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[ Read Online A Secret History of Witches ¿ green PDF ] by Louisa Morgan ¿ When I picked up A Secret History of Witches, I was hoping for a sprawling family saga a la Anne Rice s The Witching Hour which I thoroughly enjoyed both for its beautiful prose and captivating plot Well, hope might spring eternal but patience has a limit, and I reached mine by page 200 Not only is the story tediously repetitive with each new generation of witches basically doing the same things as the last, the characterization is also incredibly shallow and clunky in its sexist representation of gender Men are either evil or stupid to the extreme, while often than not women sound like insufferable brats full of themselves In short, if you re looking for examples of female empowerment done wrong although for the life of me I don t know why you d want to , then this book is most definitely for you As for the magic A Secret History of Witches tells the tale of five generations of witches in a gypsy family Mothers pass the gift to their daughters They are persecuted and have to hide their powers from others Spanning the time from the early 1800s to WW2, the book is divided into five sections, one for each of the five Orchiere family witches Nanette, Ursule, Irene, Morwen and Veronica.
This book was at times a little too slow moving, but there is such a strong mother daughter love through each generation that I felt that emotion was almost important than the magic The family grimoire and scrying stone speak differently to each generation as they receive their powers at puberty.
All in all, I enjoyed this book At times, the plot moved along a bit slowly and I felt the ending was a bit lack luster, even abrupt But it didn t really hurt my enjoyment of the overall sto An Ancient And Dangerous Power Is Being Handed Down From Mother To Daughter Through Some Of The Most Consequential Historic Events Of The Last Two CenturiesAfter Grandm Re Ursule Gives Her Life To Save Her Tribe, Her Magic Seems To Die With Her Even So, Her Family Keeps The Old Faith, Practicing The Spells And Rites That Have Been Handed From Mother To Daughter For Generations Until One Day, Ursule S Young Granddaughter Steps Into The Circle, And Magic Flows AnewFrom Early Th Century Brittany To London During The Second World War, Five Generations Of Witches Fight The Battles Of Their Time, Deciding How Far They Are Willing To Go To Protect Their Family, Their Heritage, And Ultimately, All Of Our Futures I have mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed it, and yet I found it unevenly written Though yes, I KNOW it is about witches, some of it went beyond my ability to suspend disbelief, not because of the magic, but because of the characters actions And I found the end to be abrupt and not terribly satisfying.
I really enjoyed this one The author does a great job giving each generation its own, recognizable flavor in atmosphere and behavior Though obviously about magic, it s a lot about relationships and how familial choices often repeat themselves no matter what the time period, but with subtle changes due to advancements in each era I liked the message that using the craft always has a price, which applies to all of our lives relationships regardless of magic or no magic Though the family of the Romani at the start of the story does have a matriarchal setup, the book shows that blending into acceptable society doesn t allow that to be flaunted, and each generation of females in the line has the struggle to incorporate her own desires for independence with the current outlook some successfully than others most in secret with the limits of the times affect Co tam powtarzalno czy wymy lne nawi zania do historii Europy.
Co to by a za klimatyczna ksi ka Lubicie magi Te wszystkie fiolki z tajemnicz zawarto ci , eliksiry przyrz dzane potajemnie w piwnicy, zio a zbierane na okolicznych kach w czasie mglistych porank w, dziwne talizmany i ksi gi chowane przed wzrokiem ludzi No i to ycie w zgodzie z matk natur oraz zgromadzenia maj ce miejsce w ukrytej grocie Brzmi cudownie, prawdaTajemna historia czarownicto niezwyk a saga historyczna, kt ra prezentuje czytelnikom losy a pi ciu pokole Poznajemy niesamowite matki i c rki, kt re s obdarzone magicznymi mocami ledzimy dzieje silnych kobiet, kt re ze wzgl du na liczne zagro enia, ukrywaj swoje zainteresowania i pochodzenie nawet przed najbli szymi To ci g a walka ze z ymi mocami, ucieczki przed owcami czarownic i wewn trzne r I would like to thank the publisher, Orbit books, for providing me with a digital advanced copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was so excited to be approved as this book is SO in my wheelhouse A historical family saga about witches Yes, please After having read the book, I have been hesitant to write this review because, honestly, A Secret History of Witches theoretically rang all my bells but failed to live up to my expectations This was a so so read for me I m not sorry I read it However, it s not going to be a book that I recommend The writing is solid It s the story and character development that is problematic.
Although I typically love family sagas, this one is composed of stories that are too similar The five women all A wonderful book I thoroughly enjoyed listening to There were times I was so caught up in the story, I kept bumping into things My Rating 5 stars

3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Secret History of Witches is one of those stories that span many generations, following a magical line of women through the ages starting from early 19th century Brittany up to the end of World War II Told in five parts, the story first begins with the life of Nanette Orchi re, the youngest of six sisters Descended from the Romani, her family has always been persecuted for their heritage but also for their women s gift of magic, as seen in Nanette s grandmother, the powerful witch Ursule Orchi re For the sake of her clan, Ursule had sacrificed her life when Nanette was just a little girl Now the family lives on a secluded farm along the Cornwall coast, keeping to themselves lest they draw the attention of the town s leery priest.
Still, the sisters fear that the Orchi re Intriguing book covering five generations of witches from a Romani tribe of gypsies The craft is passed from mother to daughter and the story is organized with a section of the book on each witch Nanette, Ursule, Irene, Morwen, and Veronica Each of the stories is similar in that the craft was passed from mother to daughter, witches are prosecuted and they fear this and hide their craft, etc But each has a different level of power A strong mother daughter bond as well as a historical family bond are emphasized throughout The daughters are passed the family grimoire and scrying stone left by the Orchiere family matriarch, Grandmere Ursule A well written book mixing history and fantasy.
Thanks to Louisa Morgan and Orbit books Redhook through Netgalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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