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[Tracey Ward] ↠´ Tearing Down the Wall [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ I don t even care if I m biased, this was my favorite book in the series to write I m sad to say goodbye to it Add Jocelyn to the list of people I want with me when the zombie apocalypse comes This series was so ridiculously awesome It picks up 8 years after the equally awesome Quarantine series, with a new set of characters, and some new human threats alongside the zombies Tracey Ward killed it with this series, continuing to build on the characters, and creating new challenges If you re a fan of The Walking Dead or anything post apocalyptic, you need to read this series.

Actual rating 5 5 undeniable stars Wow, this is the first time I gave 5 stars to the entire series not The Hunger Games, not Divergent, and not even series from Jennifer L Armentrout If you know me well, you ll know that I m seriously addicted to her books Although in this case, there are still some books I dislike compared to others in the same series Actually, the Survival trilogy deserved so, so, so much than just 5 stars LEAVE TOMORROW FOR THE COWARDS TODAY YOU MUST BE FEARLESS Joss and Ryan s apocalyptic story continued, but they realized there were secrets either the Colonists or The Hive, the most powerful gang in the area, kept behind In this book, there were many brutal, bloodthirsty, and gory fighting scenes of both humans and zombies The author managed to capture the exact moment in between, combining the instant actions with strong emotions all at once One fa Tearing Down the Walls, is not correct tearing out my heart is like it.
I don t want this series to end, I don t want to say goodbye I have come to love Joss, Ryan, Trent and even Vin.
This is the final installment in the series, the only way to be free is to fight the Colonies and free the people When everyone turns Joss, Ryan and Trent away for the fight they find an unlikely ally War is coming and nothing is worth fighting for than your freedom.
This book was freakingGive Trent his own book.
The final book in this the Survival series, and DANG it was just way too awesome It is time for the final battle, but first Cannibals time The last one we still needed to meet The one we heard so much about, mostly in hushed and scared tones I am glad the author took her time to introduce us to the cannibals, and also told their story How they became cannibals, why they live underground, and how the cannibalism works for them I was quite surprised when we found out how they are cannibals, it was totally different from what I had expected mostly thanks to the stories I still don t approve of anyone eating anyone, especially not in a zombie apocalypse, but I have a bit understanding for them I am happy that finally someone was willing to help our trio out I was getting a bit di Very nice conclusion to this zombie apocalypse, where the humans are monstrous and dangerous than those poor infected masses It was also a nice break from romance books This book is about action The scenes of violence are riveting, shocking and effective, but not gratuitous or torture porny The romance subplot is by no means unimportant and is definitely resolved here, in a safe, YA, fade to black way I was a little disappointed that the potential love triangle was left dangling, with that third character, an incredibly charismatic and interesting post apocalyptic pimp turned soldier and leader just disappearing at the end after an awkward encounter with our heroine, but perhaps it is because the author plans to give him his ow Actual rating 3.
5 Well yet another series I absolutely loved Thank you Jasmine for bringing it to my attention D D D D Available Now The Colonists Have Attacked Their Ships Blaze In The Dark On The Inky Black Waters Of The Sound They Ll Burn Through The Night, Remnants Of A Battle Lost A Battle Won By The Vashons This TimeWhat Will Come With The Morning Light Is Still A Mystery, Especially To Joss And Her Lost Boys They Re Entering The Sanctuary Of A Strange Tribe, One Shunned By The Rest Of The Wild One Feared And Hated For Their Complete Loss Of Humanity And Pure SavageryBut They Ll Soon Discover That Things In Neverland Are Rarely As They SeemThe World Is Changing, A War Is Brewing And As The Fight They Ve Started Comes To A Head, They Ll Be Forced To Decide Do They Want To Survive Or Do They Want To Live Having seen this series recommended by one of my favorite authors, I was excited to see what it was about From the very first chapter of book one I was hooked Joss is the type of heroine I love self sufficent, strong, sarcastic but with a big heart Even when she would be dealing with her own personal demons she never let them get her down or to take away from the ultimate goal of saving those she loved Watching her go from a loner to finally getting the family she always secretly craved was beautiful Enter Ryan there couldnt be a better match for her Just as Trent said He was the human side of the dark new world that showed her not all was lost Their relationship was slow building but when it finally came to be all the trials heartache was worth it I adored them But probably my favorite person to sneak up on me was Trent When you first meet him y

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