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Trailer ñ Ashland & Vine PDF by ñ John Burnside This is the story of Kate and Jean They meet when Kate s boyfriend asks her to interview the people in their neighborhood about significant episodes in their lives for a film project Jean is the first to agree to tell her story, under one condition That Kate stops drinking So we have a framework Damaged girl meets wise woman This could so easily go wrong and descend into clich s Magically, this doesn t happen This has been a delirious read for me The two or three main characters become very real while reading the book, and one gets the feeling that answers for the many open questions are hidden somewhere in the book.
Eine junge Frau, Kate, Lyrik und Film Studentin, voller Trauer um ihren k rzlich verstorbenen Vater, st ndig stark alkoholisiert und in einer dysfunktionalen Beziehung, trifft eine alte Frau, Jean, die ihr ihre Lebensgeschichte erz hlt Kate soll aber in dieser Zeit die Finger vom Alkohol lassen Das ist im Grunde schon der Plot K nnte funktionieren.
Jeans Geschichte ist eng verkn pft mit der amerikanischen Geschichte des 20 Jahrhunderts, etwas abgedroschen und tausendfach erz hlt hinsichtlich der Erkl rungen, was junge Idealisten in den Untergrund treibt Wir kennen das auch von der RAF In den USA sind es die fatalen milit rischen Interventionen in Japan, Vietnam und Korea Moralische Geschichten, wie wir sie unz hlige Male gelesen und in Filmen gesehen haben Statt dem Blick des Au enstehenden, den Burnside als Europ er einnehmen k nnte, liefert er uns einen imitierten amerikanischen B It Is Kate Lambert, A Grieving, Semi Alcoholic Film Student, Invites An Elderly Woman To Take Part In An Oral History Documentary The Woman, Jean Culver, Declines, But Makes Her A Bizarre Counter Offer If Kate Can Stay Sober For Four Days, She Will Tell Her A Story And If She Can Stay Sober Beyond That, There Will Be Another, And Then Another, Amounting To The Entire History Of One Family S LifeThough Still Shattered By The Death Of Her Father, And By The Desultory Abuse Imposed By Laurits, Her Enigmatic Collaborator And Erstwhile Lover Kate Is Soon Drawn Into A Scheherazade Like Matrix Of Tales, Some Painfully Final, Some Still Unfinished, In Which Jean Gradually Offers A Heartbreaking Account, Not Only Of One Family, But Of The American Century Itself, From World War II To Vietnam And The Weather UndergroundA Profound, Mysterious, Deeply Moving Novel A Meeting Of Love And Grief, Like Water On Arid Soil Ashland Vine Is The Story Of An Unlikely Friendship That Transcends Time, Age And The Limits Of Narrative To Reveal The Unexpected Grace That Comes Of Listening To Another S History, While Telling, As Carefully As We Can, What We Know Of Our Own By then, because I was feeling better, I thought all I had to do was stop drinking Stay hidden for a while, then go back out into a world that wasn t just a story told by an old woman whose motives for sharing these stories and for sharing them with me, of all people, I was no closer to understanding than I had ever been If she was really trying to cure me, I couldn t see why Who was I to her Who was I to anyone Or was that the whole point I was nobody and so a perfect choice Jean Culver could tell her stories and not feel like she was just talking to herself The book is written in the first person by Kate, until recently a poetry student a particular fan of Emily Dickinson but who grieving, following the death of her father who had bought her up as a single parent and the subsequent loss of her house, restarts as a film studies student at a creative arts college DNFed around page 150.
I really enjoyed the beginning of this book Some of the writing is beautiful But there are two things that prevented me from fully investing in this book, and have made me want to put it down unfinished.
Firstly, this book is very dialogue heavy That s not necessarily a bad thing, but the dialogue doesn t feel real or believable The unnatural feeling dialogue is only accentuated by how much of it there is.
This leads into my second issue This is a novel that takes place in America and has American characters There s nothing wrong with a British person writing a book about Americans However, I feel like this should have been read and edited by at least one American before hitting the presses The characters do not sound American They use turns of phrase that I have never heard in conversation, or are slightly off from how they would Some authors are Writers they are able to sweep us off the floor with their knowledge and ability to make us think Some authors are Storytellers they might not blow your mind with their terminology and intelligence, but instead make you feel This book is a story about stories and John Burnside is a Master Storyteller The way he is able to connect the characters to each other and make them relatable to us is extraordinary From the first page, I was hooked and wanted to know about Kate and Jean Kate, a filmstudent, has lost her way and is grieving, though she is total denial about it Jean has lost about every single person in her life but still remains so kind and open towards others The way Jean exchanges her story with Kate is lovely I love hearing stories about other people, especially a story within a story Jean tells her life to Kate, an I just can t muster up the energy to continue reading this book I can t remember much of what happened up to this halfway point but it doesn t promise enough to keep me going.
I really enjoyed reading this novel I did not expect that ending, but it was great Definately five stars

A dilapidated white clapboard house is almost completely obscured by vines, tree branches and hydrangeas, but a perky American flag pokes out from the confusion to crown a railing lined with Christmas lights I spotted this one in Blackwell s, Oxford and requested it from the library on the strength of the cover without even taking in the somewhat nebulous description on the jacket.
Essentially, it s about the American story, and individual American stories, and how these are constructed out of the chaos and violence of the past It s all filtered through a random friendship that forms between a film student and an older woman in what appears to be Illinois The day I meant Jean Culver was also the day I stopped drink A good novel has the ability to envelop its readers in its setting and environment so fully that it feels as though we have been psychologically and physically pulled inside to linger among the pages When I finished Ashland Vine, I not only had a well developed image of Kate sitting in Jean s kitchen on a snowy day, but I could almost smell the exotic tea and the fried apple pie Even though I am fairly new albeit fiercely devoted to Burnside s work, I knew that this novel would be different from his others In retrospect, I m ashamed for treading lightly around something that I knew would be different from that which feels familiar and which is characteristically Burnside Ashland Vine is not eerie, atmospheric, chilling, or disturbing in the way that The

John Burnside is the author of nine collections of poetry and five works of fiction Burnside has achieved wide critical acclaim, winning the Whitbread Poetry Award in 2000 for The Asylum Dance which was also shortlisted for the Forward and T S Eliot prizes Born in Scotland, he moved away in 1965, returning to settle there in 1995 In the intervening period he worked as a factory hand, a labour