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[Alana Sapphire] ↠´ Forbidden (Death Dealers MC, #1) [zen PDF] Read Online ☆ I don t know how to rate this one even though it was entertaining as hell it was unrealistic as shit though.
Let s start of with our heroine Raven, who is 17 staying with her sister due to their father s passing Her sister is the MC s club whore, and a full time stripper, everything our 17 year old heroine does not want to be.
however she did catch the presidents eye.
The MC president Gage also known as Reaper is an alltime asshole, the catch them and release them, he has you suck him off with a condom on, and you won t even question him because he has you believing it is the way to do it He has his eye set on Raven, one thing that is setting him back is her age, so he will bid his time 3 months until she turns 18 then he will screw hew all ways to sunday, and be done with her like the rest, because he doesn t do relationships or so he thinks.
N So I m trying to catch up on my TBR pile and this is one of those books However, now that I have finished it I ve had to 1 click the next book in the series because this had a doozy of a cliff hanger which then means I have just added to my TBR Such is the life of a book junkie Anyhoo, this was the first in a four book series, which I knew from the start but I assumed each one would be about a different couple The first three books and a novella are about Gage and Raven though so that is just a heads up from me I haven t read an MC book for a while so it was good to step back into this sort of story.
Raven is under the guardianship of her older sister Lonnie Lonnie is basically a club whore at the Death Dealers MC, but she has her sights set on becoming Gage s Old Lady She is a bitch to live with and tr

YouTube Book Trailer school ALPHA MALE OH SO NAUGHTY 100% proper Biker romance It s DIRTY, its RAW and it s GRITTY and oh so EXY Positives 1 No TSTL heroine Most of these biker stories feature either a 1 Used Up Down Trodden type, or 2 Trailer Trash Hillbilly, or 3 Foul Mouthed Screaming Banshee, or 4 Submissive Bimbo, or 5 a combination of the aforementioned mentioned.
2 Heroine s smart, sassy and doesn t take hit, hence lots of banter But also because she s young and way over her head there s a bit of swoon worthy ON YOUR KNEES dominance play going on.
3 Hero s the Old School ALPHA male BAD BOY who doesn t care about societal norms, being politically correct or polite He s sweet and caring towards the heroine, but he s also a dirty mouthed, hot talking aggressive biker who likes to take charge SWOON.
4 AGE PLAY the age gap between them she s 17, he s 32 is HOT It s also semi forbi Fantastic work Alana Although I COULD kill you for the cliffhanger.
Raven hasn t had the best experience of biker men by watching her sister be a whore for practically the whole Death Dealer s MC, so the last thing she wants is to hook up with a biker But Gage is different As president of the MC he has the reputation that would be expected, but there s something different about Raven, her sass and innocence, that makes him want to treat her differently As much as he physically wants her, he also understands that she s not 18 yet and also a virgin He feels a strong protectiveness towards her and a need to do the right thing for once with a girl.
Raven is nothing but confused about Gage She thinks he s sexy and they get This MC book had a lot of elements right off the bat that would make me dislike it I initially shelved it as uninterested but since it went on sale for 99 cents, I decided to give it a try.
Like I said, there were many turn offs including cheating, insta love and a whole lot of slut shaming Granted, we are talking about rough, outlaw bikers who treat their groupies as commodities, so I wasn t expecting sweet talk but the misogyny that permeated almost every single line of dialogue, action, and motivation of the male character really made me dislike him This 32 year old man has no problem referring to willing women as cum buckets yucky but he considers the heroine as worthy of his respect and girlfriend material because she is a virgin and he wants her to save herself for him No, just no.
What saved this book for me was the female character I think the writer If you re looking for a fairy tale, boy meets girl, insta love, I only have eyes for you, break up due to a misunderstanding, work it out and get back together, live happily ever after, story it s not this book Yes, it s fiction but let s be real, that stuff only happens in books That s not the type of story I want to tell Two things I go for realism and simplicity You shouldn t have to reach for a dictionary while reading my books or re read a paragraph multiple times to understand it.
Gage and Raven aren t your typical couple He s older and set in his ways, she s younger and has a lot of growing up to do They both make mistakes and will do things you may not like but I go where the story takes me Just know that EVERYT I loved, loved, loved this book The build up between Raven and Gage is just too much I can t even wait till the next book to see how this all plays out Alana Sapphire is definitely on my list of read all her books I loved how she showed a true relationship and didn t give us a fantasy that s only plausible in books Tempted can t come out soon enough for me Umm where is the rest I want the next book Holy crap this book From the beginning i was pulled in Raven is a spitfire who wont take no shit from Gage Gage has never been turned down by a female so when Raven basically puts him in his place he doesn t know what to do Raven could care less if Gage is the president of the MC She stands up for herself when it comes to him until he gets to close As soon as Gage touches her shes putty in his hands The chemistry between them is off the wall the banter back and forth had me internally yelling GO Raven But there were times where I was like Raven make up your damn mind Shes the type who can make u smile one second and then want to strangle her the next and ask wtf The ending Oh man when it comes to the ending of this book You will be left wanting so much I do wish we got back story on Raven and her sister since Raven is younger For Explicit Language, Violence, Drug Use, And Sexual Situations Book In A Series NOT A STANDALONE Raven The Last Thing I Want Is To Get Tangled In My Sister S Way Of Life We Share Blood But We Couldn T Be Different I M Into books, Art, And Music While She S A Stripper And Motorcycle Club Whore I Ve Vowed To Stay As Far Away From That Life As I Can, But Gage, The Club S Sexy President Has Set His Sights On Me From Our Very First Meeting He Made His Intention Clear He Wants Me In His Bed Well, He Put It A Little Crudely He S A Foul Mouthed, Arrogant, Domineering, Infuriating Biker Who Just Wants To Use My Body But I Can T Help My Attraction To Him Even If I Wanted To Give In To Him, I Can T He S Off Limits No Matter How Much I Want Him, I Can Never Have Him He S Forbidden Gage I M The President Of The Death Dealers MC My Road Name Is Reaper Wanna Guess How I Got It Yeah, No One Messes With Me I Live For My Club, My Family, And Getting Chicks I Don T Do Relationships Women Throw Themselves At Me, And If They Re Lucky, I Ll Give Them A Couple Orgasms And A Life Long Memory It S Easy That Is, Until I Met Raven I Wanted Her The Moment I Saw Her But I Can T Have Her At Least Not Yet She S Different From The Women I M Used To And I M Caught Between Wanting Her And Not Wanting To Corrupt Her I Should Stay Away From Her But How Can I They Say Forbidden Fruit Is The Sweetest And I M Dying For A Taste and it leaves me with I look around frantically for the other rider and almost swallow my tongue as I stare through my window and down the barrel of a gun why

Alana Sapphire has a great love for writing and music, and always finds a way to combine the two Her books, though in various subcategories, are all in the Erotic Romance genre Like a little suspense with your romance So does Alana Pick up one of her books and you ll get romance, suspense, drama, and lots of sexy time With books ranging from MC to paranormal, an Alana story is out there for y