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Ü Read è A Christmas Baby Surprise / Reclaimed by the Rancher by Catherine Mann Ü A Christmas Baby Surprise Catherine MannAmnesia must be one of the worse things that can happen to a person All memories gone Alaina Rutgers has to face this problem of not remembering her husband, Paul, son, Thomas, or the problems within her marriage Can Christmas magic bring back her memories and let them have a second chance and a HEA Catherine again has brought you compelling characters who draw you into their lives and problems so that you want them to overcome their problems and have that HEA.
This was is the first book I have read by Cathy, I loved it It was amazing The emotional aspects of rebuilding a marriage are openly and believably detailed, and the story is full of turbulent feelings that set the stage for true love RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.
Miniseries Right when it started getting good, it ended A Christmas Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann Alaina Rutger wakes up in a hospital room she has no memory of past five years She is married to Porter Rutger Before she couldn t remember anything Alaina and Porter were having marriage problems Before she remembers Porter is trying to win her love again They just adopted a baby The three of them bond A good read.
Also in this book is a short story called Reclaimed By The Rancher Lucy Peyton saw Jeff Hartley and her best friend kissing at a wedding reception Lucy leaves town even though Lucy and Jeff were dating Lucy s brother wants to sell the farm so Lucy goes to Jeff to ask to borrow money since Jeff is a very rich man Jeff and Lucy spend a night together Jeff tells her to go talk to her best friend to find out what really happened at that wedding They both go to see her She said

A Christmas Baby Surprise by Catherine MannAlaina Rutger has lost five years of memories in an accident She wants to trust her husband but something is holding her back.
Porter Rutger is grateful to have his wife healthy and recovering from the accident but he s not telling Alaina about the arguments and pending divorce in their past He wants to make a fresh start and is determined to have her fall in love with him all over again.
It can be very difficult for a person to adequately express their feelings To be careful not to hurt another person, topics and feelings can be skipped, glossed over and perhaps misled This story is painful because Porter wants to start over and protect Alaina At the same time he doesn t tell her things she needs to know He doesn t tell her his feelings He retreats and makes the same mistakes again They both want to create a new family but they arg This is a story about second chances Alaina was in a car accident that wiped out her memory of the last five years She has a hard time even remembering that Porter is her husband.
Trust and honesty are what is needed to help this couple come together Sometimes Porter does the wrong thing for his own selfish reason and does harm than good.
This is a great story with a HEA Also included in this book was Reclaimed By The Rancher by Joyce Maynard This novella I enjoyed very much.
Lucy and Jeff were almost married two years ago but the night before their wedding she saw Jeff kissing her best friend She never let either one of them explain anything and spent the next two years wrought with anger over what Jeff had done to her.
But then she needs his help Both claim they hate each other but don t forget there is a fine line between l A Christmas Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann pens another delightful story that will touch your heart.
Alaina Rutger is slowly recovering from a terrible car accident The accident affected her memory and causing her to forget her husband and her newly adopted son Putting her trust in this virtual stranger that says he is her husband is asking a lot but Alaina feels some type of connection to him.
Porter Rutger is delighted to have his wife back any way he can get her He knows the truth about the state of their marriage before the accident and wants to give Alaina and himself a fresh start But they both are keeping secrets, will this fresh start before over before it even has a chance to grow Catherine Mann s stories are always special and this one is no exception Porter and Alaina fight their way back to each other and to give their new son a perfect life The bonus story by Janice Maynar Catherine Mann s latest, A Christmas Baby Surprise, gives readers a chance to remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time When Alaina Rutger wakes up in a hospital room she has no memory of past five years According to Porter, the man sitting next to her bed, they were in a car accident, are married and have just adopted a baby boy As Alaina tries to regain her memory, Porter tried to win his wife a second time Alaina and Porter s relationship is a slow build It is fun to watch them fall in love all over again The loss of her memory provides a nice point of conflict that is resolved well by the end If you are a fan of first love, this is a book for you.
Will Amnesia Offer A Second Chance For This Couple And Their Baby Find Out, Only From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Catherine Mann After A Car Accident, Alaina Rutger Can T Remember Her Husband Or Their Newly Adopted Baby But Her Amnesia Also Means She S Forgotten The Disaster They Made Of Their Marriage Her Husband, Porter, Knows He S Made Mistakes Now He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Rebuild The Family He Nearly Lost Even Keep Their Near Divorce From His Wife This Christmas He Ll Convince Alaina To Stay But Will A Secret She S Kept For Years Resurface And Put Them To The Ultimate Test Enjoy A Special Texas Cattleman S Club Lies And Lullabies Bonus Prequel Short Story From Janice Maynard Reclaimed By The Rancher

USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann and RITA Award winner, Catherine writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, Sourcebooks and Tule With over sixty books released in than twenty countries, she has also celebrated six RITA finals, an RT Reviewer s Award finalist, three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller s Best win A former theater school director and university inst