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[ Read Online Dungeons & Dragons: Abraxis Wren of Eberron ✓ adult-fiction PDF ] by Paul Crilley ↠´ Welcome To A World Of Swashbuckling Action And Dark Fantasy, A World Ruled By Great Dynasties And Tempered By War Eberron Holds Many Wonders, From Dragonmarks To Warforges, Deadly Dungeons To Elemental Airships As The Shadows Of Evil And Conspiracy Threaten To Envelop The Land, Heroes Of Prophecy Come Forth To Save The DayCollects Infestation Dungeons Dragons, Annual Eberron, And Eberron Eye Of The Wolf The protagonist is interesting, but this hodge podge collection doesn t really give him room to shine.
A high fantasy steampunk Sherlock and his Watson save the realm from total war, I guess there is no way that can be boring, right Quite a revelation, a neat story with a superpowered Elven detective.
The other story in this volume is also quite interesting, although a bit dense for someone who has no idea about the setting It s ok, though, as the core story works nicely and is self contained.
I dearly love the world of Eberron Of the three stories in this volume, I feel like the last one Eye of the Wolf was by far the better narrative It flowed better and the characters were interested The first ones focusing on Abraxis were to Sherlock Holmes for me.
Whatever else you might want to say about Eberron that it was created as a stunt and is overstuffed with AWESOMECOOL stuff you have to at least admit that it s a change from the usual faux medieval, half Tolkien worlds.
On that level alone, these comics are interesting they provide a different landscape and palette, with tall spired cities floating ships lightning powered trains and a sort of magic gaslamp aesthetic that fits with two of the three stories here, which involve a quasi Sherlock Holmes figure, the titular Abraxis Wren.
In one story, Abraxis is intrigued by a locked room mystery that turns out to revolve around extra dimensional horror in the other, Abraxis and his dwarven Watson face a murderer on a train Pretty s I really had no idea what to expect from this book when I started it As it was a Dungeons and Dragons book which I got as part of a bundle, I expected some combination of swords, sorcery, and adventuring What I got instead was sort of a DD version of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, but with Holmes pretentiousness and assholish tendencies turned up to 11 That may sound terrible, as though it s a less good version of Holmes, but it isn t It s funny and delightful The characters banter is a great deal of fun to read And I quite liked the art It really conveys an interesting sense of place and the panels are well assembled I would, in fact, rate the two Abraxis Wren stories 4 stars, although with the caveat that although the character is Holmes esque, the plots of the stories are not really whodunits in the sense that the original Holmes storie Collects three separate stories.
The first two are of a 2 part series, and follows Abraxis Wren and his dwarven assistant Watson, err, I mean Torin I really enjoyed the abrasive banter and jibes between these two and the mysteries they tackle are well done The first part is set in Sharn, one of the wonders of the newest relatively world of Eberron The artwork is great, delightfully showcasing the unique architecture of Sharn and the steampunk style magics put into commercial use.
A flashback constitutes the majority of the third story, where we read the recounting of a secret mission undertaken by a captain of Cyre into the heart of Droaam Captain Greykell is an impressive and charismatic character I found the character artwork even better than the already very impressive artwork of Abraxis Wren and Torin I would love to Three stories and two of them includes Abaraxis Wren and his companion Torin The first story is about a infestation from another dimension and the other is a murder mystery The last story is about Greykell and her quest to find the Eye of the wolf before her enemies Great art.
I really pride myself on owning all of the Eberron novels and the one comic that s ever been released The universe is absolutely spectacular and fascinating to me, so much so that I m quite obsessed with learning everything about it I m even in the process of acquiring all of the first generation sourcebooks on Eberron So, when I discovered the existence of this trade paperback, I bought it without hesitation After reading it today, I know it was damn well worth the moolah.
Abraxis Wren is an Elven inquisitive private detective in the Eberron universe, specifically in the City of Towers, Sharn He has a Dwarven partner who joins in on his theatrics, and the duo are known to solve even the most seemingly impossible cases The first two thirds of th I really liked these adventures They really captured the flavor of Eberron.

Paul Crilley is a Scotsman adrift in South Africa and has been writing professionally for the past 17 years In that time he has worked on over thirteen television shows, one of which was nominated for an international Emmy award.He has written eight novels, worked on five computer games, and also written comics for IDW His previous novels include The Invisible Order books, a middle grade series