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☆ Truly, Madly, Sweetly (Sweet Love, #1) ☆ Download by ↠´ Kira Archer My review cross posted from Wit and Sin energetic baker, a handsome businessman with a sweet tooth, a quirky meet cute, and a little matchmaking from beyond the grave Truly, Madly, Sweetly has all the elements of a cute and fun romance Unfortunately, Kira Archer s first Sweet Love story left a sour taste in my mouth.
When baker Natalie Moran inherits the perfect parking space from a kindly woman, she doesn t expect that the man who inherits the bakery the spot is attached to sexy businessman Eric Schneider to decide to quit his job and start a bakery Eric knows nothing about baking or running a bakery, so what does Nat a hardworking woman putting all her time and money into growing her mobile cupcake business do She shoves almost her entire operation onto the shoulders of her best friend while working her butt off to r Siempre me divierto mucho con los libros de Kira Archer y este no iba a ser menos Muy entretenido, bonita historia y personajes encantadores An Inherited Parking Spot That S All It Took To Make Natalie Moran S Food Truck Dreams Come True But Her Dream Space Is Attached To A Bakery Inherited By Someone Else Drop Dead Gorgeous Eric Schneider, A Financial Consultant Who Wouldn T Know A Cupcake From A Cannoli And He Wants To Buy Nat Out, No Matter What She Has To Say About ItEric S Determined To Build His Own Business, But He Needs The Super Cute Klutz With The Cupcake Truck To Help If Nat Will Teach Him The Basics Of Running A Bakery, He Ll Give Her Free Kitchen Time Except Neither Expects The Heat Burning Between Them Or The Possibility That Their Arrangement Might Become Permanent When It All Blows Up, Nat Is Convinced His Actions Mean Betrayal It S Up To Eric To Regain Her Trust And Show Her He S A Man Who Is Truly, Madly In Love With Her, Before She Disappears From His Life Forever Thanks to netgalley and Entangled for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I always had a soft spot for books about bakeries, restaurants or hotels This is kind of weird because I neither have a cooking baking passion nor the whish to open a business myself.
This book came as a wonderful surprise It is the perfect feel good romance you need for a cosy reading day.
I loved the characters Natalie is wonderfully normal, a woman trying to stand her own but still dreaming about the man who is sweeping her off her feet Eric is a man you could just swoon overhe is coming from money but still wants to build up his own business without his parents help Those things he did for Natalie brought hearts to my eyes.
I absolutely loved Natalie and Eric together They were so sweet and I had a constant smile on my face.
I also loved the humour in the story, there were Natalie owns a cupcake truck She has seen Eric before and liked him immediately, but they never had the chance to talk Until she accidentally bumps into him Shortly afterwards they meet again This time because Eric has inherited a bakery and Natalie the garage right next to it Natalie s dream is to have her own bakery, but she has to sell a lot cupcakes before that can ever happen Eric knows nothing about baking as he s a financial consultant, but he wants to reopen the place and he loves the idea of being his own boss He needs Natalie s help and she could use his kitchen space to bake her cupcakes Eric also wants the garage to expand the business though They might be a good match, but is there too much that s standing in their way Truly, Madly, Sweetly is a cute and fun story Natalie is a sweet girl who s been hurt in the past She s careful, 4 Stars What a stinking cute book Natalie Moran has just inherited a parking spot for her cupcake food truck The only problem is Eric Schneider, a business man, has inherited the bakery attached to the parking spot Such an odd situation Both want both spots, both refuse to sell the only thing left is to work together Natalie and Eric work out a plan where Natalie will help Eric set up his bakery since he knows nothing about baking in exchange for using his kitchen The time they spend together, the things heat up Their chemistry is on fire, but is it wise to cross the boundaries while both want something the other has Heck yes they should cross the boundaries Natalie and Eric are the most adorable couple I love how they meet cupcake and gelato what perfect nicknames for them They are perfect for each other in every way the As usual, for every novel I have read by this talented author, my advice is very simple if you enjoy superbly written romance, don t bother reading this review, just get yourself a copy of this book and read it instead All of the stories I ve read from Kira Archer have kept me enthralled with her excellently developed characters and plots with plenty of twists and turns, making the story an enthralling roller coaster ride from start to finish I m very pleased to say that this one maintains her usual exemplary standard and lives up to its tagline in being a sweet love story Natalie Moran had been a good neighbour and tenant but was astonished to discover that, when her landlady and friend died, she had inherited a garage She was amazed to discover that the hunk she nicknamed Mr Gelato, Eric Schneider, was the nephew o ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Truly, Madly, Sweetly done This was a sweet,fun and slightly angsty read Natalie and Eric pretty much fall in love at first sight but are both hesitant Eric s aunt passed away and left him her old bakery while leaving the garage to Natalie for her food truck cupcake business Natalie s wants to rent the kitchen of the bakery to make her cupcakes while Eric wants the garage to use for deliveries of the bakery s treats Despite the instant attraction, both are worried the other is using them for access to their piece of the inheritance Throw in overbearing parents, nosy best friends and an interfering ex and you get fun and crazy read

I ve enjoyed a few of Kira s other works and I liked the synopsis, so I was eager to start it.
Natalie and Eric are likable characters They re both driven and playful when they re together The BFFs, Gina and Jared, stole the show and I hope they get their own book As always, there was a bout of miscommunication, parents meddling, and overreacting Some of it was understandable, some was a bit clich d.
Overall, it was quick, cute read I will definitely be reading the next in the series if there is one Huge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review 3.
5 starsTruly, Madly, Sweetly was a fun, sweet entertaining read.
Both leads, Eric and Natalie were likable, sexy and fun characters.
They had great banter, a strong attraction and great chemistry It was entertaining watching them set up the bakery, especially with Natalie s OCD with her lists and her need with alphabetizing everything lol I loved how they tried hard to keep things professional and not give into their want for each other, yeah rightWhile I enjoyed reading Truly, Madly, Sweetly there was a few things that held me back from rating it higher I didn t care much for Eric s parents They had such high expectations and would guilt him into doing what they wanted Eric was too nice, he found it hard to say no to

USA Today bestselling author Kira Archer lives in Pennsylvania with her hubs and two kids And 3 ridiculous cats She s one of those people who laughs at inappropriate moments especially overly emotional occasions like weddings or funerals , and she has an insanely overactive imagination which is great when she s writing but not so great when she s shutting all the lights off at night and then ha