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[Allie Ritch] â Mating Season (Children of Nanook, #1) [unfinished PDF] Read Online â It S Mating Season On The Arctic Planet Of Jensen, Time For Eligible Men To Winter With A Potential Spouse In The Past, Koll S Enormous Size And Gruff Disposition Have Scared Off Available Women When Shila Literally Falls Into His Arms, He Hopes Maybe This Year Will Be Different Shila Belongs To A Race Of Shifters Who Are Able To Transform Into Enormous Frost Bears She Loves Koll S Big Body And Sexy Growl, And She Understands The Benefit Of Having A Strong Protector With Two Male Shifters Stalking Her, She Needs Koll To Keep Her Safe But Can He Defeat The CompetitionPreviously Published By Liquid Silver books This Work Has Been Revised And Re Edited This was a lovely Saturday morning read Koll is a big gruff male that has a lot of love bottled up inside just waiting for a willing woman to accept him He practically stumbles over his perfect woman and the story goes on from there The sex was hard and hot I really enjoyed this short story.
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Set on an arctic planet, Koll is somewhat out of place He is a big man, having difficulty finding a woman not intimidated by his size and disposition He finds and rescues Shila, a beautiful woman who happens to be proportionately larger than average.
Shila is a frost bear shifter, and is a perfect match for Koll She is being hunted by two brother shifters, who want to share her as their mate This novella has a good pace and held my interest The sex scenes are frequent and VERY hot, and pushed my rating up to 5 stars Allie Ritch, I ll be reading you again, real soon

IDK why but I really liked this story Shila and Koll are great characters Koll is the loner the outcast in his own village because of his size Every year, the men in his village find ladies to hole up with all winter and get it on come summer time, if you like eachother, you can get to making babies if not, you move on to next winter it s like a Whore s Paradise.
Shila is a Frost Bear it s kinda like a super charged Polar Bear A number of years ago, she lost her mate and her unborn twins by a set of brothers that wanted to make a Shila sandwich and have her be their breeding cow.
Classy guys Real Classy.
She has been running ever since until she stumbles into this man this very large, dominating, powerful, protective man who sets every fibre or her being into overdrive.
Can she allow herself to fall for this amazing man, will he give her a Koll makes his yearly journey on the cold planet of Jensen to find a single female who might accept him enough to want to live the manditory period of cohabitation with the goal of getting married Finding Shila, a stranger, unconscious and obviously running from someone or something he brings her home with him She s beautiful, strong, confident, and above all willing to consider him as a mate He has the winter season to show her why he is worthy of being her mate But Shila has a secret and the threat she was running from is still out there which may cause her to leave him and run again again.
Wow I absolutely loved this book in terms of story line and character development not to mention the hot erotica scenes This book had me hooked when Shila wanted to

Allie Ritch is a multi published author of sizzling sci fi and paranormal romance She has an active imagination and enjoys entertaining others through storytelling Allie lives in her own little world in the Southeastern United States, where she spends time appreciating the ocean and sunshine.