↠´ The Carter Chronicles Ó Download by Ò B. Buena

↠´ The Carter Chronicles Ó Download by Ò B. Buena The Carter Chronicles Is A Story Of The Unfolding Romance Between Two Ambitious, Dynamic People Based In Miami, A City Where Beauty Lives And Jealousy Thrives Rhys Carter Is The Key To Its Next Great Story His Looks, Youth, Intelligence, Creativity, And Most Importantly, His Love For Adriana Are The Necessary Ingredients To The Ultimate Happy Ending He Seeks As Rhys Dream Comes To Life, Another One Unfolds Adriana Charles Is The New Dream But A Relationship With Adriana, Like The Completion Of The Carter Building, Must Be Earned And Rhys Carter Is Determined To Succeed At Having Both

I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.
It is a while since I have read a book with than 700 pages Too often when I read books with so many pages, I find I start switching off It didn t happen with this book, as it was such an enjoyable read There were a lot of sex scenes, but that doesn t bother me.

After a lifetime of being in the fashion industry, running her own business and volunteering in the community, B turned her attention fully to a profession that eluded her for years, that of a writer of contemporary romance novels.She has now completed several books and manuscripts With the completion of each of her books, she is always surprised to find the continual outpouring of new ideas and