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[Melanie Harlow] õ Frenched (Frenched #3.5) [19th-century PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ A nice little last look at a very good series This was a very short collection of scenes from the Frenched series You definitely need to read the other books to fully enjoy these scenes There are a few key scenes from the books told from the guys POV And a couple of chapters with Mia and Lucas after there wedding.
For Passionate Fans Of The USA Today Bestselling Frenched Series Looking For Mia And Lucas, Coco And Nick, Erin And Charlie, This Bundle Includes Series Extras Such As Male POV Scenes From All Three Male Characters And An Erotic Short Story, The Wedding Night Mia And Lucas Return To The Seductive Romance Of The Frenched Series One Time It S FREE In Kindle Unlimited Frenched The Wedding NightI love hearing from the guys point of view Lucas,Nick, and Charlie What a wedding night that Mia and Lucas shared blissfully.
Historia corta sobre la boda de Mia y Lucas Si J sica los viese ahora Great to see Mia and Lucas get married and start their honeymoon Love them Short and trashyDisappointed This book was all over the place, kind of chaotic yet stupid Save your money and din l don t bother purchasing.
This little tidbit has a few opening chapters or other scenes from each of the three books from the males POV And then we have the wedding night I think this might have been the straw that broke the camels back for me Not that I don t totally enjoy Melanie Harlow, but sometimes too much of a good thing just becomes too much and you no longer enjoy it This is what happened for me I was like YAY I love steamy romance, lets read ALL of it And then I peaked So now I am off to read some short stories by wonderful crazy YA lady authors, and then maybe finish a book series or two that I love that I kept promising myself I would finish but haven t yet because the end It will be the end of a series I enjoyed, and then I am left with this deep pit of hollow because there are no immanent possibilities for these charact

I seriously loved reading the books in this series as I love Melanie Harlow s work, if you have already read the books in this series then you ll understand how amazing this series is I was captivated from the start and honestly it s well worth the read This book is different to the others as even though you get to read different snippets from the first three books, this book is a short steamy read of what happens on Mia and Lucas wedding night and honestly after reading it myself it s pretty hot and I could imagine the characters in my head, it felt as if I was experiencing everything from Mia s eyes Seriously though Lucas surprises me because in book one he was way against the idea of commitment but now in this book you see a whole new man, but with the same elements of the guy you saw in the first book I honestly recommend you to give this a read 4.
25 starsA bonus treat for those that love Mia and Lucas like me along with bonus POVs of Lucas, Nick, and Charlie Short but sweet but I do wish we ve gotten or at least longer POVs of the heroes hence minus one star since those have been sorely missed in this series.

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