world was too great for her to let go, so she continues her education to feel closer to the world she identifies with She reads nonstop, devouring books like its food, loving the feeling of being lost in a world that