Trailer á Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure PDF by ↠´ Carolyn Lunn

Trailer á Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure PDF by ↠´ Carolyn Lunn Excellent illustrations by Ashley Rodes bring the story visually alive as the reader is introduced to Ecuador and the Gal pagos Islands when Tomas goes on his dream like adventure At the back of the book is an Interesting Facts page, which, if you re an adult reading the book with a child, you may want to read first so you can enhance and explain the story I read the finished hard cover book and did not notice the problems mentioned by reviewers from this site of the arc copies.
UmmmI don t think it s such a good idea that Tomas goes to bed after clearly getting a concussion What a delightful book I am a nanny and the 14 month old I watch loves when I read to him The story was interesting and magical, the illustrations were fun and fit perfectly with the story Tomas is an adventurous little boy who taught me about Ecuador and the Gal pagos Islands I will definitely be reading this one again in the future

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Interesting Story Quick And Fun Reading Nice Illustrations.
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This was an imaginative tale about a boy from Ecuador who wants to be a cowboy, or who is a cowboy really, I guess He spends his days out riding his horse around the countryside It uses a few Spanish phrases, but only a few that do not detract from understanding the story and they are translated at the end of the story for further edification I thought the story was a bit strange, but also informative I particularly liked the facts at the end of the book The illustrations were very bright and colorful, definitely eye catching They almost tell the story without words being needed I do think that might detract from the words slightly.
My 7 year old Drawn as a cartoon than a graphic novel but then it s obviously for kids this very short book has Tomas falling off his horse and dreaming about a pirate and zoological adventure on the Galapagos, just as the title says Tomas has a gap in his teeth like a movie star, his mom says To me he looks like Zack Braff must have as a kid At times I couldn t tell if the writing was being snarky or was really that bad, but since I liked the line, Bonito s trot quickens into a canter as they gallop I ll give it a doubtful benefit There is one thing that ll make adults cringe, though it won t matter to kids so it probably doesn t need mentioning in a book for them, but here goes anyway it s disturbing to have a character go down with a con Advance copy provided by Netgalley for review I really wanted to love this story, but there were a few things I couldn t get past to rate it higher The colors used in the book are nice and bright, which I love However, the way the font is overlaid onto the illustrations makes some text in the book very hard to read The story starts off great, but then takes a turn which may be confusing to younger readers The plot seems convoluted and the story ending left me with questions, which is not always a great thing I did like how the text is fiction, but the author included information about Ecuador and the animals shown in the book For example, Tomas is underwater and sees hammerhead sharks up ahead, and Toma Join Tomas As He Rides His Beloved Horse, Bonito, Through His Home Of Ecuador And See The Landscape From The Banana Plantations To The Beautiful Wooded Hills Travel With Tomas As He Goes On A Dream Journey To Explore The Ocean And Beach Of One Of The Galapagos Islands From Riding A Green Sea Turtle And Seeing A Humpback Whale Pod And Hammerhead Sharks, To A Lunch Of Fresh Fruits And Fish With Pirates On The Beach And Escaping From A Volcano Eruption, Tomas Goes On A Grand Adventure, And He S Still Home In Time For Dinner With His Mama This is a cute story about Tomas who lives in Ecuador and his day He heads off on his beloved horse Bonito but falls off when the horse is startled by a wild dog He hits his head and off to dreamland he goes The book teaches us a little about Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands It is short with some detail that will not cause young ones to lose interest There are colourful illustrations with some detail The only problem I had with this book was that the text was hard to read on some pages as it was printed over the illustrations I think young children, especially those with a good imagination, will enjoy this story.
I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest reveiw.
Reading through the book, having no knowledge of who the publisher is, my first thought was that the book is a self published work Not that anything is wrong with that, but there are a variety of minute details that might not have been overlooked if that is the case For example, having white script over light colors on certain pages makes it nearly impossible to read Since I was not able to find any information regarding the publisher, Little Adventures , through a cursory online search of the company, I am standing by that assumption However, even being a possible self published work, the illustrations and writing were okay Not great, but they were okay.

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