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à Frankie ↠´ Download by ☆ Shivaun Plozza OK That ending hit me like a freight train came way too fast and left me hurting obviously I would be than hurting if a freight train hit me but you get the point.
I can t get enough of OZ YA lately, especially if they are set in Melbourne and Frankie did not disappoint Starting with the beautiful cover, I was sucked into the story within the first pages, immediately connecting with Frankie and feeling a large amount of contempt for the asshats at her school, as well as absolutely falling in love with her best friend Cara With a best friend like Cara you know there will always be someone looking out for you And Aunt Vinnie was so awesome, with her Kebab shop in Collingwood and her bright lip stick she definitely needs her own story I would have liked to spend some time with the boys, Frankie s brother Xavier, while not always making the righ Frankie was one of those decent reads that I enjoyed but it just didn t grab me completely I liked that the characters were unique and distinctive but to be honest, I never really connected to any of them We got about five seconds with Xavier before he disappeared so he was kind of just this assumed figure hovering over the plot I could understand why Frankie cared about him but I never felt it for myself The same with Nate, her best friend whose name escaping me at the moment , Nonna and the other secondary characters Only Vinnie, Frankie s aunt and guardian, was a stand out She exactly the sort of woman that someone like Frankie needed in her life She was strong but fair She was funny and sweet She completely stole the show The plotline itself was a little frustrating I m not a big fan of the trope where teenagers investigate crimes without the help of the police adults It Shivaun Plozza S Debut Novel, Frankie, Is A Genre Hopping, Darkly Funny Novel About Searching For The Truth, Finding Yourself, And Falling In LoveFrankie Vega Is Angry Just Ask The Guy Whose Nose She Broke Or The Cop Investigating The Burglary She Witnessed, Or Her Cheating Ex Boyfriend, Or Her Aunt Who S Tired Of Giving Second ChancesWhen A Kid Shows Up Claiming To Be Frankie S Half Brother, It Opens The Door To A Past She Doesn T Want To Remember And When That Kid Goes Missing, The Only Person Willing To Help Is A Boy With Stupidly Blue Eyes, A Criminal Record, And Secrets Of His OwnFrankie S Search For The Truth Could Change Her Life, Or Cost Her Everything I m in a seriously messed up emotional state right now I loved it Review to come tomorrow UPDATE I m still in a messed up place This book killed my heart I want to rave about Shivaun s writing, but I honestly can t because I literally didn t notice that an author had an idea, developed it, wrote it down, spent years of her life rewriting it, sent it to a publisher, spent forever on edits and copy edits and finally had it turned into a book The entire process was irrelevant because my brain just went Frankie is a real person and you are experiencing this first hand Steph That sounds kind of mental, but there you go For the first time in my life, I didn t analyse a book.
Maybe Frankie felt so real because her voice was so authentic She was Frankie is, quite honestly, a gift to the Australian YA scene Featuring a depth of character strength of voice that carries it to incredible heights, this book deserves all the praise it gets and then some Highlights for me included a tight narrative and a fantastic ending that worked incredibly well and carried a depth of insight and emotion that blew me away Shivaun Plozza s voice as an author is distinct, breathing life into her characters, and layers of depth into the world of Colligwood which is never better described than in this book All of these elements combine to make Frankie one of the best books I ve read this year, and one that s 100% worth checking out for readers young and old.
Thanks to Penguin Teen Australia for the ARC Anyone who has heard me talk about books so basically everyone who has ever met me , knows that I am not a huge contemporary fan Why would I want to read about real life I already have one of those Every so often, however, I read a YA contemporary novel that makes me eat my words and Frankie is one of them Maybe because it s an Australian novel and I could actually relate to the characters maybe just because Plozza writes really well.
One of my major problems with the contemporary genre is that it seems to exist in a frustrating dichotomy its stories are either fluffy or preachy Frankie is a novel that strikes the perfect balance between these two It posed a lot of questions abou Bloody loved it Review at nicolehasread.
comFrankie is that wonderful creation, a difficult, troubled character who does terrible things, that you absolutely fall in love with anyway She is in trouble at school, having used a book of Shakespeare to rearrange someone s face, and her aunt, Vinnie, is close to washing her hands of her When Xavier appears claiming to be her half brother she is intrigued, but also wary She hasn t exactly had the best experience with family But just as she s getting to know Xavier, he disappears The cops aren t interested in helping and no one else wants to know, apart from Nate The only problem is, Nate doesn t exactly walk on the right side of the law, and his involvement could get Frank

I considered giving up on this book because I found it very disappointing but it was still nice and quick to read so wooh Frankie is an Aussie YA about a young, angry girl who while suspended from school for hitting someone finds out she has a half brother Her brother goes missing pretty early in the story and it becomes a book about a girl searching for her new little brother at a time when she really should be searching for herself.
There were elements of this book that I enjoyed I liked that it was Australian and that I could recognise Australian elements without them being forced into it Frankie s aunt was a gem who did not deserve to be treated the way she was and I loved her so much I also loved the fa HELLS YEAH.
I have a ridiculous love for characters like Frankie She was so incredibly snarky, and quite the troubled teen.
I thought the story line was fab as fuck too I was rooting for her the entire way Not going to lie, I definitely wanted to shake some sense into her too, but I really enjoyed the way it all came together.
I can t decide between a 4 or a 5 rating tbh The only reason I m leaning towards a 4 is because, despite my love for all the characters and the story line, I still didn t feel attached emotionally to the characters I don t know Let s say it s a 4.
5 GR you need to get your half star act together bruh.
This book flat out destroyed me In every imaginable way I have never laughed with characters so much, or cheered for them when things started happening or yelled at the page when things didn t I also haven t cried these big ugly crying tears since I read Melina Marchetta s On the Jellicoe Road Seriously When this book releases at the end of this month, you need to buy yourself a copy Stat The above is the original mini I ve just finished this book and I need to tell you about it review that I posted on Goodreads the second I finished the book, and now weeks later, I still think it sums up the book brilliantly It s out in the world now, so do yourself a favour and track a copy down NOW If you haven t already gathered I love this book so much I ve been reading a lot of fantastic 5 stars books recently, but somehow, this little gem of a d but by Australia Author S

Shivaun Plozza is the author of Frankie Penguin, 2016 , a darkly funny novel about searching for the truth, finding yourself and falling in love She has published short fiction, flash fiction, poetry and essays, and works as an editor.