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Download Epub Format ✓ Rise of Princes (Homeric Chronicles, #2) PDF by ☆ Janell Rhiannon Please See The NEW Edition For Current LinksAs The Trojan War Continues, The Gods Pit Their Chosen Heroes Against Each Other, Fighting Alongside Them On Blood Slick Battlefields Amid The Carnage And Chaos, Achilles And Hektor Rise To Fame, Conquering And Defending Enslaving And Freeing The People Of The TroadWhile The Glory Of War Belongs To The Men The Heart Of The Trojan War Belongs To The WomenClytemnestra Claims Mycenae As Her Own And Vows To Make Agamemnon Pay Helen S Gift Of Beauty Tangles With A Dark Truth In Troy Briseis Fears She Ll Forget Her Past In Lyrnessus, As She Adapts To Life As Achilles War Prize Andromache Despairs Hektor Will Cast Her Aside, When She Fails To Produce An Heir For Troy Penelope Turns To Anticlea, Odysseus Mother, For Guidance In Ruling Ithaka Hecuba S Heart Breaks, As She Mourns Yet Another Trojan Son Murdered At Achilles HandsA Terrible Shadow Stretches Over The Land, And Heroines Must Embrace Their True Strength Becoming UnstoppableSing, Muse, Sing The Song Of Princes Please See The NEW Edition For Current Links I can not say enough good things about this book Janell Rhiannon s telling of the Homeric Chronicles is amazing Her characters are rich with details and emotions that pull you into their lives Clytemnestra is my favorite I cried with her, got angry when she did and felt the love she has for her children Achilles has a well earned ego bigger than the Trojan horse, but a heart that is tender for those he loves Janell Rhiannon kills it with this series It s one I highly recommend 5 stars I loved EVERYTHING about this sequel It is one of my favorite books of 2017 The characters are so rich and layered I adore Achilles He always put a smile on my face and I enjoyed hating Agamemnon Clytemnestra continues to pull at my heart strings and I want her to get her revenge My favorite new character was Briseis who is likable and strong She finds herself in a difficult position and I liked watching the relationship grow and change between her and Achilles But there are many other characters who, whether they play a main part in the story or small, are all complex and very well written I found myself becoming attached to all of them and invested in their stories and futures The story is detailed and engaging and you will want to finish it in one sitting Every chapter l Beautifully written epic tale of history and mythology I felt as though I was walking amongst the pages straight into Greece to face the Trojan skyscrapers and discover the Forgotten Prince Two enthusiastic thumbs up After enjoying the first book in the Homeric Chronicles Song of Princes , I was really looking forward to reading its follow up Was I disappointed I am very happy to say that I wasn t Not by a long shot I cannot praise Ms Rhiannon s talent enough She s a phenomenal writer and storyteller Rise of Princes is just as engaging as its predecessor Maybe even so We are deep into the Trojan war now, and the book is action packed I really appreciated the honest depiction of war Atrocities occur and characters that you like and root for might do and are going to do deplorable things Ms Rhiannon didn t shy away from that That is realistic storytelling And I respect that.
Whenever most people think of The Trojan War, the infamous horse and the beautiful Helen are usually Once again a beautifully written story with a beautiful flow to it These characters are so relatable in so many ways No matter what they do, you understand where they re coming from because that is the depth in how they re written Even when they do something atrocious and you want to hate them you just cannot do it From the get go the book gets your emotions flowing, whether it s sadness, happiness, incredulity, and everything else in between, you ll find it here Lovers of history and mythology, you d think this is the same but it is notit is soooo much and worth your time Explore these characters, you wont regret it A really solid continuation and another enjoyable return to the world of Troy as a diehard lover of Greek mythology, I always take pleasure in reading Janell Rhiannon s version of the tales What I especially love about Rhiannon s work is the fact I find myself learning so much about a world I already thought I knew extensively and I truly appreciate the intricate interweaving of all the overlapping stories in the Troy saga While, true to the longevity of the actual conflict, this war is stringed out I enjoyed the opportunity it provided to expand and challenge many characters, particularly that of Achilles whose character arc I thought was novel and morally ambiguous This story is undeniably difficult and the world it portrays is one that is both brutal and patriarchal and Rhiannon does not shy away from depicting that while Another Great Installment Of The Homeric Chronicles First I want to start of by saying I was given a copy of this book the author for my true and honest opinion Janell Rhiannon has out done herself yet again Rise Of Princes is just as page turning as it s first installment Deep into the Trojan war now, there is so much action The battle scenes are intense the story pace is fastand exciting Can t wait to get my hands on the third installment.
I received an ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review When I was contacted about reading this book i was very excited since I loved the world created in book 1 full of characters to love and hate I was a little worried I would forget things since the cast of characters is large, but it was written in a way that gave me new information while also reminding me a little of the things from the past so there was no need to worry, I caught on right away and was hooked until the end.
I really loved how the story flowed perfectly over such a grand scale, there are so many people playing their part in this epic war and they are perfectly blended so the reader gets to experience the war from every angle, and let me just say that most if these tales are full of heartbreak and tragedy I like g Rise of PrincesAs with the first book in this series, the second is beautifully written The characters continue to be intriguing, flawed, lustful Each character is written so that you can understand their motivations in their battles and machinations.
Odyseuss continues to be my favorite character as I m able to easily identify with his longing to return home to his wife.
I don t know what else there is to say other than the prospective release date of December is entirely too far away.

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