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Ü Vanilla (Alex Kennedy, #3) õ Download by ↠´ Megan Hart 2,5 Como yo soy as de torpe a veces, no me hab a enterado de que este libro pertenece a una serie Aunque aqu el protagonista de los libros anteriores es un personaje secundario, el compa ero de trabajo de la protagonista femenina, y cuenta de refil n y muy parcialmente su historia Pero vayamos al libro que nos ocupa Su t tulo representa muy bien de lo que trata, de c mo el sexo que decidimos tener o nos gusta que no siempre es lo mismo , ya sea vainilla o algo m s duro, condiciona nuestra vida pero no tiene por qu definirnos absolutamente y de c mo todo en la vida se reduce a lo mismo tratar de establecer una conexi n significativa con alguien para no sentirnos tan espantosamente solos Una pena que esta vez la escritora no me haya convencido, como ha conseguido otras veces, si no simplemente deprimido.
Unfortunately I did not enjoy this one at all I made it 68% into the story before I finally decided that this one is just not for me I found it difficult to become engaged in the story and found Elise to be somewhat tiresome I understand that she had a major heartbreak as well as having her trust broken, but I still didn t feel a connection or sense of empathy for her that I would have liked I had trouble with Elise s portrayal as a Domme Elise consistently gets upset with Niall because he is being true to what he wants She wants Niall to embrace the things that she feels she needs from a man sexually while not seeming to respect Niall not being interested in being dominated by her I truly wanted to like Vanilla because it featured a woman in charge of the sexual Vanilla is a word which conjures up many different emotions for someone in the lifestyle For Vanilla is what we use for those who are not interested in kink It s not a bad word, it s word which implies a lot and for those who are happy to let their freak flag fly, it s a not a flavour we thrive on We can take a bit of a taste here and there, but to live on Vanilla alone may be the death of us Elise is a women who enjoys sexual power over men Her past relationship burned her so badly she now has a no dating rule She can dominate and scene with a man, she just doesn t want a relationship Yet she yearns for Perhaps four years is long enough and she is ready to begin learning how to love again.
This book breaks my heart It is about a woman who is in tuned with her needs and others either judge or disappoint her Ms Hart does an amazingly accurate job of capturing the difficultie Elise is used to a certain type of man, a certain type of relationship Although the domination over a man isn t about whips chains, it is about the control and the desire found when a man is willing to worship at her feet Closed off from love after being hurt by someone four years ago, she takes on lovers men that share the similar desires But when she meets Niall, who works with her brother, she starts to want things with a man that has no desire that mimics her own.
But there is something to be said for a man that just pays attention, one that does things for you because he knows that you d enjoy it But as Elise starts to open herself up to the idea of Niall, her lifestyle wedges itself into the middle of their relationshi Don t flirt with me unless you re ready to deal with the consequencesElise had her heart broken in the past and never really got over it That heartache sort of drove her need to be the dominant one in the bedroom She convinced herself it would be easy and safe to be in control So she seeks out anonymous sexual relationships with submissive men For her it s not about being a bitch or inflicting pain It s about having the control to pleasure her partner in any way he desiresThere s something so lovely in the curve of a man s spine when he is on his knees, head bowed, hands behind his back The back of his neck, vulnerable and exposedHer tendencies are no secret to her family, which I found interesting She s not ashamed of her desires and often puts it on display She models for a photographer that takes racy photos th 3.
5 4 STARS Genre RomanceCover 7 10 Writing 9 10Heroine 8 10Hero 7 10Humour 3 10Hotness 4 10Romance 6 10Extra book Details Heroine POV 1st person Stand alone Approx 310 kindle pages Vanilla is a realistic tale of a woman s struggles with her love life The grief of her past love, the troubles with her current lover, and the possibilities of her future partner.
While I wasn t enthralled or in love with the book, it was a very good read There were no stereotypes, plenty of depth, some wit, some hotness and some great side characters No OTT drama but enough to make you feel It was well written, not a lot of romance but it had a very admirable and interesting heroine which pulled the book through.
Worth a read when you re feeling fed up of the same old NA romance tropes.
It S An Acquired Taste He Just Has To Acquire It Elise Knows What She Wants In The Bedroom, And She Makes Sure She Gets It Her Thirst For Domination Has Long Been Quenched By A Stable Of Men Only Too Happy To Bow Down Before Her But Sexual Satisfaction Isn T The Same As Love, And She S Been Burned In The Past By Giving Her Heart Too Freely Niall Is Handsome, Smart, Successful And Sweet Sweet As Vanilla When They Meet, Their Romantic Connection Is Electric, Even Though He S Way On The Opposite End Of The Kink Spectrum Despite How She Fights It, Elise Falls For Him But How Can A Relationship Work When Both Lovers Want To Be On Top I thought Vanilla was made just for me when I read the blurb I love dominant women, especially with dominant men who will submit Even better when there s some power play This was different though, and wasn t what I was expecting I mean, I liked it, but wasn t blown away by awesomeness or anything Vanilla is very much about Elsie and her journey She is secure in who she is and what she does, and doesn t hide it What I love about Elise is she doesn t fall into one specific role or stereotype, what matters is the pleasure of her and her partner, whatever it may be Does she like control Yes, but it s complex than that Finding someone who truly loves and understands her hasn t been all that easy.
I really like how we get to know Elsie before Niall even makes an appearance She s still holding on to a love from the Dominare o essere dominata Questo il dilemma Ogni volta che mi approccio alla lettura di un romanzo di Megan Hart ho il terrore S , perch le sue protagoniste hanno sempre qualcosa di me, e quindi ho come l impressione che la storia che vado a leggere abbia qualcosa da dirmi.
Da dire solo a me La pelle conserva la memoria di quella sensazione, come se volesse rammentare cosa si provi a farsi marchiare per non dimenticare bastato il prologo per stendermi Io ho sei tatuaggi, di cui cinque con un significato importante Sono stati fatti proprio per rammentarmi ogni giorno che devo soffrire e leggere questa scena iniziale stato un duro colpo Non sapevo ancora nulla di questa donna, eppure tra di noi si creato immediatamente un legame Il mio obiettivo 1.
5 StarsSadly, this one didn t work for me The heroine spent a good portion of the book in a D s relationship with a secondary character, who I actually quite liked In fact, most of the sex scenes were between them, too The actual hero wasn t even introduce into the story until around 30% And even then, he had very little page time and was sorely underdeveloped This book was definitely only about the heroine and her journey to find, I don t know, acceptance in a romantic relationship considering her sexual preferences Letting go of a past destructive relationship He role as a Domme and what that meant to steady relationship Heck, I don t know, I m not quite sure what her story was about I never warmed u

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