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º The Suicide Motor Club ð Download by ✓ Christopher Buehlman Thanks to my friend Char for hipping me to a wonderful new author, Christopher Buehlman What s not to love about this book Muscle cars and hot rodding vampires tearing up the countryside in search of victims Being a bit of a classic car buff, I loved the car details in the book We have characters driving vintage Mustangs, Camaros, and Falcons, among others What makes the book even cooler is these cars aren t classics yet the story is set in the late 60 s The Suicide Motor Club is probably the most original vampire book I ve read since Charlie Huston s ALREADY DEAD Buehlman s tale is violent, bloody, humorous, sad, and just a helluva lot of fun Hang on for a wild ride Vampires Horror Muscle Cars Dark Gritty Blood Gore aaaand Revenge Confession I am frivolous enough to be lustingafter an attractive book cover And when there s an intriguing title attached to such a cover, I stand no chance to not indulge in a harmless little tryst with a book Just making a few things clear there as to why I hooked up with this one.
Revelation Vampires Yup it was much later that I realized that this one has vampires because ahem you as I already mentioned, in lust and all.
What did i know I was deliberately ensared There was no way now that I would not carry on with this little distraction amidst my other reads As for the plot, characters, story arc, writing style bla bla bla I am not even going to talk about all that For me this book checked all the criterions that I want in a book It was absolutely perfect.
Oh and extra stars for Buehlm Rising Horror Star Christopher Buehlman, Author Of The Lesser Dead, Returns With A Chilling And Thrilling Tale Of Dark Evil Lurking On The Lonely, Open Road Bram Stoker, Quoting The Ballad Lenore, Said, The Dead Travel FastThose Words Have Never Rung True Remember That Car That Passed You Near Midnight On Route , Doing With Its Lights Off You Wondered Where It Was Going So Quickly On That Dark, Dusty Stretch Of Road, Motor Roaring, The Driver Glancing Out The Window As He Blew By Did His Greedy Eyes Shine Silver Like A Coyote S Did He Make You Feel Like PreyYou Can T Remember Now You Just Saw The Founder Of The Suicide Motor Club Be Grateful His Brake Lights Never Flashed Be Grateful His Car Was Already Full They Roam America, Littering The Highways With Smashed Cars And Bled Out Bodies, A Gruesome Reflection Of The Unsettled Sixties But To Anyone Unlucky Enough To Meet Them In The Lonely Hours Of The Night, They Re Just A Blurry Memory That Is To All But One Two Years Ago, They Left A Witness In The Mangled Wreck Of Her Family Car, Her Husband Dead, Her Son Taken She Remembers Their Awful Faces, Despite Their Tricks And Glamours And She S Coming For Them Her Thirst For Vengeance Even Powerful Than Their Hunger For Blood On The Deserted Highways Of America, The Hunters Are About To Become The Hunted Wow Such a gritty and fuel injected vampire horror novel and yet so meticulous and beautifully written How Buehlman juggles all the characters and their stories and the stories of the smaller characters too, all given such respect and proper page time, gives The Suicide Motor Club the weight of a complex American epic with plenty of emotional wallop, plus thrills galore Consider me a fan of Mr Buehlman The nitty gritty Mix the dark absurdity of Pulp Fiction with fast cars, set the story in the late 60s, add in a handful of bloodthirsty vampires and a young woman who is set on vengeance, and you have a stellar novel that is a MUST read for horror fans.
I don t believe in vampires, Sam said But I do believe in assholes That s my favorite quote from the book, by the way Sometimes a book comes along that reminds me why I love reading, and The Suicide Motor Club is one of these rare books I have to admit I ve been feeling a little blah about reading and blogging lately, mostly due to an extremely busy schedule in other areas of my life Writing reviews especially has felt like a chore, and even though I realize that reviews are the reason I started this blog in the first place, sometimes I just don t feel like writing them But then I read Buehlman s latest and I couldn t wait to sit One of the best books I ve read this year, and the best of Christopher Buehlman that I have read, i.
e better than The Lesser Dead.
Luther Nixon s gang of vampires are as brutal, vile and sadistic as they come Delighting in the suffering of others, they dress up one of their many victims and there are many as Lady Liberty on the 4th of July, before draining her dry in a symbolic F You to everything bright and good.
Opposing them is Judith, one of the interesting and nuanced characters I have ever met in the pages of a book Devasted by the loss of her family, she is offered the opportunity to strike back, but who is making the offer What are their secrets What sacrifices will she have to make to achieve justice for her family and peace for her own soul Is there a god and who is their instrument read this boo 3.
5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Suicide Motor Club by Christopher Buehlman was actually pretty awesome Know that the only reason I didn t rate this book higher is because I m very picky about vampire books, owing to their particular abundance in fantasy and horror fiction In truth, as much as I enjoyed this, I think there are better vampire titles out there, including Buehlman s own vampire novel that was published a couple years ago, The Lesser Dead I still remember how I felt when I read that book, the sense of fear and dread that filled me when I first encountered the novel s group of creepy vampire children roaming and hunting in the subways I wanted badly to experience that again with The Suicide Motor Club, but in the end it just didn t compare.
The Suicide Motor Club opens in 1967, following a family of three as they drive dow this is my 2nd read by Christopher B and I think I love him The villains in this book and mean, mean, mean The story is very action packed I think for people who love reading about these types of villains, this story will be a breath of fresh air leaving it vague for anyone who wants to be surprised.

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Review from The Speculative Herald Suicide Motor Club is a visceral portrayal of the darker side of vampires As you would expect from Buehlman, these are not the sparkly, hunky types of vampires that teenage girls swoon over These are the things of your nightmares becoming reality The pacing and emotions are as relentless as the vampires of the suicide motor club.
The main vampires we meet are part of what is called The Suicide Motor Club They stalk their prey on the highways if the word stalking can be used when they are driving over 100 miles per hour At night, with no lights Choosing their victims, causing horrific crashes, and feasting on the survivors This to me, is just a terrifying scenario It shows a vulnerability as there is little you can do when driving down the highway if another car decides their purpose is to ma

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Suicide Motor Club book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher Buehlman author readers around the world.