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☆ Read Í Press Start to Play by Daniel H. Wilson Õ IT S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE TAKE THIS You Are Standing In A Room Filled With books, Faced With A Difficult Decision Suddenly, One With A Distinctive Cover Catches Your Eye It Is A Groundbreaking Anthology Of Short Stories From Award Winning Writers And Game Industry Titans Who Have Embarked On A Quest To Explore What Happens When Video Games And Science Fiction CollideFrom Text Based Adventures To First Person Shooters, Dungeon Crawlers To Horror Games, These Twenty Six Stories Play With Our Notion Of What Video Games Can Be And What They Can Become In Smart And Singular Ways With A Foreword From Ernest Cline, Bestselling Author Of Ready Player One, Press Start to Play Includes Work From Daniel H Wilson, Charles Yu, Hiroshi Sakurazaka, SR Mastrantone, Charlie Jane Anders, Holly Black, Seanan McGuire, Django Wexler, Nicole Feldringer, Chris Avellone, David Barr Kirtley,TC Boyle, Marc Laidlaw, Robin Wasserman, Micky Neilson, Cory Doctorow, Jessica Barber, Chris Kluwe, Marguerite K Bennett, Rhianna Pratchett, Austin Grossman, Yoon Ha Lee, Ken Liu, Catherynne M Valente, Andy Weir, And Hugh Howey Your Inventory Includes Keys, A Cell Phone, And A Wallet What Would You Like To Do From The Trade Paperback Edition I love reading anthologies, its a great way to find new authors , read side stories so current favourites , and see a range of imaginations in bitesize form.
For me , in recent years I have found John Joseph Adams to be one of the best editors in the game This is a book I was quite excited to start and anticipated great things The book was inspired to some degree by Ernest Clines recent books butbthe intro reveals his story failed to make the deadline and the disapointment continued from there Its not all terrible I enjoyed a reasonable amount of the stories Andy Weirs humour shines through, Hugh Howey s was a strong one to finish on, Rhianna Pratchetts was a decent story, Ken Liu s was very good Of the lesser knowns I quite enjoyed Je Hot damn I was excited to read this I picked it up hoping to get that same video game feeling I had reading Ready Player One but missed out on reading Armada I figured there must be authors who have a handle on this element of pop culture besides Ernie Cline and there are That being said when Ernie s foreword mentions he does not have a short in the books because he missed the deadline I was very disappointed and figured they should have left him out altogether rather than have him essentially rewrite his intro from his first two books It s like having Spielberg as your executive assistant producer on the credits of a movie and the reality is the audience know he was not involved at all.
Onto the stories God Mode by Daniel H Wilson Interesting but not particularly strong opening Nothing makes much sense until the Ah ha moment at the end which means just as it get s interesti A diverse panorama of a medium that is about to grow influential than books and films, in terms of narratives and morals alike.
Here re the stories that pressed me to think feel the most I m boldfacing my special favorites I really enjoyed the narrator s i.
e my voice in Charles Yu s NPC Like here All of which is to sort of make it a little understandable that when Oona Bantu comes to your quarters wearing just her under skin armor, you don t turn her away She comes to sit on your bunk, and things get a little kissy for a hot and sweaty five minutes, and you feel really terrible the whole time and confused but also you are kissing Oona Bantu, so you don t stop right away but then Carla s sad little smile face keeps inserting itself into your head and Review from my blog For those of you who don t know, I m a huge fan of gaming I ve played games all my life, and grew up with a PlayStation 2 which I have been playing Guitar Hero 2 on since age 8 Yes, it s that intense I also love playing Xbox, Wii, and PC games Any game console will do That s why the second that I saw this book, I knew I had to give it a read Plus, it had some writing by Ernest Cline, who is my favorite author of all time.
Press Start to Play did not disappoint It was filled with video game related short stories, some of them horror, some science fiction, and some fantasy Sometimes the video games would even converge with real life, and those were the ones that I ended up loving most, because they were creepy This was also my first anthology read, and I have to say that I now absolu 3.
5 stars The end wasanticlimactic Didn t feel like we learned anything at all about Antimony or Artie either.
One of my stories is in this, so I may be biased But now that I ve read the rest, I was really impressed 3.
5 stars When I started this t I was excited to see the mix of familiar favorite authors and people that were new to me, it seemed like good balance One of the reasons I like reading anthologies is to discover authors to add to my to read list, if I don t find at least one new author that I really like in a larger anthology it s quite disappointing And that is the point of anthologies too, it s not just about selling them, it s about marketing the authors and selling of their books and stories These authors have interesting backgrounds too, a lot of scientific and technical backgrounds along with their often extensive writing experience and many writing awards Plus they invited a bunch of authors who are primarily writers for video games or also write for video games, so they definitely knew their busines At first, I was hesitant about listening to an anthology in audio format, but it actually turned out working really well I really enjoyed how multiple narrators were involved in this project, and for the most part the actors and actresses were all well matched to the stories they read All the narrators delivered impressive performances, considering how not every story here was written in a conventional style, or at least in one that would easily translate to audio.
The stories themselves, though, were another matter Press Start to Play was a good anthology, but I admit I didn t like it as much as I thought I would I ve always been picky with short stories, but I really thought my interest in the topic of video games would help me with this one, but in the end this was just Going to review this singularly because they all deserve it God Mode by Daniel H Wilson3 5 starsThis is an interesting one to start with, because it took a little critical thinking than I was expecting It doesn t really explain much of what s happening until the last few paragraphs, but it was clever and a good introduction overall into the style of stories in here Two people s world is slowly dissolving around them, as if their surroundings are no longer rendered NPC by Charles Yu4 5 starsLoved this An NPC inadvertently does something that gives him an identity Now he s not sure if he wants to be NPC or playableand the dynamics within the story are funny in an odd way It was an interesting bit about the awareness of vide

A Cherokee citizen, Daniel H Wilson grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma He earned a Ph.D in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh He lives in Portland, Oregon.