æ Historias de cronopios y de famas µ Download by Ü Julio Cortázar

æ Historias de cronopios y de famas µ Download by Ü Julio Cortázar , Cort zar Cort zar Garc a M rquez .
El mundo necesita m s cronopios O quiz lo hermoso de su rareza es que sean pocos, y eso los haga a n m s ex ticos, no s Lo nico que tengo claro es que no pueden extinguirse, y que Historias de cronopios y de famas es algo que ojal todo el mundo tuviera la suerte de leer en alg n momento de su vida Porque es de esas cosas que te acarician con cari o por dentro y te renuevan la mirada.
Es tanto lo que quiero a Julio Cort zar, son tantas las alegr as que me ha regalado con sus libros que cada rese a que quiera hacer de sus libros est n peligrosamente cargadas de un subjetivismo tan desbordante que asusta.
Es un escritor incomparable Cada uno de sus libros una joya literaria, un deleite, una invitaci n al optimismo m s puro, a la cotidianeidad que l sab a mezclar perfectamente con lo fant stico.
Este volumen, formado por cuatro partes independientes Manual de instrucciones , Ocupaciones raras , Material pl stico y Historias de cronopios y de famas , incluye principalmente de orden absurdo pero de un absurdo que toma una direcci n diametralmente opuesta al de Kafka , surrealismo, imaginaci n, iron a, sarcasmo y tambi n una experimentaci n literaria sobre el juego sano y el humor al que muchos autor Stanley Fitzsimmons ,.
Why do I love Julio Cort zar and, by proxy, 20th century Latin American lit so much Let me count the ways Joao Gilberto s version ofDesafinado playing Ok, I m done 3,297 ways There.
My friend, peer, First Among Equals, and all around Mr Dynamite to my Mr Matchstick, Nathan NR Gaddis, once advised somewhere sometime on Goodread orelse that a reader who finds themselves tired of the same old claptrap is advised to head south of the United States border for replenishment and a headchange I paraphrase, obviously Truer words never spoken, Don Nathan There was some serious Magick afoot and afield in the minds and pens of my hemispherically opposite yet also America d brothers and sisters The rules of European stodge, while inspirational to varying degrees, were merely the base from which these manticores took pan dimensional flight.
Let me try that again The Latin American writers of the classi

There s no such thing as prose poetry because poetry is writing in short lines that s the only thing that makes it poetry if it s not in short lines it s not poetry That s why I like the directions for microwave pizza But when people say prose poetry, this is what they mean.
I don t always understand what Cort zar s banging on about, but it s pleasant anyway And it s usually really funny, which is nice That s also evidence that it s not poetry poetry is almost never funny Poets are writers who are too overwhelmed by angst to write full sentences.
Except for the old timey ones They had to write in short lines because long ones hadn t been invented yet It s no coincidence that the guy who invented novels was kidding Here are the three paintings referenced on pages 10 13 Sacred Love and Profane Love by TitianThe official theme is the bride of the commissioner of the work Cu C era una volta un cronopio piccoletto che cercava la chiave della porta di casa sul comodino, il comodino nella camera da letto, la camera da letto nella casa, la casa nella strada Qui il cronopio si fermava perch per uscire in strada aveva bisogno della chiave della porta di casa.
Uno stregone dell immaginazione, un mago dell affabulazione, uno scatenato poeta del surreale e del possibile tra queste estreme libert e questi infiniti talenti si collocano la figura, la parola e il genio di Cortazar, inventore e creatore dei Cronopios e dei Famas esseri immaginari eppure reali, perch composti del materiale umano pi sostanzioso e resistente, quello dei sogni, dei respiri e dei pensieri Tra le mille storie che si rispecchiano, queste creature selvatiche e irrazionali svolgono attivit inusuali e sorprendenti, discorrono con allegria e progettano un universo abit Some of human beings are cronopios and some are famas There are also esperanzas they are the silent majority And if asked I would always choose to be a cronopio because it s fun they are by themselves and they don t conform and being a fama is just a bore.
When famas go on a trip, when they pass the night in a city, their procedure is the following one fama goes to the hotel and prudently checks the prices, the quality of the sheets, and the color of the carpets The second repairs to the commissariat of police and there fills out a record of the real and transferable property of all three of them, as well as an inventory of the contents of their valises The third fama goes to the hospital and copies the lists of the doctors on emergency and their specialties.
After attending to these affairs diligently, the travelers join each other in I think I should yet work at some aspects of my personality to become better cronopio Unfortunately I observe some fama in me either and at times too much to my liking, sigh You could say there is nothing wrong with them Obviously Famas are tidy and organized and prescient and cautious And I d add boooring yet Cronopios for a change are depicted as sensitive creatures, imaginative, rebellious even, greenish, frizzly, wet objects You may think what you want now And there is yet a third category esperanzas, and they are majority I assume, and one could characterize them as indolent and plain and dull individuals So if you don t know what type you are please read Turtles and Cronopios Now it happens that turtles are great speed enthusiasts, which is natural The esperanzas know that and don t bother abou Historias de cronopios y de famas Es Uno De Los Libros Legendarios Del Escritor Argentino Postulaci N De Una Mirada Po Tica Capaz De Enfrentar Las Miserias De La Rutina Y Del Sentido Com N, Cort Zar Toma Aqu Partido Por La Imaginaci N Creadora Y El Humor Corrosivo De Los Surrealistas Esta Colecci N De Cuentos Y Vi Etas Entra Ables Es Una Introducci N Privilegiada Al Mundo Inagotable De Uno De Los M S Grandes Escritores De Este Siglo Y Un Ant Doto Seguro Contra La Solemnidad Y El Aburrimiento Sin Duda Alguna, Cort Zar Sella Un Pacto De Complicidad Definitiva E Incondicional Con Sus Lectores

Julio Cort zar, born Julio Florencio Cort zar Descotte, was an Argentine author of novels and short stories He influenced an entire generation of Latin American writers from Mexico to Argentina, and most of his best known work was written in France, where he established himself in 1951.